Contest Time!

In celebration of my 100 google followers, I am having a giveaway! One person will win a $20 Amazon or B&N giftcard direct to their email to use online. To enter the contest tell me in the comments section:

 1. The title and author of a book you are dying to read
 2. The title and author of the last book you adored and why you loved it
3. Your email address and first name
Ok now tell me about some great books to add to my wishlist! Ready, Set, GO!


  1. Kiersten White's Paranormalcy! I cannot WAIT to read that book!

    Last book I read and downright adored...Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. It was a fresh approach to angels and YA romance. Let's just say, "Step aside Twilight." ;-)

    Mireyah: Mireyahwolfe(at)hotmail(dot)com.

  2. I cannot wait to read Steamed by Katie Macalister, it looks different from my normal buys.

    Last book I read I really like was well the Lynn Kurland Star of the Morning series, I really liked the whole story over the 3 books.


  3. Hey Mireyah! I have Hush Hush in my TBR pile but haven't had a chance to read it yet. That's an awesome endorsement for it. I must read it! I never heard of Paranormalcy. I'll have to look it up. Thanks for the suggestions!! :)

    Hi Lill! I am dying to read Steamed too! I never heard of Lynn Kurland Star so yet another for me to look up. Thanks! :)

  4. 1. I'm dying to read Deadtown by Nancy Holzner
    2. Loved, loved, loved Gentlemen Prefer Succubi by Jill Myles. Great characters and story line.
    3. I'm Stacy Stewart at samnstacyATmeDOTcom

  5. I can't wait for Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs. And I loved Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater for the sweet love story.


  6. Congratulations on reaching 100 followers!

    I cannot wait to read First Drop of Crimson by Jeaniene Frost - I love her Night Huntress series and this one looks good.

    The last book I read that really blew my mind was Dirty by Megan Hart. It was deep and dark and sexy and I loved it!

    pspinney AT cox DOT net

  7. I am dying to read The Dead-Tossed Waves by Carrie Ryan

    Last book I loved was Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  8. 1. Twice Bitten by Chloe Neill.
    2. No Prince Charming by Shiloh Walker; Spider's Kiss by Jennifer Estep; Archangels' Kiss by Nalini Singh; First Drop of Crimson by Jeaneine Frost
    3. Jackie (myjaxon at gmail)

  9. So many great suggestions!!

    Thanks Patti for the congrats! :)

  10. I'm dying to read A Tale Of Two Demon Slayers by Angie Fox. I've heard some great things about it, so I can't wait to read it. The last book I read that I really liked was Vision In White by Nora Roberts. I have always enjoyed her books, but I really like her romance stories.


    seriousreader at live dot com

  11. Congrats on 100 followers :D!

    Im dying to read wicked enchantment by Anya Bast.
    The last book i read that i liked very much was Wages of sin by Jenna Maclaine.

    battyaboutbats at gmail.com

  12. Just a minute ago I was thinking I wanted a certain book so bad, then when I read this, I lost it. Couldn't think of the book....(thinking now.....)

    Got it! I would love to get Never Slow Dance with a Zombie by Lowe (see, now I can't remember the author)

    The last book I read that I loved was The Better Part of Darkness by Kelly Gay.

    Mardel - wandasissleat yahoodotcom

    Congratulations on your followers!

  13. The book that I really want right now is The First Rule by Robert Crais, it's the newest book by one of my fave authors.

    Which leads me to the last book I adored: The Watchman, also by Robert Crais. It's book 1 (The First Rule is book 2) in his new series and I love it because of his writing style. I'm big on crime dramas as well.

    Corinne - private[at]c0rinne.net

  14. Congrats on 100 followers!
    I am dying to read Shift by Rachel Vincent
    2. I adored Friday Night Bites by Chloe Neill
    3. zenfoxfowerATyahooDOTcom
    Elie N
    4. I think you should add Patricia Briggs, Kim Harrison, Kimberly Frost and Ilona Andrews to your wishlist.

  15. I just read both the Study and Glass Series by Maria Snyder and they are both really good. There is something for everyone, it has romance, magic and fighting.

    I'm looking forward to reading Hate List by Jennifer Brown. I have heard so many good things about it.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    findjessyhere @ gmail dot com

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  17. 1.A book I'm dying to read: "As You Wish" by Jackson Pearce. It's a book about a girl & a genie. I'm just craving for it <3

    2.The last book I adored: "The Adoration of Jenna Fox" (hah, coincidence,LOL) by Mary Pearson. It's a book about a girl who lost all her memories and must find herself again. It's very heartwarming and beautifully written. There are many other reasons why I like it, I wrote a whole long review for it on my blog (if you want to, you can check out my review here: http://bookwormonawhitecloud.blogspot.com/2010/01/adoration-of-jenna-fox-mary-pearce.html )

    3. My name is An, my email adress is dongthaophuong(at)gmail(dot)com

    Thanks for opening this great contest!!!

