The Dead Man Review

Jack Davis used to work for the FBI but was forced into retirement because of his movement disorder called tics which causes his body to spasm uncontrollably out of nowhere. He misses the job and still takes the odd job every now and then. When Jack’s friend Simon tells him about an opportunity to work at The Harper Institute of the Mind, he jumps at the chance to work again.

Milo Harper is a billionaire and is the CEO of The Harper Institute of the Mind. At the institute, scientists study the human brain, particularly nightmares and how to control your own dreams. People volunteer as test subjects and get paid a couple hundred dollars for their time. But to them, the money isn’t as important as finding help for their nightmares. If they can learn to control their dreams, hopefully they can eliminate having nightmares.

Numerous people are turning up dead in the same way as they dreamed. These people all volunteered at the institute and told them in detail what their nightmares were. The family of the deceased is suing the institute for liability and Milo Harper is at a loss on what to do. He hires Jack Davis to help him figure out why these people are dying before he loses his entire fortune and all of his volunteers.

Could the institute’s project have caused the people to commit suicide by teaching them how to overcome their inhibitions? Or is there a serial killer on the loose inside the institute who is picking their victims out of the list of volunteers and making their worst fears reality?

The Dead Man is the best mystery that I’ve read in a long time. The writing is eloquent and profound while still being fast paced and exciting. There is a large list of characters and red herrings that will leave the reader on the edge of their seat trying to put together the pieces to the puzzle. I would recommend this book to mystery readers who enjoy a tightly plotted story that will keep them guessing to the very end.

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