HQN Teen Books

I found this great list of some of the upcoming HQN Teen books on an Amazon ''So You'd Like To...'' List written by a reader. She has tons of great recommendations. Scroll down to HARLEQUIN SERIES to see the list of HQN Teen books list. And check out all her other recommendations. Go here to see it! And here's another list by her also. If you look to the right hand column while looking at a list...you will find more lists by other people. And then when you look at their lists..you will find more. I can browse going list to list for hours! LOL Have fun! :) Let me know if you find anything really good. I'm interested in upcoming books that haven't been mentioned on any blogs. Some that I might not know about. And if anyone knows anymore of the HQN Teen books coming out, I'd love to know! Especially covers!!

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