Looking for a Guest Reviewer to review Cursed

Summary from Amazon:

From the moment of her birth, Hannah Worth bears the burden of a power that she does not understand and cannot control. Sheltered from the world, she grows up happily oblivious to the pain she causes others. Hannah doesn't know that she is despised and hated. At the height of her life, with everything she has ever wanted within her grasp, fate and the almighty impart a harsh lesson that will forever change her. Betrayed and cursed, Hannah will have to lose everything if she is to redeem herself, join the world and meet her destiny. The lines between good and evil are anything but clear in this epic dark fantasy that stretches from the witch trials of Salem to the onset of the French Revolution.
I am looking for an experienced reviewer to review Cursed by Suzanne M. Sabol as a Guest Reviewer on Enchanted by Books. I would need the review within two weeks of the person receiving the book. I would want the review in the same style as my own. Summary of the book and then your opinion of it, 300-500 words and properly proofread for grammar and spelling mistakes. I will properly credit the reviewer with their name, link to their blog, and even a bio if they'd like to write one for me to post with the review.

If you'd like to review this book, please post in the comments and leave me a link to your blog where I can see other reviews you've done. I will pick a person based on the reviews I read on your blog. I am not looking for someone to give a solely positive review, I am looking for honesty. So if you love the book, say so, if you don't, say so also.  Ok that's it. Ready, Set, Go!

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WINNER WINNER! Dannie you are the winner of a copy of Cursed for review. I just emailed you so please write me back when you can with your name and addy so I can get the book out to you soon. Thanks for entering.


  1. I'd love to! Here's a link to all of my reviews - it will take you to the blog, but directly to the reviews category so you don't have to search around, though you are welcome to check out the rest of my blog while you are there.


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  2. Hey Heather!
    Thanks for posting! Love your blog and your reviews. I'll leave this up for a little while to give more people a chance to post but just wanted to let you know that I checked out your blog and things look good. :)

  3. Well, this book does look intresting. My blog is: http://readingwatchingliving.blogspot.com if you want to check it out.

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    Great reviews and blog! Very nice!

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