Lenore: Noogies Review

Lenore: Noogies is a colored hardcover collection of the first four comics by Roman Dirge that were originally published in the US in 1997 . The star of the book is a little dead girl named Lenore who doesn’t seem to understand the difference between right and wrong. After rising back from the dead, she spends her days creating mischief. She’s a horrible babysitter and this usually results in a death. She is constantly re-killing one of her potential love suitors who keeps rising from the dead, and she plays with animals like toys until they die. While this may sound very sick, it’s perversely hilarious.

I had never heard of Lenore before so when I decided to read this comic collection, I had no idea what I was in for. I loved the addition of little comic strips of the author himself and laughed out loud many times while reading them.

The original Lenore comics were in black and white and the author went through a lot of hard work to put together this collection. It’s a thin hardcover and only 128 pages long but it's so much fun to read! I read Lenore: Noogies right away upon receiving it and was done within an hour. I haven’t read many graphic novels and was thrilled to get this one.

Lenore is a dark character and some may not enjoy a book like this, but I loved every bit of it. It’s gothic, eccentric, and just out there. Anyway it’s really a nice looking book and if you’re a fan of the Lenore comics you’re going to love this hardcover edition. Overall, I am glad I went on this crazy wild trip with Lenore and am dying to return to her world for more sadistic adventures!

The author Roman Dirge has a really cool website and there are some comics of Lenore on there if you’d like to see his art work.

Lenore: Noogies is available now for order on Amazon!


  1. Awesome review, Rachael! :)

    P.S: My word verification is FATTI. WTF, your blog just called me fat!!

  2. Hadn't heard of Lenore, but I love dark humor so will have to check her out. Thanks for the great review!

  3. Hi Wendy and Alexia
    Thanks it's a fun graphic novel! Loved it!


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