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Please welcome back author Enid Wilson! Her newest book was just released on August 10th and is titled My Darcy Mutates. Here is a summary:

What if old Mr. Darcy was still alive... What if Mr. Darcy had a rakish soul? What if Netherfield Park was haunted? What if action of Pride and Prejudice had played out in Egypt? This collection of 14 short stories contains sexy, over-the-top "pick-me-up" stories across the historical, fantasy and modern genres. They are not for the faint-hearted. Some may call the stories wild and say that they bear no resemble to the original, but Wilson finds Miss Austen's characters timeless and inspirational.

Dear readers,

I’m happy to be back at Enchanted by Books. First I want to thank Rachael for having me back. And I want to congratulate Enchanted by Books and her on winning an award for being one of the Top 50 Romance Book Blogs for 2010! It’s such a great honour and Rachael deserves it.

My latest book, My Darcy Mutates, has just been released. It’s a collection of 14 Pride and Prejudice-inspired steamy story stories. A blog host asked me once why I wrote different genres when my second novel Bargain with the Devil attained the top 50 best selling historical romance ranking in Amazon.

I fell in love with Pride and Prejudice when I was around 12. But reading it again and again didn’t seem to be enough. I wish Jane Austen was alive and wrote more sequels. I started to think of all kinds of “what-if” to continue my fascination of Austen’s work.

Of course, it’s not enough to put Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet in Regency era. In My Darcy Mutates…, I’ve put them in future and modern times. Some may call my stories wild and say that they bear no resemble to the original, but I find Austen's characters timeless and inspirational. But be warned, the book is not for the faint-hearted.

Below is an excerpt of My Darcy Mutates…

What if Netherfield Park was haunted?

“I like to listen in on the lives of the living, from time to time. Mr. Hurst likes to drink and sleep. His wife is called Lousia. They seldom spend their nights together. In fact, they have not done so once since they moved to Netherfield. But you are right, my dear. Matchmaking is my favourite. I know what I shall do.” With a quick turn, Emma Knightley disappeared, leaving nothing but a puff of white.

Luckily, George could find her anywhere. With a fast swirl of the air and another puff of white, he joined her in another bedroom, where she was perched on a chair beside a bed where a handsome young man lay sleeping.

“George, young Darcy here loves the lively lady staying in the guest chamber, Miss Elizabeth Bennet. Unfortunately, he has the laughable notion that, since she has no connections or money, and has a mother and sisters who are improper, he should not show her any sign of admiration. Shall I make him confess to her?”

“How can you do that? We do not possess the magical power to make the living speak as we want!” Knightley rolled his eyes and shook his head. After so many years of marriage, he still did not understand how his wife could unerringly find all the gossip of the world.

“All things are possible. I can put him and Miss Elizabeth in the same room, and I can turn quite scary every time he does not reveal his true feelings to her. Let me wake him and take him to his heart’s desire.”

Knightley put his hand on her arm. “Wait, Emma. You might well scare them both to death.”

“Well then, if you do not like that plan, I suppose I could strike him on the head every time he does the wrong thing.”

“You will knock him witless then. Do you want to do that to a sensible young man?”

“What would you have me do, then? It is only on this night that I can play at matchmaking for the living,” Emma said, pouting again. But then her face brightened. “I know! I shall simply put him in her bed. I know how much he loves to gaze upon the form of the fair maiden. He will not be able to resist her, when he lies so close beside her. He will simply have to marry her, after tonight!” She clapped her hands, congratulating herself on the brilliant idea.

Well, what kind of what-if story do you want to see for Pride and Prejudice or Emma? Please leave a comment here and you will be entered to win a lovely key ring with Aboriginal design and a copy of my ebook in pdf format. Earn 10 extra entries for posting about My Darcy Mutates on Twitter or Facebook and leaving a link in your post with it. Contest will end on September 2nd, 6:00 pm EST with the winner announced shortly after. Please leave your email address in your comment so I can contact you if you win. Have fun!

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  1. What if Emma were immortal or a vampire or something?

    meredithfl at gmail dot com

  2. Hmm, Mr. Knightley will get very tired, chasing around her and the world's marriage rate may increase dramatically! Thanks Meredith for commenting.

  3. What if Darcy was the Lightening Thief, or a Demi God (better than a full pantheon). What if Darcy was a Highwayman :D or one of the musketeer (he is of French origin after all).
    I'm sure you covered everything else.

  4. Mr. Darcy with a mask and tight trousers? That's yummy. Thanks hangnhu.

  5. Hey, its plausible to add a wormhole here and there. Characters can wander back and forth at will. And you could capture a whole new audience.

    Stephen Tremp

  6. I would like to see a continuation of Pride and Prejudice. I want to know what happens to him and Elizabeth next.

    Please enter me in the giveaway.

  7. Thanks Stephen, wormhole, good idea. Peachy, the stories are more "what-if", rather than sequel. But good to know your view. I can use that in my next book.

  8. How times have changed. Perhaps Ms. Bennett and Mr. Darcy get fed up with the way society treats them and they move to America with all his riches. Now they wander in eternal happiness visiting sights and people both here and across the pond. Or maybe they visit a spoiled great great grand/son or daughter to ignite their passion and keep them from squandering the fortune.
    N. R. Williams, fantasy author

  9. Great idea, R.N. So it's like a time travel plot...


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