Glass Houses Review

Morganville Texas is not your typical family oriented town with barbeques every weekend and ballet recitals during the week. Morganville is primarily run by vampires and going out late at night can get you killed. Claire Danvers has no idea what she’s getting herself into when she moves to Morganville to attend college at the young age of sixteen. After being beat up on by bullies in the dorms, Claire finds herself moving into The Glass House and living with three other roommates.

The Glass House is owned by Michael Glass, a musician, and shared by his roommates Shane, and a very gothic Eve. Claire is shocked to find out from her new roomies that vampires actually exist and that she is in grave danger if she isn’t Protected by a vampire. The bully who beat Claire up is Monica, a very dangerous girl who you don’t want to mess with. She has connections and with the snap of her finger she can have you killed.

Claire tries to attend her classes and go about life as usual but every time she steps foot outside, someone tries to kill her. How will Claire live to attend her graduation with vampires around every corner? Will Claire drop out of school or will she make it through her first semester in Morganville?

Glass Houses is the first book in a Young Adult paranormal series that is addicting from the first sentence to the last. The characters are engaging, unique and nicely fleshed out. The dialogue, fight scenes, action, suspense, and romance are all top notch and had me glued to the pages of this book. I read this book in two non stop sittings and was immensely impressed with Rachel Caine’s writing. I look forward to reading book two The Dead Girls’ Dance and finding out what happens next in the exciting lives of Claire, Shane, Eve and Michael.


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