I am in the middle of reading about five books. I never read more then one book at once but I am just having trouble getting into anything lately. Why can't I concentrate on one book?!! Wendy, give me my mojo back please! Any tips to help me settle on one book and stick with it?


  1. Whaaa? Don't blame me! LOL I don't have your mojo!

    Actually, maybe a little, LOL.

  2. Oh I know you took my mojo Wendy! You took it and ran with it!! GIVE IT BACKKKKKKKKKK! LOL

  3. I've had this problem before. Usually I re-read some books I love and that helps. There are some though, that I never make it back to, because sometimes, it's the book.

  4. Hey Charity
    Well I got my mojo back. I think it was just me since the books are turning out to be really good. My mind was wandering too much. Plus I keep looking at my HUGE TBR pile and I keep wanting to check out the next book. LOL


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