One More Bite Review

Jasmine "Jaz" Parks is back in another adventure as a CIA assassin who specializes in supernatural cases. After killing The Raptor in Bitten to Death, Jaz thought maybe she could breathe easier for now. But there’s no time for resting because she has another case to work. The CIA received information that someone named Bea has plans to assassinate the leader of The Coven of Inverness. With the need to keep the peace between everyone, Jaz has orders to protect the coven leader from being killed and to take out Bea. But without knowing what Bea looks like, this mission proves to be a difficult one.

Jaz flies to Scotland to stay at the coven leader’s B&B posing as ghost hunters along with her partners Vayl (vampire boss and love interest), Cole (fellow partner who has the hots for Jaz) and her father Albert who drives her insane. There’s a convention in town called GhostCon so there’s lots of people coming and going at the B&B and plenty of suspects. Will Jaz, Vayl, Cole, and Albert succeed in this mission or will one of the key players’ lives become in jeopardy?

One More Bite is the fifth book in the Jaz Parks series featuring CIA agents Jaz, Vayl and Cole. Noticeably absent in this book is tech guru Bergman and seer Cassandra. As with Bitten to Death, one or two characters tend to take a backseat when someone new is moved into the picture. In Bitten to Death it was Cole and Cassandra so Dave could have a part and in this book it’s Cassandra and Bergman so Albert could shine.

I adore Cole so I was glad to see him back with a nice big part in this new book. Albert was rather eccentric but he proved to be there for the crew when they truly needed him. As with all of the books in this series, I would not recommend reading them out of order. To truly experience this series it should be read in order starting with Once Bitten, Twice Shy.

Jaz and Vayl’s relationship progresses to the next step which is welcoming after waiting for so many books for them to get together. The supernatural elements were fabulous. I found this installment slightly reminiscent of Phaedra Weldon’s series which I adore. There’s a ton of action packed fights and near death scenes that will leave the reader in utter suspense until the exciting conclusion of this phenomenal story. Look out for the sixth book in the Jaz Park Series, Bite Marks due out October 29, 2009.


  1. I haven't read past the third book in this series though I really do love it!

  2. I haven't go to this one yet but it's in my TBR. You like the Zoe Matinique series? Cool!

  3. I LOVE that series. I have the third book coming to me very soon. I am dying to read it. She is absolutely fabulous.

    This book by Rardin was very good. I loved it. One of her best by far.

    Thanks for visiting me. :)

  4. Hey Ladytink! Sorry I didnt see your comment sooner. You should catch up with her books. They're so good!! :)


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