Gentlemen Prefer Succubi Review

Jackie Brighton was a frumpy museum guide until a drunken night out with a blue eyed stranger left her waking up in a dumpster. All she remembers is being bitten and then having wild passionate sex with a blue eyed man , but apparently a tall, dark haired man deposited her into this dumpster like yesterday’s garbage.

 Now Jackie’s body has completely transformed into a sexy succubus that men constantly are lusting after. The only problem is that she constantly needs sex to feed ‘the itch’ and it’s not easy to convince her to constantly hook up with strangers.

Jackie meets a fallen angel named Noah and a porn star succubus named Remy and the two of them guide her through her new life as a succubus. Romance blooms between Noah and Jackie since she needs to get her fix somewhere. Remy adds tons of humor to the story with her outrageous antics.

Everything is going fine until Noah somehow ends up captured by a vampire queen who is insisting on Jackie bringing her a halo that she knows nothing about. The vampire queen’s main man Zane becomes Jackie’s shadow while she searches for the one item that will set Noah free. But with Noah out of commission who will scratch Jackie’s itch?

Will love develop between Zane and Jackie or will she deny herself what she needs and stick to Noah as the man to feed her addiction? Will Jackie find the halo before Noah is killed by the vampire queen? Who turned Jackie into what she is and who is her vampire master?

Gentlemen Prefer Succubi is the first book in The Succubus Diaries Series featuring a reluctant newly turned succubus. I adore books about succubi particularly Jackie Kessler’s books so I knew I had to read this new series as soon as I heard about it.

The story starts off with plenty of excitement while the main character is trying to understand what has happened to her. The humor is hilarious and kept me laughing through the entire book. The romance triangle between Noah, Jackie and Zane was extremely sexy and I can’t wait to read the next book in this new exciting paranormal romance series! Overall, Gentlemen Prefer Succubi was a fun light hearted book that I couldn’t get enough of!

Reviewed for Night Owl Reviews


  1. I agree this is a cute book..and I think book two is even better :) Nice review!


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