Stakes & Stilettos Review

Sarah Dearly is still adjusting to her life as a vampire after being bitten by a blind date in Bitten and Smitten. But unfortunately, nothing is working out for her. After getting staked instead of hired for a job, Sarah decides to go to her high school reunion in the hopes of brightening her mood.

At the reunion, Sarah runs into a girl she went to school with, who happens to be a witch. Sarah can't remember the girl but that doesn't stop the witch from recognizing her. The witch traps her in the bathroom, blows glitter in her face, chants some stuff in Latin and completely creeps Sarah out. Not long after the incident, Sarah finds herself suffering from every typical vampire myth there is. She can’t go out during the day anymore and worst of all she has this insane desire to attack people and drink their blood!

After some brain storming, Sarah realizes the witch at the reunion put a curse on her. She is finding this new vampire life extremely depressing and needs to find a way to have the curse lifted. To make things worse, a guy calling himself The Red Devil has been saving Sarah lately but her boyfriend Thierry is convinced he is not the real Red Devil but rather, an imposter.

The Red Devil has been saving vampires from harm for centuries but has been missing for the last 100 years. Sarah would like to think that this man is her own guardian angel who is going to watch over her and make everything better. Who is this man and is he the real Red Devil or someone very dangerous?

Thierry’s wife refuses to grant him an annulment and this makes Sarah very upset. One thing after another happens to poor Sarah and yet she still has a smile on her face and even a sense of humor about everything. Will the curse be lifted, the Red Devil’s identity discovered, and annulment papers signed so Sarah can finally get her happily ever after?

Stakes & Stilettos is the fourth book in the Immortality Bites Series featuring newly turned vampire Sarah Dearly. The first person narrative flows brilliantly and I was hooked from the first sentence. A truly gifted writer knows how to captivate their audience and knows how to write in a way that is so intriguing that their readers will not want to put their book down; Michelle Rowen is that writer.

Stakes & Stilettos has the perfect combination of paranormal, romance, mystery, humor, suspense, and chick lit all wrapped up into one superb novel that will knock your socks off! The humor in Stakes & Stilettos is REALLY FUNNY and the little comments Sarah makes to the reader are absolutely hilarious.

Hollywood, take notice! Stakes & Stilettos would make such a great movie!! I am completely hooked and can not wait for the fifth and final book in the Immortally Bites Series, Tall, Dark & Fangsome, due out September 2009.

Stakes & Stilettos will be released on March 31, 2009!

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  1. What a awesome review. Got me wanting to read this series now. Time for me to go book shopping I see *g*


  2. Thanks Linda! I think you will love her books. Happy shopping!

  3. I just love the titles in this series but I haven't picked any of them up yet :(

  4. Hi Jen! I hope you get to try the books! Michelle Rowen is a great writer!!!


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