My Soul to Keep Review

When Kaylee discovers that somehow Demon’s Breath has found its way into our world and teenagers are using it to get high, she is horrified. It’s a highly addicting substance and it can lead to insanity or death. Together Nash and Kaylee try to save their friends from taking the drug before they lose their minds. Their secret life as bean sidhes are very close to being exposed if people find out where this drug really comes from.

In the mean time Kaylee is terrified to go to sleep after waking up in the Netherworld in the middle of the night. Somehow, because of her constantly traveling back and forth between the two worlds, her body has become accustomed to going to the Netherworld. The only time she can sleep is when someone is in the room to wake her if she starts singing her song, so Nash is there to protect her from traveling again.

Kaylee and Nash embark on a desperate search for answers to find out what Netherworlder is dealing to the kids at their school. But not everything is what it seems. When Kaylee finds out Nash has been keeping secrets from her, she has no idea how far he’s gone. These secrets could potentially end both of their lives and it is up to Kaylee with the help of Nash’s reaper brother Tod, to save a town of people before it’s too late.

My Soul to Keep is the third book in the Soul Screamers Series featuring bean sidhe/banshee Kaylee. With each new book, I am further impressed and blown away by how wonderful this series is. My Soul to Keep is by far the darkest of all of the books and is scary at times.

The world that Rachel Vincent has created in this YA series is so realistic but horrifying at the same time. Whenever Kaylee travels to the Netherworld, I feel her terror and I’m right there by her side living it all through her. I feel her heartache, her pain, her fears, all of it.

Kaylee is a strong relatable character that doesn’t need someone to save her. She is only sixteen but thinks things through beyond her years and doesn’t fall for the sneaky tricks Netherworlders try to fool her with. There is always a shocking surprise in these books and I love that it’s not predictable.

I read for hours and when I woke up this morning I was still thinking about this book. My Soul to Keep is haunting and it really captured me, mind, body and soul. I am completely in love with The Soul Screamers Series and I will follow Kaylee Cavanaugh wherever she goes, to Hell and back. I am a complete and utter fan girl now of Rachel Vincent’s books and eagerly await the fourth book, My Soul to Steal due out January 1, 2011.

Thank you Net Galley for providing me with this e-book copy for review!


  1. Great review :-) I found your blog through another YA one, and I have to say, this review was excellent because of the amount of detail it went into but also because it sounded like you had fun writing it :-)


  2. Hi Anita!
    Thank you so much! I adore this series by Rachel Vincent. It's just so outstanding so I love talking about it. I'm so happy you enjoyed my review! Come back often! :)

  3. Great review! I've only read the first book in this series, so glad to hear that Rachel keeps the story interesting. Have to catch up on my reading now and pick up a copy!

  4. Hi Alexia!
    Totally stick with this series! It gets better and better with each book!!!


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