Kiss of a Dark Moon Review

Kit March has been hunting lycans for years to avenge the senseless deaths of her father and mother. The organization NODEAL has strict rules that women are not allowed to hunt but that doesn’t stop Kit from killing lycans in her spare time. The European version of NODEAL called EFLA is merging with NODEAL to put an end to rogue hunters like Kit. They’ve hired one of their best men to take her out, Rafe Santiago.

While fighting some lycans in an alley, Rafe comes to help Kit with the situation. Afterwards he introduces himself and inquires about her brother Gideon. Ever since Gideon saved his girlfriend Claire in the previous book Marked by Moonlight, he has been on the path to save all lycans instead of exterminating them like he’s supposed to. This puts Gideon also on the hit list and Rafe must find him and then take both Gideon and Kit out.

Somehow, Kit and Rafe end up extremely attracted to each other and giving in to their desires. Kit knows Rafe’s agenda and that she can’t trust him but she can’t ignore her feelings for him. When Kit and Rafe find out that NODEAL and EFLA notified the local lycans that Kit is a lycan hunter so they could help assassinate her, they both end up running for their lives.

Everywhere Kit goes, there’s lycans there trying to kill her. Rafe decides to help Kit escape since he doesn’t want to kill her until he knows where her brother is anyway. Together the unlikely pair runs for their lives from lycans and two merged organizations that will stop at nothing until Kit is dead. Will Kit and Rafe survive the ordeal or will one of them become a casualty in this mission? How will Kit deal with her feelings for Rafe?

KISS OF A DARK MOON is the second book in The Moon Chasers Series. In the first book, Marked by Moonlight we met Gideon. Kiss of a Dark Moon is told from his sister Kit’s point of view and we get to learn more about her. The story moves along at a fast pace with action, romance, fights, erotica, and mystery around every corner. Rafe is a mystery and even the reader doesn’t know if he can truly be trusted or not. Little by little clues are revealed and the tension builds until the exciting conclusion.

I absolutely adored KISS OF A DARK MOON and read it in only two days. The minute I picked it up, I could not put it down for literally 5 hours! I greatly enjoyed the first book but this one is even better. Sharie Kohler is the pen name of historical romance author Sophie Jordan. The Moon Chasers Series is off to a fabulous start and I eagerly look forward to Sharie Kohler’s next book.


  1. Wow, you couldn't put it down for 5 hours? That sounds great.

  2. joyed your review Rachael, and as much as I enjoyed the first book I liked this even more! :)

  3. Hi Carolyn and Kimberly!

    Yup I could NOT put it down. She just has a way about how she writes. There's never a dull moment where you think I'll take a break now. I just loved it. :)

    Thanks Kimberly!

  4. Hi Rachael. Great review. I read Sharie's first book in this series and loved it. I look forward to reading Kiss of a Dark Moon.


  5. Hi Linda
    This book was even better so I am sure you will love it!!!


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