Name My Blog Contest


I need a new name for my blog. Something with the word reviews in it or something about books. For instance some names I love that are already taken though, Bitten by Books and Literary Escapism. It doesn't have to have the word reviews in it but it would be nice. So please help me.

The best name wins their choice of a $10 Amazon or B&N Giftcard direct to your email. I want the name to be one I can really use on my blog, so please be advised I will be using the name you suggest. Please make it something fantastic because I am drawing a blank on a name!

All of my blogger friends and authors are elgible to enter. This contest is open to anyone who can think up a name for my blog for me! So go ahead and enter. Give me multiple names, anything. Help!


  1. Hi Rachael! Very cool contest. I have posted about your contest on my blog :)

    Here is a title I really like :)

    Book-A-Holic Reviews


  2. Play on your name: Rachael's Reviews then you can have a nifty banner made!

  3. How about something simple but cute like Reviewing Rachel's Reads?

  4. Hmmm. I like Book-A-Holic Reviews. That's cute.

    I'm not sure if I like it with my name in it. I want like a play on words kind of thing or just something really catchy and cute. This is so hard. :( Keep them coming though!

  5. Ponderings from a Jersey Book Addict?

  6. Hi Rachael! Thank you I must say I love that title also heehee. If I come up with more I will be by again to post here :)


  7. Hey Katie!
    I was JUST posting on your blog to ask you for help when you posted, so I erased what I was going to write. LOL Thanks so much for coming by. That is a great name! You know I didn't know you lived in NJ too and close to me. WOW. Very cool. Keep the names coming. I do like that name alot. Very nice! :) Thanks.

  8. UNGH! Do have any clue how long it took me to come up with the oh notsoclever Novel Reads? LOL I'll think on it though and see what I can come up with!

  9. How about:
    The Reading Review Port of New Jersey
    Reviews from a Garden State
    A Port of Reading

  10. That's good Jen! :) Thanks for all your suggestions.

  11. Time for some R&R! (Reading & Reviewing.

    *insert picture of you sniffling your books*

  12. Okay, I officially have my thinking cap on! When does this contest close?

  13. OMG Wendy you crack me up. You're getting me back for all my smart ass comments. That's ok! LOL I totally pictured what you said, me sniffing books! LOL Too funny.

    Hey Carolyn! Thanks for coming by! I was going to wait for a bunch of suggestions before I close it. Perhaps a suggestion that I reallllllly like, then I'd end it I guess. Hmmm. Maybe by Friday I'll end.

  14. Well, I never!

    I was kind of half-serious about the R&R one, it's hella funny, cute and damn if people aren't going to remember it!

    Just imagine the banner -

    [R]eading & [R]eviewing
    behind the picture of you sniffling several books with eyes wide open a la "you know you like it" look.

    It'd be AWESOME. For reals.

  15. Bookworm Reviews

    Reviews by Rachael

    Addicted to Books

    Devoted to Books

  16. That's cute Wendy!

    Thanks Amy!

    Wendy browsing her book shelf for titles. LOL I was up last night doing the same thing. I came up with some horrible titles though. I do like Wicked Lovely. Has a nice ring to it.

    I really wanted something catchy like Literary Escapism. I wish I could steal their name. LOL

    Great names, thanks. Keep them coming!

  17. Ooo I see some nice ones Amy has come up with & others :)

    Hmm how about?

    Dedicated Reader & Reviewer

    Dedicated Reviewer


  18. rachel's review
    rachel romance books
    rachel loves to read
    rachel reviews romance

    Romance and rachel
    rachel and friends love romance
    Romance is rachel


  19. Hey, how about

    I'd rather be reading
    Enchanted bookbag
    Read & Tell

  20. The only thing that crossed my mind after reading the other was

    BookPort New Jersey

  21. Just to let everyone know...
    I review more then just romance so I don't think I want to say any one genre in the name of my blog. I review urban fantasy, paranormal, mysteries, thrillers, romance, YA, etc. Thanks though Kimmy for your suggestions. Great ideas.

    Hi Carolyn! Those are great. I love the word Enchanted. Hmmmm. Thanks.

    Thanks Linda.

    Thanks Bray.

  22. I still think Wicked Lovely Reviews is pretty cute. Fact.

    (don't forget to add the sniffling books picture!)

  23. I have a name in mind inspired by a suggestion on here. I might close this soon because I really like this name...

  24. So you like my name, huh? :) Thanks. You CANNOT have my name! :P I have that domain name already. It's mine! hehehe

    I like the Ponderings of a NJ Book Addict. Kind of long, but I like it.

    I think I've heard of another site called Bookoholic Reviews or something similar to that.

    It was hard coming up with my name....I do like the Wicked Lovely Reviews. It encompasses a lot of the genres you listed.

  25. Hey Jackie!
    I love your name. I would never steal it of course. But that's exactly the kind of name I wanted. Something clever like your name.

    I do like Wicked Lovely Reviews. Not sure yet though. Did you have any more ideas Jackie, especially since your name is so awesome I'd love to hear your ideas!!

  26. Reveling in Reviews
    Revealing Reviews
    Reviews Revealed

  27. Fairy Tells?

    Fairy Tales?


    I emailed Carolyn after her suggestion of Enchanted Bookbag and told her how much I love the word Enchanted. She gave me several more names one of which is the ever wonderful Enchanted by Books. After much thinking and trying it out, I am very much in love with that name and have decided to go with Enchanted by Books. So Carolyn is the winner! Thank you so much everyone for all of your wonderful suggestions!


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