A new site I found...

The Book Depository is an online bookstore that I've heard of before but it was based in the UK. Well I just found out there's one in the US now! They offer great discounts on books, alot of new ones for 50% off. But that's not the best part. All books have free shipping!!!!!!! There is no minimum to buy to get this free shipping! You can buy a book for $3 or $5 and get FREE SHIPPING on it! Yes I kid you not! I am itching to buy books now!!!! Let me show you some of the awesome deals I found while searching the site.

Richelle Mead books (some $3.49, some $9.99)
Jeaniene Frost books ($3.99 each!)
Skin Walker by Faith Hunter ($3.99)
Rachel Caine books (some as cheap as $3.49!)
Evermore by Alyson Noel ($4.92 That's 50% off!)
Blue Moon by Alyson Noel ($4.99! That's 50% off!)

To go to the main page of The Book Depository to search for books go to http://www.bookdepository.com/

It says books ship within 48 hours and when I added a book for $4.99 to my cart to test it out, it did say free shipping so you should be able to get free shipping no matter how cheap your order is! Let me know if you find any good deals or order from them. I'm very curious! It's hard to find much by clicking on just a genre so what I did was looked at my Amazon wishlist and typed in titles into the search bar on Book Depository to find the ones I wanted. Have fun!


  1. I heard about this site about a week ago and checked it out. BARELY managed to hold myself back from buying all these books, LOL.

    You should totally do IMM posts, too! They're really fun. And dudde, as long as you share my stolen packages, we're all good! :)

  2. Isnt it awesome! I didnt buy anything yet but I want to so bad!

    Yea the IMM post thing is always interesting to see on blogs. I may do it! :)

    LOL@ the stolen packages.

  3. I use the UK store and it's really great. I hope your store will be as well!!

  4. I've been using Book Depository UK for about 12 months and put my first order in to US site a few weeks ago. Great prices, always free postage no matter how small your order and even to Australia it arrives 5 - 7 days WOOHOO!

    I use the Book Depository for most of my book giveaways too.

  5. Hi Eva and Teddyree!
    It's great to hear good things about this store. I haven't bought anything yet but I will probably soon! Can't wait!


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