Magic to the Bone Review

Imagine living in a world where everyone uses magic as if it’s a normal everyday occurrence. But using magic comes with consequences in the form of illness, bruises and extreme pain. Allie Beckstrom lives in this strange world and doesn’t mind the consequences of using magic, bruises and all.

She works as a Hound sniffing out the identity of spells cast upon people. Even though Allie’s father is extremely wealthy she has chosen to have nothing to do with him for the last seven years. She lives in near poverty and doesn’t even accept any money for her Hounding job.

On Allie’s twenty fifth birthday she receives a call from a woman named Mama whose son has been struck by some very powerful magic. He is near death and Mama refuses to call anyone but Allie for help. After Hounding the boy Allie discovers the magic traces back to her father. Why would he Offload magic on this poor boy and cause him to nearly die?

This one Hounding job results in a series of events that will forever change Allie’s life. Along the way Allie meets a man named Zayvion Jones who is mysterious and full of secrets. Strangely he is always there to rescue Allie from trouble and ends up being her sidekick in the race for her life. Someone doesn’t want Allie to discover the truth behind what happened to the boy. Did Allie’s father cast the magic upon him or is there something more sinister going on? When someone ends up murdered and Allie is the main suspect, she runs for her life alongside Zayvion. Can this man be trusted or is Allie putting herself in more danger by having Zayvion by her side?

Magic to the Bone sizzles with dark magic, mystery, and a storyline that is extremely original. While the constant talk about poverty, misfortune and always running from something was rather tiresome for the first half of the book, the last 150 pages made up for everything.

The world Allie lives in is not safe and no one can truly be trusted. The idea of everyone being able to manipulate magic at their own free will is a scary thought and can lead to dangerous consequences. The final showdown for Allie was extremely suspenseful and left me wanting more. Magic to the Bone is the start of a wonderful new series with a strong heroine whose voice shines through the pages of this book. Once you step into Allie Beckstrom’s world, you will never look at magic the same way again.


  1. I doooo loooves you.

    Ahem. LOL.

    Fab review; I'd read this one. The cover's pretty cute too.

  2. Great review Rachael! Now you can suffer along with me waiting for the next. *grin*

  3. Thanks Kimberly! I'm very curious of what will happen next!


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