Gotcha Review

Macy Tucker has lived her entire life not trusting men. Every man she’s ever known has disappointed her one way or another and she refuses to put her heart on the line again. She currently works as a pizza delivery girl while attending law school. Love is the last thing on her mind after recently finalizing a divorce from her cheating husband.

Macy’s brother Billy is serving time in jail for his part in a robbery. While in jail he exchanges love letters with another inmate’s girlfriend, resulting in the girl dumping the other inmate and falling for Billy instead. This inmate, Tanks, is not one to cross and Billy finds this out a little too late. After Tanks shoots a prison guard and threatens to kill Macy, Billy escapes from jail.

When Sergeant Jake Baldwin meets Billy’s girlfriend Ellie, he doesn’t take her seriously. From her bimbo looks, to her cartoon voice, to her outlandish claims of wanting to report a murder that hasn’t even happened yet, Jakes turns Ellie away without thinking twice about it.

After Jake meets Macy, he realizes Ellie’s accusations are all too real. Tanks is a dangerous killer and won’t stop until he exacts his revenge on the people Billy cares about most. Jake grows fond of Macy and decides to be the one to protect her day and night, from Tanks. But being in close proximity to Macy makes Jake start to feel emotions he swore he’d never have again. Will Macy and Jake fall for each other and give love one more chance? Will Jake be able to properly protect Macy from Tanks?

GOTCHA is a romantic suspense novel by author Christie Craig. Craig introduces readers to new characters in this independent story outside of her series. GOTCHA focuses on the heartbreak and emotions of starting over with someone new after being cheated on by the person you loved most.

There’s plenty of action and suspense that will leave readers anxiously turning the pages. Macy and Jake are perfect for each other and have instant chemistry from the second they meet. Macy’s mother and grandmother are hilariously eccentric and contributed to some of the funniest scenes in this book. GOTCHA has romance, comedy, suspense and great writing, what else could I ask for?

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