Lord of Misrule Review

Morganville is being destroyed. There’s death and destruction everywhere you look and it’s thanks to Mr. Bishop, the founder Amelie’s father. He has started an all out war with his daughter and he won’t stop until everyone is dead. Houses are being burned down, there’s looting, vampires are running amok, and it’s just the end of everything.

Claire Danvers is terrified and doesn’t know what to do since she has lost contact with her Protector Amelie. There is a war to be fought and vampires are trying to work alongside the humans but it’s not working out too well. Claire’s friend Myrnin warned her of the sickness that will consume every vampire in Morganville and it is happening now.

With a tornado coming and nowhere safe to hide, Bishop is at his most powerful and one by one vampires are dropping dead. Will Claire and her friends make it out alive? When it comes time to take sides, which side will they take? Will having vampire friends hurt her or help her in the end? Will the town of Morganville cease to exist once Bishop is done?

Lord of Misrule is the fifth book in The Morganville Vampires Series and by far the best book to date. All of the other books were exciting but they were just a build up to get to this point. If you thought Morganville was scary before, it is nothing compared to this latest installment. There is nowhere safe to go, no one who can truly be trusted, and everything is coming to an end. Lord of Misrule is absolutely thrilling and terrifying with a horrible war that won’t stop until everyone is killed.

I was absolutely blown away with this book and I am beyond hooked now with this series. The action is relentless, the villains are evil to the core, and just the overall story is so nicely fleshed out that it makes Morganville feel all too real to me. The world that Rachel Caine has created in this series is so unique and one of the best series that I’ve ever read.

I am very thankful that I bought books six and seven early on so I can pick up the next book right away. Lord of Misrule ends with a killer cliff hanger so make sure to have the next book, Carpe Corpus right on hand to continue. Overall, Lord of Misrule is chilling, intense, scary, and a roller coaster thrill ride of excitement from the first page to the last and I am very happy to have read it.

Reviewed for Night Owl Romance

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