Wicked Game Review

Jessie Brentwood has been missing for twenty years and has been presumed dead by most of her friends from high school. Noone knows what truly happened to her and if she is alive or not. Some of her friends think she ran away, while others believe she must have been murdered. When the bones of a deceased body are found at St. Elizabeth High School, the past and all of Jessie’s secrets are also brought back to the surface.

The body is still unidentified but that doesn’t stop Detective Sam McNally (Mac) from suspecting the same group of friends that he suspected twenty years ago. The friends decide to reunite to discuss the possibilities that the body is Jessie and to get their stories straight. They know that Mac will once again be on their case and accusing them of killing Jessie so they want to be prepared.

Becca Sutcliff used to have visions back in high school but hasn’t had one in years, until now. She is having startling visions of Jessie and doesn’t know what they mean. Will Becca be able to put together the clues to discover this elusive killer before he finds her first?

Shortly after the group of friends meet, one of them suddenly dies. Becca finds the circumstances suspicious especially since everyone has been receiving strange notes that make it seem like Jessie is still alive. Is there a killer after them or is it Jessie? Whose body was found at St. Elizabeth High School?

Wicked Game is collaboration by two very talented authors who happen to be sisters, Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush. The mystery is tightly plotted and kept me clueless and in suspense until the exciting conclusion. While Wicked Game is long at almost 500 pages, it is written very well and I enjoyed every word. There are plenty of red herrings to keep the reader guessing who the bad guy really is. Overall, I greatly enjoyed this romantic suspense novel and would definitely recommend it to readers who enjoy a fast paced thriller that will keep them riveted.


  1. Sounds neat. I have a few of Lisa Jackson's books but I haven't gotten around to reading them.

  2. This was my first Lisa Jackson book that I've read. I have quite a few of her books but I never got a chance to read one until now. She's really good and I can't wait to read the others now.

  3. Sounds like an intriguing read. What an interesting cover. Does it go along with the story in some way?

  4. There's a reference at the end of the book where there is a person standing behind a gate... That is the only thing I can think of to relate to the cover. The pose of the person though doesn't really relate to the book that much. It looks alot more dramatic then the book is.


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