Dial Emmy For Murder Review

Alexis Peterson is a popular actress on the daytime soaps and is recognized wherever she goes. After being accused of murdering the head writer on The Yearning Tide, Alex decided a change was in order and is now working for The Bare and the Brazen.

While presenting at the Daytime Emmy Awards, a fellow soap star turns up dead, hanging right over her head for the entire world to see. The last thing Alexis wants is another scandal, so she assists Detective Frank Jakes in his case to find the killer. The chemistry between Jakes and Alexis is still hot as ever but she’s still involved with Paul even if he is away at this time. Will she be able to resist temptation or will she take the next step with Jakes?

When more male soap stars turn up dead, Jakes realizes that Alexis can really help him with this case. She knows people at the other soaps and can get the inside scoop on what was really going on with these now dead soap stars. What would cause these men to be murdered and why leave the bodies to so easily be discovered?

Dial Emmy For Murder is the second book in a mystery series featuring soap actress Alexis Peterson. The author Eileen Davidson is a soap actress herself so I thought I was in for a real treat with this book. I’ve loved soap operas since I was a little kid. I remember my mother watching them late at night on tape and I’d beg her to let me see them too.

When I heard about this series, I thought it would be a fun book to read since I love soaps and it sounded like a light entertaining read. I was hoping for something really funny but with some mystery to it.

The story starts off with the murder and Alexis ends up in the investigation to find the killer. I kept waiting for the main character to talk about the set of the show, read lines with other actors, have a love scene, talk about her script, something to do with the soaps, anything. The murdered people are all soap actors and that’s about the only thing that revolved around soaps in this book. There wasn’t really any humor and the suspense wasn’t very thrilling. The mystery wasn’t hard to figure out and doesn’t require much thinking.

On a positive note, the print in this book is easy on the eyes and the chapters are nice and short. After reading so many dark urban fantasy books, it was nice to read something lighter for a change. After about 100 pages, I warmed up to Dial Emmy For Murder a bit but still didn't have a clear picture of any of the characters in my head. Overall, Dial Emmy For Murder is a quick read that cozy readers may enjoy, but I wouldn’t rush out to buy the next book.

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