Packing Heat Review

Cole Hackett has been serving time in jail for the last eight years; thanks to being royally screwed over by someone who he thought was his friend. Cole created a security program for the FBI and hacked into their system to prove that they needed his new program. He had no idea that he was being set up and would take the fall for committing a crime; he was just trying to sell his software!

FBI Agent Harmony Swift is drop dead gorgeous and the last person you would suspect to break the law. After her fellow coworker was kidnapped, the FBI took an uncooperative stance in meeting the kidnapper’s ransom demands. Harmony is terrified of her friend being murdered, so she has no other choice but to resort to aggressive tactics. She needs to find a way to siphon millions of dollars from the FBI’s accounts into the kidnapper’s account so her friend is freed. Unfortunately, after some research the only man who comes to mind with hacking into the FBI’s files is currently incarcerated….

Cole Hackett has no idea that he is being illegally broken out of jail when he is released into the custody of Harmony. Before he can find out the truth about what is going on, he is on the run for his life with a woman he doesn’t even know! Together Cole and Harmony flee the FBI and police from state to state and try their best to avoid being killed by the kidnappers who took her friend.

Will Cole be able to once again breach the FBI’s system so Harmony can rescue her friend? Will Harmony and Cole be able to keep this mission completely platonic and resist the urge to tear each other’s clothes off? Can Cole truly be trusted or will he do something to jeopardize Harmony’s case?

PACKING HEAT is a fast paced romantic suspense novel with entertaining dialogue and witty banter that will keep readers engrossed for the entirety of the story. Throw in some action-packed fights, provocative sexual encounters, thrilling suspense, and a sweet romance and you have the recipe for a captivating book! Overall, Packing Heat is a delightful story that romance and suspense readers can equally enjoy.

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