Writing Contest Entry

Here's another entry I did in the writing contest.

Sweet Escape
by Rachael D.

The cool winter air chills her face and makes her already tired body ache with pain. She's almost there but it's a hard journey. She had no choice but to escape from the imprisonment that she has been locked up in for months. When the opportunity to run away arose, she took advantage and escaped through the woods.

Armed with only a hooded sweatshirt and her wits, she makes the trench through the forest. The branches on the trees scrape her skin, her heart beats rapidly with adrenaline, and her eyes tear with all of the sadness she feels inside.

She lifts the opening on the bottom of the fence and crawls across the muddy ground until she reaches the other side, freedom. All she sees is open land with plenty of opportunities.

She runs through the grass, ecstatic with excitement. She views a small farm house in the distance and a huge tree on the property. As she runs, her lungs burn, her body is soaked in sweat but she carries on. Finally she arrives to the farm house and asks to use their phone.

Freedom is so close, she can taste it.

Within an hour she will be captured and back in the imprisonment she escaped from, but for now she will dream of freedom and its possibilities.

If she only knew what awaited her maybe she wouldn't have run away.

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