Phantasm Review

Zoe Martinique was a Wraith but lost her powers and doesn’t know how to get them back. She isn’t able to travel the astral world out of body anymore and this leaves her as a defenseless human while the Phantasm is out to kill. Zoe’s mother is still in a coma and her soul is lost somewhere on the Abysmal plane. Without the ability to become a Wraith, Zoe has no way of traveling to the Abysmal to look for her mother’s soul.

Rhonda, her best friend, betrayed her and even though she is a valuable source of knowledge, Zoe refuses to talk to her. Zoe’s boyfriend Daniel hasn’t talked to her since that traumatic incident at the warehouse that exposed him to a world that he never knew existed.

Joe still makes Zoe’s knees go weak but nothing much has been happening with them. But Dags is back so that’s good so he can help her with this case. TC is around and he seems to be Zoe’s new partner in crime. Without TC aka The Archer, there is no Wraith Zoe so she must work together with him to figure out how to become her old self again. TC can not be trusted but for this one case Zoe must put her life and her closest friends and family in his hands or she will never find her mother’s soul and save her.

Will Zoe become a Wraith again or will she be stuck as a regular human being? What will happen to her mother Nona? Will Daniel ever talk to Zoe again or will he break her heart by finally moving on? Will Zoe and her friends make it out of this mission alive?

PHANTASM is the third book in the Zoe Martinique Series that follows the life of a unique woman named Zoe who has the ability to travel out of her body because of a traumatic experience years ago. She is able to possess a person’s body, communicate telepathically with them after a possession, travel to the Abysmal and communicate with ghosts. But all of these abilities seemed to have left her out of nowhere and she has no idea how to get them back. She lost her voice, has been in a coma, almost died, and suffered so much because of being a Wraith, but yet she misses being one once it was taken from her.

This series must be read in order or the reader will be completely lost for details. It’s been a year since I read Spectre so it took me a little while to remember some of the events from the previous book, but the author does a good job of giving some background on the other books to refresh readers’ memories.

Phaedra Weldon has become my favorite author in the urban fantasy genre after reading Phantasm. I adored Wraith and Spectre but Weldon has topped those two books in her latest release. The first person point of view flows beautifully and all of the characters are well developed and unique.

I did not want Phantasm to end and was so sad when I turned the last page. Weldon is an amazing talent and her series just gets better and better with each new book. I LOVED Phantasm. I loved every word, every scene, and every character. I would HIGHLY recommend Phantasm and Weldon’s series to readers who love an intense story with lots of excitement and adventure from the first sentence to the last.

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