Speak of the Devil Review

Morgan Kingsley has been through a lot in her life working as an exorcist, but now the worst possible thing has happened. She is being sued by the family of someone she exorcised that wasn’t happy with the outcome of the exorcism. As a result, Morgan is now suspended from exorcising and is pretty much penniless because of the lack of work. She is still possessed by the King of the Demons, Lugh, but as always she is the one in the driver’s seat and in control.

When Morgan receives a severed hand in the mail, she realizes that someone is out to get her and won’t stop until they ruin her life. Just when things are looking better for Morgan and her lawyer boyfriend Brian, something puts a damper on their relationship.

Without anyone else to turn to, she finds herself running to Adam, her cop friend, more and more. Lugh is relentless with his attempts at seducing Morgan in her dreams and she’s having trouble resisting him. With everything going on, how will Morgan clear her name so she can practice exorcism once again?

Speak of the Devil is the fourth book in the Morgan Kingsley series featuring an exorcist who is possessed by the King of the Demons. The first person point of view makes for a fast paced story that had me reading non stop long into the night. Adam is a great character and I enjoyed all of his scenes with Morgan as they have an interesting love/hate friendship. Raphael by far is my favorite character since he was introduced as the demon that possessed Morgan’s brother Andy. I was glad to see him back and it was fun to see all of the characters together in one room. For new readers of this series, I strongly recommend reading these books in order, starting with The Devil Inside.

Speak of the Devil is a gritty, sexy, suspenseful and thrilling urban fantasy story that readers will devour in one sitting. Overall, I was immensely satisfied with this book and can’t wait to read the next installment in this exciting series. I look forward to another trip into this strange world when the next book, The Devil’s Playground is released on March 23, 2010.

Reviewed for Night Owl Romance


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