Too Hot to Handle Review

Annabelle Ronaldi comes from a traditional Italian family with a nagging mother who can’t wait to marry her daughter off and have some grandkids already. But Annabelle isn’t ready to get married or even be in a relationship right now. She was supposed to be married but after discovering her fiancé was a loser, she ended the engagement at the last second.

Annabelle’s sister Rosalie just happened to be newly engaged and so she took Annabelle’s dream wedding, prearranged and everything. At the wedding, Annabelle meets a man named Mike who bares a striking resemblance to her late boyfriend Chip. When she wakes up in bed with Mike the next morning after the wedding, things get complicated.

Dr. Mike Flynn is a lung doctor and has a busy life. He’s never been married or engaged before but would like to be married one day. After waking up in bed next to Annabelle, he regrets nothing. The girl is drop dead gorgeous and everything he is looking for in a woman. Sure she’s a slob, but he’s great with cooking and cleaning and can take care of that. Their sexual chemistry is undeniable and before the two could even learn about each other’s past, it’s too late. Mike and Annabelle become a couple enmeshed with each other, but is it just sex or something more?

Annabelle is having a hard time dealing with dating Mike at first because of his resemblance to Chip, her boyfriend who died of cancer. Mike is so strikingly identical that he could pass for Chip’s twin brother! Without wanting to bring back sad memories, Annabelle doesn’t explain to Mike how much he looks like Chip. After all, she wouldn’t want him to think that’s the only reason she slept with him! How will Mike react when he discovers the truth about Chip? Will this secret cause them to break up or will it bring them closer together?

TOO HOT TO HANDLE is the second book in a series featuring men who like to cook and clean for their women. Even though this is a series, this book can be read independently without the reader being lost for any information. After having read Romeo, Romeo (the first in the series) I was instantly excited by Robin Kaye’s debut into the romance genre. TOO HOT TO HANDLE is even better then Romeo, Romeo and shows what an outstanding author Robin Kaye really is!

The first book had a healthy dose of humor, but in this second book there is a solid storyline that is so intriguing and interesting that it gives so much more depth to the series. The romance is extra steamy with plenty of authentic love scenes to heat up the pages. The characters are heartfelt people who I related to instantly. The storyline moves along at a fast pace with excellent dialogue and a sassy heroine. I loved everything about TOO HOT TO HANDLE and will be raving about this book to all of my friends. Overall, TOO HOT TO HANDLE is an outstanding contemporary romance that readers will fall in love with and want to read over and over again.


  1. Thanks so much for the fabulous review. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.


    Robin Kaye :)

  2. Hi Robin!
    It was a fantastic book! I can't wait for your next one. :)


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