Blood of the Demon Review

Detective Kara Gillian has another case to solve and her abilities as a demon summoner who can see the arcane becomes useful once again for her investigation. Victims are turning up dead by what appears to be suicide but Kara knows the truth once she sees that their soul was sucked out of them.

What kind of creature would do this to people and why? With her aunt out of commission since losing her soul, Kara has no one else to turn to for advice so she summons her sometime lover and demon, Lord Rhyzkahl.

Kara has feelings for Special Agent Ryan Kristoff since working side by side with him on The Symbol Man case. He is well aware of demons and what Kara can see since he met a demon up front and personal last time.

But there’s something more to Ryan then Kara knows and even the demons know the truth. When one of them calls out Ryan, Kara isn’t sure if she can truly trust him anymore. She longs for affection from a human being but right now Lord Rhyzhal might just have to do.

The case becomes sinister when Kara realizes all of the people turning up dead are connected somehow. Will Kara be able to solve the case before another person’s essence is stolen from them? Will Ryan prove to be trust worthy or has he been lying to Kara all along? Can Lord Rhyzkahl be trusted and will Kara decide if she will become his personal summoner or not?

Blood of the Demon is the second book in a series by paranormal suspense author Diana Rowland. I was blown away by her debut book Mark of the Demon and could not wait to get my hands on this next installment.

Rowland pens a fantastic mystery with enough twists to keep readers guessing until the final showdown. The suspense is relentless and add in just a touch of romance to keep things interesting, made Blood of the Demon a sure winner for me. This was a fantastic book and I can not wait to see what happens next with Kara! The third book in the series is titled Secrets of the Demon and is due out January 4, 2011.

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