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I have been DYING to read this one!!! Wendy told me it's really good and it sounds great so I can't wait to start it! Great cover huh?

Really Something Review

Allie Dean has returned to her small hometown of Tempest, Indiana after a seven year absence. She is now 170 pounds lighter and looks like a different person. Allie used to be Allison Grey a 300 pound teenager who was in love with a popular football player at her school named Duncan Henry. But Duncan stood Allie up at the prom and broke her heart.

Now Allie is all grown up and a location scout for a production company in California. The production company is looking to film a teenage horror film and is in need of a scary and hopeless location that will convey fear and despair. The first place Allie can think of is her hometown of Tempest. She hasn’t been home to see her family or anyone in years but she figures better now then never. Plus while she is in town she can woo Duncan with her hot new figure, win his heart, and then break it and leave him like he left her.

The only problem with Allie’s plan is that she is starting to really fall for Duncan all over again. Duncan has no idea who Allie really is and neither does anyone else. Allie’s new looks have fooled the whole town and now is her chance to be the person she’s always wanted to be. When Allie sees Duncan’s aunt’s house, she realizes it’s the perfect location for the movie. But when Duncan refuses to let the movie production company film there, Allie discovers there’s a lot more to Duncan Henry then she previously thought.

How will Duncan react when he finds out who Allie really is? Will Allie and Duncan have a happily ever after or will Allie’s betrayal and lies tear them apart?

Really Something is a sweet and romantic story about discovering yourself and finding true love no matter what your obstacles are in life. I’ve read several other romances with a similar storyline but this one was poignant and heartfelt. This was my first book by Shirley Jump and I look forward to reading her other novels.


Recipe For Rachael

The Recipe For Rachael

3 parts Sexiness

2 parts Compassion

1 part Mischief

Splash of Intellect

Finish off with an olive

I Love Dexter!

I am in love with a show called Dexter. I won Season 1 on DVD a couple months ago from a book site. I had never heard of the show before because it's only on Showtime. My fiance and I put the DVD in and watched hour after hour of Dexter. We finished Season One a week or so ago. The second season on Showtime ended recently and they have all the episodes On Demand on Showtime. So I ordered it tonight and we are in heaven watching episode, after episode, after episode. Right now we are about 4 hours into our Dexter Season 2 marathon session. I Love Dexter. You have to watch this show. It's so frigging awesome!


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Alibi In High Heels Review

Well this was a pleasant surprise... I started this book this afternoon and read non stop for hours and finished it all in one day!!!! Wendy thanks for giving me my mojo back! LOL Here's my review!

ALIBI IN HIGH HEELS is the fourth book in Gemma Halliday’s series featuring shoe designer Maddie Springer. In this mystery, Maddie receives a call from a top designer inviting her to show her line of shoes in the Paris Fashion Week Show. She is overwhelmed with joy at the possibilities that all of the exposure will do for her career.

Everything is turning out great until one of the models is found murdered with a stiletto heel poking out of her jugular. Maddie is shocked by the familiar murder scene and knows someone is trying to set her up. When all of her shoes for the fashion show are taken away into evidence, Maddie has had enough. She must find out who this killer is before they ruin her life.

Homicide Detective Jack Ramirez loves Maddie and knows how she can get when she is investigating a crime. He wishes she would leave it to the professionals but once she decides to do something there is no stopping her. Ramirez tries to keep Maddie safe but she is determined to solve this case with or without his help. With the help of her family and friends, Maddie tries to solve the case of The Couture Killer before she becomes his next victim.

ALIBI IN HIGH HEELS is a delightful, humorous romance mystery that will have readers smiling and enjoying every page of this fantastic story. I loved the love triangle storyline, the mystery was tightly plotted, the characters were wonderful and I just adored every bit of this book.

I started ALIBI IN HIGH HEELS around 2 pm and read non stop until 11 pm when I finished it. The writing was so engaging and so fun that I did not want to put this book down. This is a 5 star book that I HIGHLY recommend to Janet Evanovich fans who are looking for a new author to try that they will LOVE!!! ALIBI IN HIGH HEELS is the best book that I have read in a while and I can’t wait to read more books by Gemma Halliday.


