Midnight Alley Review

Ever since coming to live in Morganville, the town of vampires, Claire Danvers has been fighting to survive. Everywhere she turns people are always trying to kill her and if she actually makes it through college there it will be a miracle.

So when the Founder of Morganville, Amelie, offers Claire protection by having her sign a contract to pledge herself to her, Claire says yes. The gold bracelet is permanently attached to her wrist and now Claire is supposed to be protected but not everyone is respectful of the laws.

When young girls start turning up dead all around Claire, she starts to really worry. It doesn’t help that her roommate, newly turned vamp, Michael Glass is hard to trust lately. Claire and her other two roommates suspect he has something to do with the girls turning up dead but that is just speculation.

When Amelie orders Claire to attend nightly classes with a genius but ailing vampire, she has no idea what she’s getting into. This vampire is quickly losing his mind and Amelie wants whatever knowledge he possesses to be transferred to Claire, but there’s not enough time and it’s a huge task to undertake.

With girls turning up dead constantly, Claire worries for her life every time she walks down the alley to visit her friend late at night for their sessions. Will Claire become the killer’s next victim or is the killer someone closer to Claire than she thought? Will Claire succeed in Amelie’s mission or will one mistake cause catastrophic consequences?

Midnight Alley is the third book in The Morganville Vampires Series which is a YA series but can easily be enjoyed by adults as well. There is plenty of suspense, excitement and mystery in this series to keep readers completely fascinated and entertained.

It’s been quite a while since I read books one and two but I was easily able to slip back into the world of Morganville without any trouble. This is a series that MUST be read in order for full reading enjoyment. I originally started this series with reading book four, which although I enjoyed it, it would have been better read in order.

I would recommend this series to older teens since it is a bit scary at times with adult situations such as kidnappings, near deaths, murders, etc. There is a small amount of cursing and although there is kissing, there aren’t any real sexual scenes to make this inappropriate for teens.

I think adults will find a lot to their liking in this series since I absolutely adored this book. I was on the edge of my seat through the entire story and found it extremely difficult to put it down for a second. Overall, Midnight Alley was fantastic and I highly recommend it.

Reviewed for Night Owl Romance

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