Demon Princess: Reign Check Review

Nikki Donovan is sixteen years old and just discovered two weeks ago that she is half demon, her father is a King in the Underworld, and therefore she is a demon princess! As if that wasn’t a lot to handle, she has to keep her identity a secret from everyone she loves.

When Nikki returns to school to see Rhys (king of the faery realm) is the new foreign exchange student; she fears that her secret will be discovered. He is Mr. Popular and all the girls are interested in him, little do they know he isn’t even human. Nikki finds him cute but his constant distrust of her because she is a demon is becoming kind of annoying.

King Rhys is visiting Erin Heights High School to investigate Princess Nikki since learning of her prophecy. Apparently she is going to destroy the world but they both doubt the validity of this prophecy. After all, how could a girl as sweet and innocent as Nikki hurt anyone?

Nikki misses her Shadow servant Michael and is upset that a relationship between them is strictly forbidden. Her best friend Melinda is acting really strange and then there’s that guy Chris who saw Nikki turn into a Darkling and hasn’t talked to her much since. Will Nikki be able to win the trust of King Rhys and put an end to all this prophecy talk? Will Michael find a way to visit Nikki despite their union being forbidden?

Demon Princess: Reign Check is the second book in a YA paranormal series written by the fabulous Michelle Rowen. Nikki is stuck in a love triangle between two boys who are complete opposites. She has strong feelings for Michael (her Shadow servant) but Rhys (the Faery King) is here in her world and is dateable.

Her relationship with Michael is so forbidden that it could possibly get him killed if anyone found out about it. But with Rhys, there are no laws about demons and faeries dating. Unfortunately Rhys has an intense hatred for Nikki’s kind and she isn’t someone he would want to date. But despite their differences, they have a chemistry together that is undeniable.

I enjoyed Rhys’ presence making things a little more complicated for Michael and Nikki. Although I am a fan of Michael, Rhys comes off as more mature and wise beyond his years. I think the fact that Nikki and Rhys didn’t like each other made me root for them to be together even more.

The story moved along at a fast pace with secrets to be discovered around every turn. I loved learning more about Demon Princess Nikki Donovan and I greatly look forward to the next installment in the series. Overall, Demon Princess: Reign Check is a fantastic, suspenseful, paranormal that kept me up all night reading until its exciting conclusion and I highly recommend it to YA readers!

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