Darkling Review

Darkling is an urban fantasy novel about three sisters who are operatives for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency. The D’Artigo sisters are half human-half Faerie and all have unique traits and powers. Camille is a witch whose spells sometimes don’t turn out as she’s planned. Delilah shape shifts into a tabby cat when she is upset. The narrator of the story is the third sister, Menolly.

Menolly was turned into a vampire in the last story when she was kidnapped, raped, killed and then forced into turning by a vamp named Dredge. Dredge tortured Menolly and she has scars all over her body to prove it. But Dredge is Menolly’s sire and will be forever connected to him unless she can break the cords that bind them.

Humans are turning up dead and then turned into newly turned vampires all over the city. Menolly, along with her sisters and friends, are staking all of these newborn vampires before the whole city is overtaken with vamps. Menolly believes this is the work of Dredge and is determined to hunt down and kill this evil vampire.

Menolly returns to the Otherworld to deal with what happened to her and to forever sever the cord that connects her to Dredge. Will Menolly be able to kill Dredge with the help of her sisters and friends or will someone fall victim to Dredge once again.

When Menolly hears the news that her friend Erin is missing, a possible kidnapping by Dredge, she takes off like a bat out of hell to try to save Erin from suffering through the horrors that she went through herself. Will Menolly be able to put an end to Dredge and save Erin in time? Will the D’Artigo Sisters triumph in this mission or will they fail and succumb to Dredge’s superior powers?

DARKLING is pure fantasy enjoyment from start to finish. I adored the world that Yasmine Galenorn has crafted within the pages of this adventurous urban fantasy story. The characters come alive off the pages of the story with so many unique personalities. There’s witches, vampires, demons, shape shifters, and an exciting storyline that will keep readers glued to the pages.

As a new reader in this series, I was able to understand the lingo and back-story with just this book alone. I look forward to getting my hands on the previous two books in this exciting series. Yasmine Galenorn is a new author on my list of favorite authors. I would definitely recommend this book to readers of urban fantasy who like lots of action, adventure and magic in their story!

That Genre Is Not For Me...

Ok now to get that not so pleasant post a bit off the screen, I wondered..

What genre of books have you never read and which genres do you stay clear of?

For me I tend to stay away from historicals and westerns and straight science fiction. I do like fantasy but I don't think it's the same as science fiction. That's something else. I also don't read erotica or straight romance. I do like romantic comedies or romantic suspense but I don't care for what I call ''bodice rippers.'' I used to read them when I was a teenager but I don't really care for them anymore. So if Fabio is on the cover, it's a safe bet that I don't want to read it.

Genres I have read and do read:
Romantic Suspense
Paranormal Romance
Urban Fantasy
Women's Fiction
YA Fantasy
Romantic Comedies
Contemporary Romance

Rape in books..

I have a question for other urban fantasy readers out there....

Is it just me...or is there a hell of alot of women heroines in urban fantasy that have been raped? I was reading a review somewhere, I can't remember where..I think it might have been at Dear Author. I remember them mentioning this but it didn't click with me since at the time I hadn't read too many books with this happening.

Now I read alot of thrillers and alot of them involve rape. I really dislike it in my books but I can deal with it if it's just mentioned in the past rather then a play by play with descriptions. The play by plays of rapes or the remembering of it by the character just disturb me. Isn't there a better way to build character development and to make your character strong, besides having her be a survivor of rape?

I know it sounds awful, but I can take reading gruesome murder scenes over rape ones any day. It just really disturbs me to have to read about rape and it is in so many paranormals and urban fantasy books like it's the newest trend. What do you think of this?


Still reading Darkling

I'm stil reading Darkling. I haven't read much at all lately with being so busy with the holidays! I hope to read some more today. Almost a week of reading a book is a long time for me! I need my reading mojo back!! I'm really tired from Christmas. My fiance and I got up really early and had to run around to two different houses to celebrate the holiday. Luckily we made it everywhere in time. We ate way too much though at my mom's house and I still feel full. My TBR (to be reviewed, not to be read, lol) pile is growing and growing so I must start reading again.

