Table Manners Review

Deidre McIntosh has found true happiness in her life and is content with how everything turned out for her. She has a line of gourmet cookies in the works called Sweet Deidre and she’s dating Kevin Johnson, a millionaire who is a great catch. She owns her condo, has a nice car and has high hopes for the future.

But when Kevin’s ex fiancĂ© Sabine Durant starts paying him several unexpected visits, Deidre starts to worry if she is enough for him. After all Sabine runs a highly successful magazine, she’s filthy rich, and she has the kind of looks that make men drool.

If Sabine constantly chasing after Kevin wasn’t enough, Deidre also has his uppity sister Marla Banks to deal with. Marla has her own TV show and is used to the constant dinner parties and charity events that her family attends on a regular basis. When she sees Deidre and Kevin getting serious, she decides that she isn’t good enough for her brother and constantly tries to sabotage things between them. How will Deidre deal with Sabine and Marla and still launch Sweet Deidre?

While everything else is going on, Deidre has a friend’s wedding to help plan and a friend to rescue from a deep depression. When the cookie line takes a turn for the worse and there are rumors that it might never happen, Deidre puts on her chef’s hat and gets to work. Will Deidre and Kevin’s relationship last or will Sabine get in between them? Will Sweet Deidre be a success or will it be another failure for Deidre to deal with?

TABLE MANNERS is the continuation of Deidre's story that was started in Good Things. Although I did not read the previous book, I was able to follow along without a problem. I enjoyed all the scrumptious food descriptions and strongly advise having some sweets on hand when reading this book because you’re going to crave them! Although I did enjoy the writing and the storyline, one thing kept bothering me about this book. The characters were extremely unlikable.

The stuck up attitudes of Sabine and Marla really started to rub off on Deidre and Kevin’s characters to the point where I didn’t like any of them. So although I did enjoy this book, upon finishing it I couldn’t stop thinking about how much I didn’t like the characters and it just left me feeling conflicted.


  1. I hate when that happens. It sounds like it could have been really good.

  2. Hey Jen
    The author's writing was really good and she wanted us to dislike Sabine and Marla I'm sure. But Kevin and Deidre were supposed to be the loveable ones and I just didn't see it. I think she overdid it with making us hate the bitchy girls cause after a while I just had enough. All of the food descriptions like I said were really nice but not liking any of the characters really affected my reading enjoyment after a while.

  3. enjoyed your honest review, I had this one on my wishlist without even realising it was a follow-on, oops.

  4. Hi Teddyree
    It can be read without reading the previous book. Thanks for coming by! :)


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