  18. The book I'm most looking forward to is Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris.

    The book I most recently adored is Sunny's Monere Children of the Moon series. I know this isn't just one book, but I pretty much devoured the entire series at once. :)

    Rachel M : rachel(dot)moorehead(at)gmail(dot)com

  19. I'm waiting for Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs.

    Last book that I read and really liked was The Better Part Of Darkness by kelly Gay. The story really drew me in and I had a hard time putting the book down.

    sgiden @ verizon DOT net

  20. I really enjoyed Mindy Klasky's most recent trilogy A Girl's Guide to Witchcraft, etc. It's a fun series with a nice balance of lighthearted and serious bits.

    I really want to read Kelley Armstrong's Frostbitten and the upcoming anthology "Chicks Dig Timelords."

    Cathy cathydalek@gmail.com

  21. Congratulations!

    I want to read Deadtown by Nancy Holzner.

    The last book I loved was Sophie Littlefield's Edgar-nominated mystery "A Bad Day for Sorry." (Don't you love that title?) I also hightly recommend "Deeper Than the Dead" by Tami Hoag.

    I'm Gale, and my email is associated with this Goggle account.

  22. Do not enter me in giveaway!
    I'm really looking forward to third book in the Hunger Games series.
    And Suzanne Young's Naughty List.
    All the best,

  23. 1. dying to read What Curiosity Kills by Helen Ellis (gorgeous cover too)
    2. I adored The Last Knight by Hilari Bell for it's pseudo-medieval buddy adventure, very likable main characters =)
    3. Angel ninefly(at)gmail(dot)com

  24. I can't wait to read Moon Sworn by Keri Arthur.

    I really enjoyed Kat Martin's Royal's Bride. Great characters and plot.

    Thanks for the contest.

  25. I want to read A Kiss of Ashen Twilight by Rae Lori
    A book I like was Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater,great story and I loved the way it was written.

  26. I am a huge Joey W Hill fan, and adored A Mermaid's Ransom. Perfect blend of sensual romance and suspense, with some amazing storytelling.

    Looking forward to one of her upcoming releases, Vampire Mistress.


  27. I'm looking forward to reading Everlasting Kiss by Amanda Ashley. I recently read and enjoyed Dear John by Nicholas Sparks. tWarner419@aol.com

  28. Congratulations and thanks for the giveaway! I'd love to be entered.

    First, I am dying to read THE DEAD TRAVEL FAST by Deanna Raybourn.

    I recently read and adored A CONSPIRACY OF KINGS by Megan Whalen Turner. Because she is made of awesome and it features the most excellent thief in the world--Eugenides.

    angiegirl (at) gmail (dot) com

  29. I am anxiously awaiting Spirit Bound by Richelle Mead. I LOVE that series and can't wait to see what happens.

    I just finished Ecstasy Unveiled by Larissa Ione. This is my favorite series and this book was amazing. It is like a mixture of ER and Buffy two of my all time favorite TV shows!!

    Jamie - jbbird [at] duo-county [dot] com

  30. A book I read and loved: Willow by Julia Hoban (oh, and Ballads of Suburbia by Stephanie Kuehnert)

    and a book that I really WANT to read is Linger by Maggie Stiefvater. I loved the first one.

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  31. 1. The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell

    2. Need by Carri Jones
    3. cindyc725 at gmail dot com


  32. I am dying to read The Reckoning.
    I LOVED The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

    :) Erica

  33. Wow so many posts! Thanks for all the awesome suggestions and for the congrats on my 100 followers! :)

    Corinne: I love Robert Crais also. The Two Minute Rule is one of my favorite books by him. I'm dying to read his new book too!

    LSU Reader: Deadtown rocks! I loveeeedddd it!

    Jackie and Elie: I guess I need to read Chloe Neill ASAP huh? I did buy her books and even her YA book but just didnt get to read them yet. So glad to hear so many good things about them!

    Thanks for all the suggestions and for so many entries already! YAY! Keep them coming! :)

  34. I'm dying to read The Van Alen Legacy by Melissa De la Cruz because I've read the previous three in the series and it's really killing me not knowing what's going to happen next.

    My favorite book of all time would have to be...wait for it. The Host by Stephenie Meyer. Now, there is a book that you have to re-read multiple times to comprehend the beginning but it's worth because of all that's in the middle and end. I cried more in that book and had such intense feelings that I knew it was going to be my favorite as soon as I got to the second chapter. It took me two straight days without sleep to get through the whole thing but it was darn well worth it!


  35. Hi Lili
    Wow The Host is that good?! Wow. I need to read it! Thanks!!

  36. Congrats on 100!!

    I really want to read Strange Angels by Lili St Crow

    Last book I really loved was City of Glass. I was pulled into the story in the first book and read all 3 back to back.

    bacchus76 at myself dot com

  37. justpeachy36@yahoo.com

    A book I want to read is Ice by Sarah Beth Durst

    A book I just read and loved was The Choice by Suzanne Woods Fisher.

