Hunted by the Others Review

Shiarra Waynest runs a detective agency along with her friend Sara in New York. After September 11th, paranormal beings came out to the public. Shiarra makes it a policy of hers to not take paranormal cases, after all she dated a werewolf and didn’t even know he was one until he went full wolfy on her. But when money problems cause her to have to take on a paranormal case, she sucks up her pride and goes for it.

An organization called The Circle wants to hire Shiarra to recover a magical artifact called a focus from a vampire named Alec Royce. The focus makes it so the owner can control werewolves or vampires with it and this is a very dangerous thing in the wrong hands. Shiarra has no magical abilities to protect herself, being a mere human herself. But The Circle thinks this will work to their advantage since a powerful vampire like Alec Royce would never suspect a simple human girl to be the one to go after him.

Unfortunately this case is way over Shiarra’s head and things turn sour rather quickly. This case has become very dangerous and she is messing with the wrong vampire. Will Shiarra be able to safely recover the focus or will her true identity be discovered by the bad guys?

Hunted by the Others is the debut urban fantasy novel by new author Jess Haines. I adore first person point of view novels and quickly found myself completely absorbed in this story. Shiarra is rather unconventional since she isn’t a strong kick ass heroine. She’s kind of clumsy and makes mistakes, but she’s only human so that’s ok! The fight scenes were action packed and I loved reading this unique story. Overall, Hunted by the Others is a fun read with lots of entertainment to keep readers intrigued until the exciting conclusion. I look forward to more books by Jess Haines!


  1. Thank you so much for that wonderful review! =)


  2. Hi Jess!
    You're welcome, I loved your book! I can't wait for the second book!!!


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