Demon Mistress Review

The D’Artigo Sisters are half human, half Fae and work for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency as operatives. The oldest sister is Camille who is a Moon Witch and has three lovers; Trillian, Smokey and Morio. The middle sister Delilah is a werecat and shifts when scared or upset. She is in an on and off again relationship with Chase. The youngest sister Menolly is a vampire and is involved with Nerissa but also has her eye on Roz and Vanzir.

While cleaning out one of the rooms at her bar, Menolly finds an old journal that used to belong to a bartender there, an elf named Sabele. It’s written in Melosealfor, a rare language from the Otherworld. Discovering the journal leads Menolly to look for Sabele’s boyfriend to give it to him and find out what ever happened to Sabele. But when Menolly finds out that he hasn’t seen her in years and that she left him right before they were supposed to get married, she starts to wonder if something more dangerous happened to the elf.

When Chase calls the sisters to help him figure out what happened to two Faes that were found dead without any apparent reasoning, the three sisters come running to the rescue. Apparently something is feeding on the life source of Faes until it drains them and they die. While trying to fight this ghoul, Delilah is attacked and her life becomes in grave danger.

If things weren’t complicated enough, Menolly discovers a frat house of FBH (full blooded humans) who seem to have a lot of connections to the Otherworld. When their connection is linked to Shadow Wing, the sisters realize these kids must be stopped. They have no idea what they are messing with and are going to cause catastrophic destruction if Shadow Wing is released on Earth.

Will Menolly be able to find out what happened to Sabele, defeat the soul sucking ghoul, protect Delilah from the ghoul, and prevent Shadow Wing from taking over? Will Menolly’s sisters and friends make it out of this mission alive?

Demon Mistress is the sixth story in the Otherworld Series and the second book starring Menolly D’Artigo, half Fae, half human, vampire. The first book that I started with was Darkling, Menolly’s story, so I was very excited to read Demon Mistress since it stars my favorite D’Artigo Sister. I adore Yasmine Galenorn’s writing and found this book to be a lot of fun even though nothing big really happens to shake up the sisters’ lives. The story moves along at a fast pace with plenty of fight scenes and romance to keep things interesting. I enjoyed the frat boys’ story since it’s interesting to see evil can happen with mere humans and not just vampires and Otherworld beings.

Menolly is still dealing with her pain over Dredge and trying to figure out her feelings for Roz. Nerissa is back and still in Menolly’s life but she still has a need for a man also. The imaginative world that comes alive for me when I open a Yasmine Galenorn book is endless. There’s always something new to be discovered with each new installment and I loved every page of Demon Mistress. I highly recommend reading this series in order starting with the first book Witchling. Overall, The Otherworld Series is fantastic and if you haven’t read a book in this series yet, you are seriously missing out!

Reviewed for Night Owl Romance


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    Check out my blog, you've been nominated from me for THE HEARTFELT AWARD for you and your blog! Congrats!


  2. Thanks Danette! I will post this soon. Sorry been so busy, didnt see your post till now!

    Hi Wendy thanks for coming by!

  3. I've heard alot about this series. It sounds interesting but I haven't had time to try them. Sounds like I should!

  4. Hey Jen!
    It's a great series but PLEASSSE read them in order unlike me! I am sure theyre so much better if read in order. I spoiled quite a bit for myself by not reading in order. They're alot of fun though and I like them. :)


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