Evidence of Murder Review

Theresa MacLean is a forensics investigator and uses fibers, hairs, footprints, and other forms of trace evidence at crime scenes to help solve mysterious deaths. After surviving being a hostage in a bank robbery, she is just starting to move on with her life.

The latest case is of a woman named Jillian Perry who was found dead in the woods. The obvious assumption would be that she either committed suicide or froze to death out in the cold. But after the autopsy, Theresa learns that there is no apparent reasoning for her death. How does a newly married mother turn up dead without any cause? Was she murdered and the killer performed the best cover up known to man? If so, who is this killer and why would he want to kill Jillian?

Theresa becomes immersed in the investigation and refuses to stop searching for answers no matter what her superiors tell her to do. When Theresa is left with two suspects, it’s the trace evidence that will save the day. Will Jillian Perry’s mysterious death be solved or will Theresa become the next casualty when she gets a little too close to the killer?

Evidence of Murder is the second book in a new series featuring forensics investigator Theresa MacLean. The mystery is tightly woven with all the clues nicely coming together to reveal the shocking outcome. The suspense is intense; the forensics interesting, and the cat and mouse game is exciting as ever.

Readers of Black’s first book Takeover will find a slightly different type of story in this new installment. Forensics weren’t at the forefront with the previous book as it was more a thriller then a mystery. I adored both books and can’t wait to see what Lisa Black writes next.

If you’re looking for more books by Lisa Black, she also writes forensic mysteries under the name Elizabeth Becka. I will definitely be checking them out! Overall, Evidence of Murder is a fantastic forensics mystery that kept me up all night reading.

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