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How do I like my paranormal heroes?

Hi, everyone! It’s a pleasure to be here chatting with you (and I’d like to thank Rachael for inviting me to her place!). Today, I thought I’d talk about paranormal heroes. Or, rather, how I like my paranormal heroes.

You see…I like my paranormal heroes with bite. And, yes, I do love vampire heroes. Those guys are sexy and being able to live forever is an awesome bonus, but when I say “bite”—well, I mean I want heroes who are powerful. I don’t like to read about weak paranormal heroes. I want them to be strong—physically, emotionally, and psychically. These guys should be able to kick butt and seduce the heroine without breaking a sweat.

I also like my paranormal heroes with hair on their chests. Okay, let me be clear—I do love those shifter heroes, too. Particularly the wolf shifters. They are definitely hairy, and they are wild. Untamed. The kind of guys that keep you on the edge of your seat as you wonder what they are going to do next. They are also very clearly men, not boys. These heroes have experience in all areas of life.

I like for my paranormal heroes to love the night life. I don’t want my hero to spend ALL of his time hating what/who he is. So say the hero is a vampire. Having to drink blood might not be the best thing ever for him, but surely he enjoys some of the vampire perks? He has to love the enhanced strength, the eternal youth, the—um, I think you know where I’m going with this. Being paranormal isn’t a bad thing. The heroes should embrace what they are.

But how do you like your paranormal heroes? Leave me a comment and tell just how you like ‘em. Two commenters will be selected to each receive an autographed copy of my latest paranormal romance anthology, BELONG TO THE NIGHT.

Thanks! And Happy Halloween!

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  1. Cuddly? LOL Just kidding. Though cuddling is nice sometimes.

    This question is making me think too hard. I think I like a hero because of his character. His confidence and the way he oozes sex. Not because of his paranormal abilities or the hair on his chest.

  2. All those things you listed, I give them an A+! I want my heroes to be Alpha, accept who they are, and have experienced as much as life has to offer. Although, I have to say that I do like when they have to actually work for the Heroine.

    The angsty heroes, no matter how handsome, no matter how much the Heroine loves him, are just downright annoying.

    Great post, Cynthia! ^_^

  3. Great post Cynthia!

    Agree that I like my paranormal heroes to be powerful men, not weak little boys. At the same time, they can't be too perfect as that would quickly get old. And you're right about having the hero embrace what he is, as who wants to read about someone moaning & groaning all the time because he's a vampire/werewolf/zombie? Okay, maybe a little moaning from the zombie...*L*

    Would love to win a copy of your book, so please count me in!

  4. Hey, Eddie! Cuddly! Of course--they have to cuddle. And you can like your men hairless...and with an extra dose of confidence. Confidence is sexy!

    Hello, Mireyah! I love those alphas--and I like for them to work at earning the heroine's love, too. Things can't come too easily!

    Thanks, Alexia! Glad you enjoyed the post! And you are so right...those zombies probably have to groan a bit. :-)

    Thanks for the comments!

  5. Hi Cynthia!
    Thank you so much for Guest Blogging! I love my heroes to be smart, muscular, dangerous and with a ton of secrets from his past. He can make a woman swoon with just one touch and his eyes are so mesmerizing that they pierce your soul. I like the kind of hero that women lust after. The kind of guy who always gets the bad guy in the end and is unstopable. :)

  6. Hi Cynthia *waving*

    I like a hero who is comfortable in his own skin - whether that be skin or fur! I do enjoy a hero that has had angst in his past - gives the character more depth and understanding, but I don't want him to go over into 'whine territory' . . and as an Alpha he obviously must be well equipped to cover all eventualities ;)

    And I just adore a hairy chest . . . Mmmmmm . . . can I mention Colin now? Can I, can I? lol!

    Am enjoying Shocktober over at your blog. WoW - that took some organising!

  7. I can tell you how I like them in 3 words....

    1.) Hot
    2.) Sexy
    3.) Powerful

    Lol! Thanks for the giveaway :D

  8. Hi, Rachael! Thank you for inviting me over! And, oh, good point--I do love a man with secrets! Well, good secrets. :-)

    Hey, Willa! How are you? I like a guy comfortalbe in his own skin/fur, too. Great point! And glad you're enjoying the blog fun!

    Ivy, those 3 words are perfect!

  9. Hi Cynthia, congrats on your latest release. I agree with what you like in your paranormal guys, except I am ambivalent about the chest hair -- I don't need a lot, just enough to keep him from looking adolescent ;-) A nice happy trail is always good too!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Hi, Cynthia! I could not agree with you more! Especially that little trail of hair down their stomach, roar!

