Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang Review

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When Pia Thompson went on a cruise, she never expected to end up a Zorya and married to a Dark One. When she met Alec, she though he was the one for her but in the end Pia is the Beloved to one man and one man only and that is Kristoff, Alec’s friend. After finding out that she is meant to be with Kristoff, Pia returns home to her old life in Seattle. Kristoff isn’t communicating telepathically with Pia anymore and she feels he’s closed himself off to her. Since he’s washed his hands of her, she decides to do the same.

But when people from the Brotherhood show up at Pia’s door demanding that she come with them, Pia has had enough. She doesn’t want to be a Zorya anymore and she lets that be known. The Brotherhood informs her of the steps she needs to take to give up her title. Without any other choice, Pia goes along with them so she can be done with all of this nonsense once and for all.

While negotiating with Dark Ones to free members of the Brotherhood, Pia runs into Kristoff being held captive for crimes he’s accused of committing. The crimes are so outlandish and Pia knows they’re not true but when they start accusing Pia also of a list full of crimes, things become scary. Will Pia be able to return to her life in Seattle or will she be forced into being a Zorya once again?

CROUCHING VAMPIRE, HIDDEN FANG is the seventh book in the Dark Ones Series and is the continuation of the previous story Zen and the Art of Dragons. When we last left Pia, she found out the truth that she is Kristoff’s Beloved, not Alec’s. In this installment their relationship grows and they finally admit their true feelings for each other.

The story moves along at a fast pace with plenty of mystery and suspense to keep readers riveted. There’s a ton of secrets to be uncovered and Pia is about to learn a whole lot more about Kristoff then she ever did before. Overall, Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang is an excellent new installment by the very talented Katie MacAlister. Paranormal romance readers will eat this book up like a delectable dessert and crave for another helping of this hilarious, romantic and suspenseful series.


  1. I enjoyed both Crouching Vampire Hidden Fang and Zen and the Art of Vampires. Pia had me laughing pretty good. Can't wait for another installment of the Dark Ones. Also looking forward to her upcoming book, Me and My Shadow (Silver Dragons, Bk 3) due out in November. Happy reading everyone...

  2. Hi Kainani!
    Thanks for visiting all the way from Hawaii! I loved the beginning when Pia chaces the guy with garlic bread. That was hilarious. :) I enjoyed both books too. I haven't read the other Dark Ones in the series yet but I really want to!


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