What are you reading?


Dee and Dee Dish Contest

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Dee has extended the contest until Monday December 24, 2007. So it's not too late to still enter!!



Cute Animal Pics From the Internet

Last Minute Gift Ideas

(Not my cat, I just like the picture. Found it online.)

Some Last Minute Gift Ideas:

Giftcards!! YES!! People like them!! Here's a list of some great places to get giftcards for!

1. Amazon: You can get tons of things on Amazon, not just books. The possibilites are endless!

2. B&N : I tend to like the bookstore giftcards better because I like to pick out the books and browse them and all that stuff.

3. Target or Walmart: These make great gifts because people can buy anything here. Electronics, books, makeup, clothes, video games, music, movies, towels, sheets, blankets, lotions, medicine, anything!

4. Nail salon or Hair Salon gift cards: These make awesome gifts too! Who doesn't love to be pampered?!

5. Restraunt giftcards: These are cool gifts too because it's nice if you're ever low on cash to have a free dinner out at a nice restraunt!

6. Movie giftcards: I love them!

7. Blockbuster or other video stores: This my fiance loves. He is constantly renting movies and games. You can't go wrong with a giftcard to this place.

I hope I helped you think of some last minute ideas. And if you don't want to go out and brave the crowds, remember you can always buy a giftcard online and just send it to the person's email. B&N, Target, Walmart, Amazon. You can just buy it online.

Kohls I don't like you..You are too crowded..

I was Christmas shopping at Kohls today. It was crowded and horrible. I am so sick of buying gifts. I am exhausted. And of course I didn't get to read at all today since I was Christmas shopping all day. I am looking foward to January 2nd when all this holiday crap is behind us!

Tomorrow I need to return a present that exploded in it's bag. I need some very small things, maybe, and then I am finally done with my shopping. I can't wait to just lay in my bed and just relax. It's so hard shopping for some people.

Kohls did have some really good prices but the lines were outrageous and they dont even have any shopping carts! All they have are these little kid stroller things and they only have like 4 for the whole store! I was so tempted to grab one from Shoprite next door and use it in the store. But it was hot in Kohls, crowded, and a huge mess. They had barely any men's sweaters left and people were just psychotic with quickly grabbing things before other people can. I'm sorry, I won't fight an old lady for a sweater. I really don't care for it that much. I said this year I would only do giftcards to save me the time of shopping. Well that didn't work out, I ended up getting gifts anyway.

My review pile wants to be read. I'm looking foward to alot of books in that pile. What book are you curling up with this weekend? And do you like Kohls? Are there any by you? I do like Kohls, but not during Christmas.


How much is your blog worth?

My blog is worth $3,387.24.
How much is your blog worth?

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Dead Men Don't Get the Munchies Review

Annie Capshaw is a bank teller by day at Pioneer Savings and Loan. At night she manages Bellywashers, a bar and restaurant. Annie likes to snoop around and investigate crimes. You could call her a private detective, but she doesn’t mean to investigate murders, she just happens upon them.

Annie’s boyfriend is Jim MacDonald, owner of Bellywashers. Jim decides to teach a bar-food cooking class out of his bar/restaurant. Annie is a horrible cook but reluctantly helps out with the classes. On the first night of classes, Annie’s best friend Eve recognizes one of the students as her ex boyfriend Brad. Brad ruined Annie’s life and she is furious when she sees him.

Eve is part of an organization called Women Opposed to Weasels. The group of women have all been wronged by men, a number of them all have been screwed over by Brad. Eve has been stalking Brad since seeing him at the cooking class. She wants to find evidence to prove that he really is a horrible person and warn other women about him.

Annie goes out for drinks with several people from the cooking class. The next day, one of the students is found dead. Eve’s ex boyfriend Tyler is a cop and is investigating Eve for the murder of the dead student. When Annie finds out that Eve is in trouble, she has no choice but to put on her private investigator hat and clear her best friend’s name. Who would want to kill one of the cooking class students?