  38. Last book i read was Tempted by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast from "the House of Night series Lov them.
    Waiting to read Alyson Noel Dark Flame comming in summer 2010

  39. 1. I can't wait to read Changes by Jim Butcher.

    2. The last book I adored was Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins.

    3. Arantza: spav05(at)gmail(dot)com

  40. cannot wait for linger by maggie stiefvater
    just finished Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs.


  41. Congrats!!!

    1 I can't wait to read Mage in Black by Jaye Wells

    2 I LOVED Nice Girls Don't Live Forever by Molly Harper

    3 Caroline. A pattepoilueATgmailDOTcom

  42. i can't wait to read Archangel's Kiss by Nalini Singh - I am really into angel books at the moment.

    Last book I really loved was Tempted all Night by Liz Carlyle. Love her dark, angsty historicals.

    matt_potter6(at)hotmail(dot)com - Ayesha

  43. You know there are several books I'm dying read...but to narrow it down to one in the future:

    1. Blood of the Demon by Diana Rowland

    2. I absolutely loved Spider's Bite by Jennifer Estep for the multi layers of awesome that was Gin Blanco, the protag.

    3. Donna - fantasydreamersramblings at gmail dot com

  44. Shoot I hit publish before I was ready!

    Congratulations on the new followers! W00T!!

  45. I can't wait to read A local Habitation by Seanan McGuire.
    The Last book i read that i really liked was The better part of Darkness by Kelly Gay.

    Van P.

  46. I can't wait to read Deadtown by Nancy Holzner and I loved loved Eternal Hunter by Cynthia Eden. It was fantastic.

  47. 1. I really want to read The Host, by Stephanie Meyer!
    2. I just finished City of Bones by Cassandra Clare and I Loved it!! It was like adventure with YA romance! So I have to go read city of glass now..
    3. Alli
    northssclub at yahoo dot com

  48. 1. Soul Magic by Jennifer Lyon
    2. Blood Magic by Jennifer Lyon because it was really unique and reminded me of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series


    The Morganville Vampires series
    The Black Dagger Brotherhood series
    The House of Night series

  49. 1. Divine Misdemeanors by Laurell K. Hamilton

    2. Industrial Magic by Kelley Armstrong (The character of Paige reminds me a lot of myself - minus the ability to cast fireballs at my enemies, of course!)

    jillcarleen at yahoo.com


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  51. I'm dying to read Shift by Rachel Vincent and I JUST finished Rampant by Diana Peterfreund and it was awesome. Now I'm wanting the next book which is due out in Sept. :P

    bookreviewsbyjess (@) gmail.com

  52. I am dying to read The Mark by Jen Nadol!

    Last book I read that I loved was Beautiful Creatures. So awesome. Told from the guys POV and had a great plot.



    add to your wish list:

    The Season by Sarah MacLean
    Soulless by Gail Carriger

    both of these are great reads!

  53. Thank you so much for all the fabulous suggestions! This contest is now over. The winner is Jackie from Literary Escapism! Congrats!

  54. 1. A book you are dying to read? Before they are hanged by Joe Abercrombie
    2. The title and author of the last book you adored and why you loved it? Dune by Frank Herbert. Why wouldn't anyone love this book. It is completely AMAZING
    3. Your email address and first name? ammonanderson@gmail.com, first name is Ammon

  55. I am dying to read Lover Mine by J.R. Ward.

    Last book I adored was Two Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt.

    thebookvixen at gmail dot com

  56. 1. The title and author of a book you are dying to read:
    Alexandra Ivy's newest is Beyond the Darkness (Guardians of Eternity, Book 6). I've read the first 5 and loved them!

    2. The title and author of the last book you adored and why you loved it.
    Humm, First I read between all genre's so last favorite was, it might be an older book I belive but I just got into this type of book: Their One and Only by Trista Ann Michaels
    I'm totally new to the threesome thing, but I love a HEA for 3. What could be better than 2 men totally cherishing & loving one women.

    3. Your email address and first name
    Christine H chirth7@yahoo.com

    Ok now tell me about some great books to add to my wishlist! Ready, Set, GO!

    Well if you haven't read Alexandra Ivy yet, I think it's a not to be missed series.
    I also loved some EC books:
    Hot Chance's
    Promises Linger
    Rock Me
    A mutual Favor
    Her Best Friends Lover
    I also reccommend Shayla Black. Of course J R Ward too.

    I only started reading not even a year ago so I have a lot of books I haven't read yet. So some of these you might have already read. Happy 100th follower and counting!

  57. Hi Christine
    Sorry this contest ended back in February. I'm at 146 followers now. If you refresh your page to look through the posts the winner was posted back then already. Thanks for the recommendations though!


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