The Devil's Playground Cover

Jenna Black unveiled the cover for her new book The Devil's Playground, due out Feb 23, 2010. I love it! It's part of her series even though it has a totally different look then the previous books. I think it looks great and can't wait to read it! What do you think of the cover?


  1. What an awesome cover! You're right, it does have a totally different look than her other covers. Very cool!

  2. Hi Alexia!
    Thanks for stopping by! I see you are from North Jersey also! Jenna Black's books are so good. I can't wait for this new one. The cover is stunning. Really grabs you!

  3. This one looks good! :) Also, you might want to think about adding the Blogger Follower widget. That way your blog will show up in the dashboard when other Blogger users follow.

  4. Hi J Kaye!
    I'll look into the widget. Thanks!


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