DEAD MEN DON’T GET THE MUNCHIES is a fun cozy type mystery that is enjoyable from start to finish. This was my first book by Miranda Bliss and I look forward to reading the other books in this mystery series.

The story moves along at a fast pace and is exciting, suspenseful and funny. Cozy mystery readers will have a great time reading DEAD MEN DON’T GET THE MUNCHIES and I highly recommend it for a fun read!


Devour Review

Paul DuJardin is a French author who wrote a book about the Montfort Family. In 1789 a Montfort turned into a werewolf and killed a young countess named Marie-Jeanne. The Montforts are a long line of werewolves that are almost all extinct, except for one, Pierre de Montfort. He is the last existing werewolf alive in the family.

Pierre is a jeweler by day, a werewolf by night. No one knows about his shift changing abilities, not even his girlfriend. If Pierre marries and reproduces, there will be more dangerous werewolves to deal with. Someone wants to stop this from happening by putting an end to Pierre’s life.

Paul met Julie Buchanan while visiting the original Montfort Estate in Paris where the murder of Marie-Jeanne happened. Julie happens to be an ancestor of Marie-Jeanne. After meeting, Paul and Julie develop a relationship. Julie is a book translator, and Paul asks for her assistance in translating his French novel about the Montfort Werewolves into English.

When the book is released in the US, Pierre is furious. Not only did Paul write a book about Pierre’s family, he also named Pierre and identified him as a werewolf. How can Pierre keep his secret after this book is published for the whole world to see? Will he become furious and retaliate with murder? Will Pierre go after Julie for helping Paul release this book in the US?

Paul works alongside a crew of people who work for The Institute to hunt werewolves and kill them. The doctor they work for is very interested in Pierre and wants him captured so he can study him. He gives the crew strict orders not to kill Pierre, but how do you capture a dangerous werewolf without killing him?

As the crew from The Institute puts together an elaborate plan to capture the werewolf, Pierre starts to lose control and goes on a killing spree around New Jersey and New York. Will Paul be able to catch Pierre before he kills another person?

DEVOUR is an exciting werewolf story with lots of suspense and mystery. The hunt for Pierre the werewolf is exciting and you never know who he will turn on next. As a New Jersey resident, I thoroughly enjoyed the references to local New Jersey towns and highways scattered throughout the book.

Melina Morel writes in a compelling and intriguing way that makes the reader become completely immersed in the story. DEVOUR is a fantastic book that suspense readers will enjoy. The romance is minimal, which is odd being this is a paranormal romance. But if you are looking for an exciting werewolf story with lots of action, then you will love Devour. This is a fantastic debut by a very talented author and I look forward to reading another book by Melina Morel.

Contest ends this Friday!

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Almost done with Devour..

Sorry I haven't posted in a couple days. I've been so busy Christmas shopping and getting ready for the holidays. I'm almost done with Devour by Melina Morel and I want to tell everyone, IGNORE ALL THE BAD REVIEWS ON THIS BOOK! Everywhere I looked, I saw bad reviews on it before I even got to read it. It had me really bummed out and made me think it was going to be really bad. But as a reviewer, I try to avoid the reviews and form my own opinion.

I have 40 pages left, will probably finish tonight. But I just had to say this is a good book and that all those bad reviews are so uncalled for. One reviewer had said it was brutal and that some of the scenes were so violent that you shouldn't eat while reading it. Well I waited and waited for these scenes. I love scary stuff. There's some scenes involving a werewolf killing people, but it's brief and NOWHERE near as scary as the reviewer had me to beleive.

I'm not going to get into specifics too much because I need to save stuff for my review, but I just had to say this is a good book and to ignore the bad reviews all over online. I've been thoroughly entertained and immersed in Devour and it's a great different take on the wearwolf story. I'll have a review up here soon as I am done.

In the meantime, post in my comments and tell me what book you are reading, what it's about and if you're enjoying it!


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Blood Dreams Review

Dani Justice and her twin sister Paris have known about their psychic abilities since they were children. Now they are all grown up and using their unique abilities to help solve crimes. They are a part of Haven which is a civilian run organization of psychics who help solve crimes.

