Man of the House Review

Lincoln Menner is every woman’s dream husband. He cooks healthy meals from scratch, he cleans the house thoroughly on a daily basis, and he takes great care of his wife and daughter. His wife, Josephine Menner works as a hospital administrator which means she is hardly ever home and can be away for days at a time. Lincoln doesn’t mind being a stay at home dad and he takes pride in being the one to care for his family. That is until the family moves from NY to Florida and things completely change.

The kitchen and the entire house are being renovated and this does not make for comfortable living. But instead of staying elsewhere during the remodel, the Menner family continues to live in their mangled home. One of the workers, Rod, is a manly man and Lincoln starts to wonder if he has become too girly with baking, PTA, and all the motherly things he does. Lincoln decides that he wants to be like Rod and completely transforms both inside and out from house husband to super fit and undoating husband.

After one too many pressure cooker meals, Lincoln’s daughter Violet has had enough. Where has her wonderful father gone to? The sweet caring father that she’s loved all of her life has now become a construction worker type who hangs out at Hooters and drinks beer! Will Violet and Josephine be able to convince Lincoln that he was a better person before his transformation?

In the mean time Violet’s teacher is starting to notice Lincoln. She doesn’t care that he is married and begins the steps into landing her man. Will Lincoln fall for the teacher’s charm or will the old Lincoln return and put an end to this odd woman’s obsession?

Several hurricanes are coming through Florida and Lincoln isn’t even worried anymore. Normally he would be running around making sure everything is safe and secure but now he doesn’t even seem to care. Will the Menners make it through the hurricane safely and will Lincoln return to his former self?

Man of the House is a hilarious, compulsive read that I thoroughly inhaled in two sittings. The first book with the Menner family was Househusband but Man of the House can be read as a stand alone story. Although the book is fiction, it is primarily an autobiographical take on Ad Hudler’s life. There are four different points of view with each chapter alternating perspective told by the mother, father, daughter and teacher.

I found the writing to flow easily and the storyline kept my interest. Watching Lincoln transform was funny and touching at the same time. After devoting fourteen years to being at his family’s every beck and call, he’s finally decided he doesn’t like who he’s become. Following Lincoln down his journey to self discovery was a great trip and I can’t wait to read the next book by Ad Hudler.

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  1. You had me laughing, sounds like a really fun read! :)

  2. Hi Rachael! Fantastic review. Man of the House sounds really good. I can not wait to read this one.


  3. You better hope my wife doesn't see this book. I better delete my history.

    Nice review, BTW.

  4. JR too funny! It's definetely hilarious and will give women ideas. LOL

    I see you're from the writing contest also. Are you anxious as I am for results?!! :) Thanks for visiting me.

    Hi Linda, thanks for coming by. I think you'd like this book too. It's short and a fun read.

  5. OK, this one sounds really good. I handn't heard of it before, but I'm going to be adding it to my books to look for at the next trip to the bookstore! Great review!


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