    Ahem. ;)

  11. Hey Cynthia & Rachel,
    I love it when the hero is not too good. You know, a little dark secret here and there or just being a bad boy is so sexy. I like my hero strong but I hate these Über-Alpha males who want to make all the shots. I prefer that the heroine can be a little strong too.
    Wish you both a nice day!

  12. Thanks, Bella! LOL--your happy trail comment totally made me laugh.

    Roar, Wendy! :-)

    SusiSunshine, I like that bit of bad boy. And I hope you have a nice day, too!

  13. I like my hero to have a dark past that he is struggling to overcome. I like my hero to be strong and commanding. (My heroine should be strong willed enough to handle the hero) I like my hero to have a sense of humor.


  14. I like my Paranormal hero's strong, sexy and with that tinge of bad boy with a heart of gold. Just because he's a shifter or Vamp or something different, doesn't mean he has to be the bad boy who you're afraid to walk on the wild side with. But, most of all, I want my hero to be protective and fall hard for his lady. *G*

  15. I like my paranormal heroes to be real. Yes supernatural, but real. Not stone cold and without feeling. But real with flaws, imperfections and lovable quirks. And he needs to really love the heroine. Not just care for her, really love her. It needs to show in his eyes and the way he touches her (not just in bed) but everyday. Thats what I love.

  16. Hi Cynthia :)
    I agree in most parts with your description - but I don't need chest hair ;) and I agree with Mireyah - the heroes have to do something (many things!!) to get the woman... she is all work worth! *lol*
    Wish you all the best,

  17. Great answers! I'm really enjoying reading what everyone comes up with.

  18. Hi, Sue! I think a great sense of humor can be so sexy in a hero (both fictional ones and real-life guys!).

    Oh, Brandy, I do love those protective guys!!! :-)

    elnice, I don't like perfect characters either. Perfect can be dull!

    hi, ina! LOL, he can be chest-hair free. By that comment, I basically meant I just wanted an older, experienced hero (not too young!). And I do so enjoy it when the heroes have to work for the heroine's affection.

    Rachael, I am so enjoying these responses, too!

  19. I want my Heroes to be kind, loyal, Alpha, fierce, sexy, dominating, flexible *hey a gal can dream can't she?. I want him to be tall, rugged, slightly disheveled, funny, sarcastic, romantic, cynical...a study in contradictions..

    Happy Reading!!!
    Anna Shah Hoque

  20. Vampires have always been my favorite paranormal creatures. There are just so many ways to portray them. It is nice too if he embraces what he is, not in a sadistic way, but not moping about and beating himself up for what he probably had no choice in. He can be alpha as long as he doesn't think he can really boss the heroine around.

    deidre_durance at hotmail dot com

  21. great blog Cynthia; I love them hot; they can be hairy, sweet, bad or very good but they have to be hot!

  22. Anna--what a great list of hero qualities!

    Deidre--I sure do enjoy those vamps, too. So seductive and charming--and strong.

    Hi, Diane!LOL, hot is good!

  23. I like a paranormal hero that has power and confidence, is not too tortured so he can have fun at times, and has come to terms with his condition, be it a vampire, werewolf, etc. Maybe a bit cocky and full of himself, so the herione can take him down a peg or two.

  24. I like my heroes to be tall, dark and of course handsome with LOTS of mystery to keep me searching them out. As for hairy chests--well, ok, a little!

  25. I like my hero to be strong but yet weak when confronted by love. I want him to be bold, daring, smart, have a sense of humor and have a joy for life. I don't want him to be bogged down by what life has thrown him. And if he is hot and sexy that is great too.

  26. You listed a pretty perfect hero right there. And maybe that is why I like vamps so much.

  27. I love the devil-may-attitude and of course the prerequisites tall, dark and handsome in my paranormal hero. A bit of a sense of humor also goes a long way. But brooding works for me sometimes too. And I could go either vamp or shifter. :)

    Great post!

  28. I like my paranormal heroes to be strong and very masculine. I also like that they have a sensitive side to.
    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  29. I like my paranormal heroes any way I can get them. They're all interesting in their own way and I haven't yet come across one I didn't like.

  30. I have so enjoyed reading the descriptions & characteristics you like for the paranormal heroes!! This has just been fun! :-)

  31. I'll take my heroes any way they come...variety is the spice of life after all. Different types makes for good reading.

  32. Powerful, yet vulnerable, maybe a little poetic. In a chilling sort of way.

    gcwhiskas at aol cot com

  33. Contest is now closed. The winners selected by Cynthia Eden are:

    Ivy and Mireyah Wolfe!

    Congrats ladies! Please email me through the link in my profile on here with your full name and mailing addresses. I will forward them on to Cynthia and she will get your book out to you guys!


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