Over My Dead Body Review

Simone Sweet has a secret about how she came to reside in Broken Heart, Oklahoma. She was in an abusive marriage and after her husband tried to kill her, she put an end to living in constant fear of him. Unfortunately her daughter Glory was traumatized as a result of that night and hasn’t spoken a word since. They live with her ex husband’s grandmother, Elaine, and they’re a happy family now even though Simone has fangs and drinks blood.

When Simone meets Brady, she falls head over heels in love. But he has a past of working for the Paranormal Research and Investigation Services aka PRIS, and that doesn’t make him very trustworthy. As long as Brady doesn’t find out how exactly Simone and Glory got out of their bad situation, all will be good. But when someone goes missing, Brady realizes that PRIS is back and in full force. What will happen to their relationship when Brady finds out the truth about Simone?

OVER MY DEAD BODY is the fifth book in the Broken Heart, Oklahoma Series featuring members of the community. This was the first book that I’ve read by Michele Bardsley and I was able to follow along as each story seems to be stand alone stories. There were a million characters named at the beginning of the book which was rather discouraging and overwhelming at first, but after all the introductions I was able to dive into the story.

From what I knew of this series, I thought it was light and funny paranormals but this book was rather darker then first anticipated. There was plenty of suspense and mystery which I enjoy and the unusual talents of the vampires in this book was fun to read about. Topics such as domestic violence are a part of this book so if you are picking it up thinking it’s a light read, it’s not really.

Despite the dark theme, I really enjoyed OVER MY DEAD BODY and I’m interested in reading the previous books in this series now. The characters are well developed and I cared about what happened to them. The romance is sweet and I rooted for a happy ending for Simone and Brady. Overall, OVER MY DEAD BODY was a great paranormal romance that I would definitely recommend to readers who enjoy a fast paced story that will leave them guessing until the end.


  1. So these are good? I've had the first one since it came out but I haven't picked it up.

  2. Hey Jen!
    Yea it was good. At first I got really discouraged with so many characters mentioned and explained, but after I got past that it got pretty good! I have a couple of her books so I think I'll try them. It's a fast read and I like that.


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