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Here is another entry I did in this writing contest. This is my entry from last time. I didn't win but I think I did a great job on this one. Again, I was writing something in 250 words to the theme of the picture. The picture was taken by Jason Evans, the person who hosts the contest.

Remember Me
by Rachael D.

He picks up the shovel and throws more dirt onto her coffin. The coffin is covered with pink roses, her favorite. The sun is setting in the sky and he feels the crisp wind of autumn. Everyone is crying and his heart aches with the pain of saying goodbye. She’s gone and he won’t ever hear her laughter again.

More dirt is thrown onto the coffin. He sees her parents crying. Her little brother is here. You can tell he doesn’t realize his sister lies in that coffin. He walks over to her brother and lays a comforting hand on his shoulder. The little boy looks up at him with his big blue eyes and says, "She is here with us. Remember her." He hands him a letter and he trembles inside with pain. He can hear her voice, reading it to him, calming him.

"Remember me when the sun sets at dawn. Remember me when autumn turns the leaves vibrant hues of yellow and red. Remember me when you look up into the sky searching for answers. Remember me when your heart aches and you are sad. I will ease your pain and make you smile."

“Remember me when life lets you down and you are disappointed. Remember me when you hear the leaves rustle in the wind. Remember me when you hear laughter. Remember me and never forget, for I have loved you before I was born and will forever love you even after death."

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  1. Hi Rachael! I really like this one. Very nicely written. I would love to see you write up more stories to picture's like this one.



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