Eve of Darkness Review

Evangeline ‘’Eve’’ Hollis has considered herself agnostic for some time, but her life is about to dramatically change and there’s nothing she can do to stop it. While going to a job interview, Eve finds herself strangely drawn to a man she meets in the building. His resemblance to an old fling of hers named Alec Cain, is uncanny and before she could consider what she is doing; they’re having sex in a stairwell! But Eve comes back to reality quickly when the man produces angel wings and brands her arm screaming that she now has ‘’The Mark of Cain.’’

Eve would like to disregard the tattoo branded on her upper arm and what happened as just a bad experience with an overzealous religious fanatic, but she knows something profound has happened to her. When Alec Cain shows up to help her, Eve begins to remember the man she was head over heels for when she was a teenager. She realizes it’s not a coincidence that she was just thinking about him today and now he is here at her door.

Eve has been Marked and is about to start a whole new life…working for God. Eve will fight the bad guys as a bounty hunter of sorts and Alec will help her through it all. But before she could be properly trained, the bad guys are popping up out of nowhere and everything becomes very dangerous for Eve and her family. Will Eve be able to adjust to her new life as a Mark or will she loose her life before she even begins her journey?

Eve of Darkness is the first book in a new urban fantasy series called The Marked Series by S.J. Day, which is the pseudonym for popular romance author Sylvia Day. The concept of being Marked is not hard to understand but at first it may seem overly complicated. Eve being agnostic and having to suddenly come to terms that she is standing before the Cain and Abel from the bible, and that God is now her boss was an interesting part of the story for me. I enjoyed reading about Eve and her coming to terms with her new life, the life she never asked to turn out quite like this.

There are plenty of fight scenes, romance and action to keep readers in suspense long into the night. The writing is addictive, the characters are well fleshed out and I couldn’t wait to find out more about what it means to be Marked. Overall, I really enjoyed Eve of Darkness and I look forward to reading the second book, Eve of Destruction. I would recommend this series to romance readers who enjoy an action packed, suspenseful novel with a healthy dose of romance mixed in.

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