Divorced, Desperate and Dating Review

Sue Finley was first introduced to readers in Christie Craig’s first book Divorced, Desperate and Delicious as the main character Lacy’s best friend. Now Sue and secondary character Jason Dodd are back with their own book in Divorced, Desperate and Dating.

Sue Finley works as a mystery writer and never thinks twice about the methods she uses to commit murder in her books. But when she starts receiving death threats eerily similar to her latest book, she becomes afraid for her life.

The list of suspects isn’t that long since Sue’s book isn’t even published yet. Only a handful of people have read her book, her publicist, her writing critique partners, and book reviewers. Sue would never suspect anyone she knows of wanting to kill her, but with no other suspects she must watch out for even her closest friends.

Jason Dodd is a sexy cop who lives to serve and protect and he will do whatever it takes to keep Sue safe. The couple met through their friends and had great chemistry but when Jason never called Sue after their steamy Fourth of July kiss, she took his actions to mean he wasn’t interested. When Sue meets a new man and attempts to move on Jason is immediately jealous and steps up to let it be known. With her life in danger, Jason decides he will be the one to stand by Sue’s side day and night and solve this case before the anonymous killer can finish his plans.

The chemistry between Jason and Sue is very sexy and I was rooting for them to end up together from the very beginning. They both have pasts that have altered how they feel about relationships but they have to move on if they want to give love a chance.

Divorced, Desperate, and Dating is a hilarious, romantic, mystery that is very entertaining from start to finish. There are very few non paranormal romances out there nowadays so it is always fun to read a contemporary romance with a touch of mystery. Christie Craig writes deliciously sexy romances that are as addictive as a can of Pringles; once you start you can’t stop!


  1. Pringles...lol Great review Rachael, I may have to sneak in a romance for my own reading! (shhhh....)

  2. Sounds like a great romantic suspense series!

  3. Hi Girls! Sorry I didn't write back sooner. Been so busy. Thanks for posting!


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