The Dark Hunters Volume 2 Review

After fooling around with his girlfriend Amanda, Dark-Hunter Kyrian is shocked to discover he has lost his powers. The more he is intimate with her, the more his powers deplete. Now he is on a mission to regain his soul but with Desiderius after him, this is going to one tough battle to beat.

 Amanda uses her psychic abilities to help when Kyrian goes missing and along with his squire Nick, the two of them try to save Kyrian before it’s too late. Will Kyrian regain his soul and find true happiness or will Desiderius win this battle and put an end to the once immortal Dark Hunter?

The Dark Hunters Volume 2 is the second graphic novel in The Dark Hunters Series based off of the novels by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I’ve never read her books so my knowledge of the series is minimal. I enjoyed reading the first graphic novel and was very excited when the second one showed up at my door.

There are plenty of laugh out loud scenes and thrilling suspense that made this graphic novel extremely enjoyable. I started and finished this book within 3 hours and couldn’t put it down for a second. I haven’t read many graphic novels but this one is just so good and I was shocked that it had me so hooked!

There is a good amount of story (versus mangas with less story and more pictures) and the artist really captured the feelings and the humor of the characters so well. I laughed hysterically over a couple expressions on the character’s faces and even the scary scenes were well drawn out too! Overall, I am a huge fan of The Dark Hunters graphic novels and I can not wait for Volume 3 to find out what happens next with Kyrian and Amanda!!

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