The latest case is of a serial killer who has eluded the police for a long time. He’s killed the senator’s daughter and a cop before. Now he’s after women who are petite and child like in appearance. One after another, unsuspecting women are kidnapped and killed by this sadistic predator. The FBI’s Special Victims Unit is pulling together all of their resources to find this predator before he claims more lives. FBI agent Noah Bishop receives the assistance of Haven’s psychics to help solve this murdering spree.

Dani’s psychic abilities are strictly while dreaming. She has premonitions of bad things that are going to happen. Her latest dream is a really hard one to solve. She keeps dreaming the same thing over and over again each night. The serial killer kidnaps someone Dani knows and she’s trying to find the room in a warehouse where he has hidden her. But every time, the door shuts and there is a sense of doom at the end of every dream. Dani knows the dream is warning her that this is going to end in disaster and death. Will Dani be able to put the pieces to the puzzle together before the people she loves become yet another victim?

Blood Dreams was a fascinating story with a unique plot. It had so much promise and I was really excited to find out what happens at the end of the mystery. Unfortunately, the whole storyline was a build up for a big nothing at the end.

There wasn’t a big climatic finish, intense scene or big revelation at the conclusion of reading Blood Dreams. The story had so much potential and then it just let me down at the end. The story doesn’t close all loose ends and the reader has to wait for the next book in the series for answers. The psychics and all the dreams leading up to the conclusion were great, but then the big finale fell flat and left me disappointed. Overall, Blood Dreams is an interesting mystery that will keep you glued to the pages but if you’re looking for an intense thriller with a fantastic ending, then you might not enjoy this story.


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All you have to do is:

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Thank you so much for helping to spread the word.

This world needs to see more good in it, don't you think?


Best of the Best Contest

There's a very cool contest going on at http://deeanddeedish.blogspot.com/ to win six books. Visit the blog today to enter the contest. Contest ends Friday, 12/21/07. Dee asks what are your favorite three books of the year. Mine were:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by JK Rowling
This was a very dark book and the suspense was intense. I loved every page of the story.

20 Times a Lady By Karyn Bosnak
This book is HILARIOUS and it's just such a fun book. Loved it!

Inkheart by Cornelia Funke
This is a YA Fantasy book. It's really thick and long but it's an awesome story. It really takes you away and you lose track of time while reading it. Loved it!

What are your three favorite books?


Today Is My Birthday!

Today is my birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEEEE, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MEEEE! Feel free to post Happy Birthday wishes to me! :)


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The Remains of the Dead Review

I started this book last night. I finished it today! I didn't even have a chance to mention that I was reading it because I finished it so fast! Great book! Really fun fast read. Here's my review!
The Remains of the Dead is the first book in a new mystery series. The story features Sadie Novak, the owner of Scene – 2- Clean, a crime scene clean up company. Sadie runs her small business with the help of an ex cop named Zack. Together they clean up after the deceased so the family doesn’t have to deal with such a horrendous task.

Sadie has a secret. She can see and talk to the ghosts in the houses she cleans. Usually they have a last wish to be granted or something that needs to be handled. But a lot of the time they just need some answers and to be told that they can let go and move on now.

Sadie and Zack’s latest case is a murder-suicide of a husband and wife named Grant and Trudy Toth. While cleaning up the crime scene, Sadie meets a man named Kent, who she mistakes for a ghost, wandering around the Toth’s house. After realizing Kent is a live person, Sadie wonders who this man is and why he was in the home of the Toth’s. Something doesn’t seem right to Sadie so she waits for the ghosts to appear and tell her what happened.

When Trudy Toth’s ghost appears, Sadie assumes she will just tell her who killed her, if not her husband, and then that will be it. But Trudy’s ghost can’t talk for some reason and just gestures manically for Sadie to understand her. How will Sadie solve this case if she’s having trouble communicating with Trudy’s ghost? Did Trudy’s husband Grant kill her and then himself or is this an elaborate cover up for murder by an outside perpetrator?

The Remains of the Dead is an exciting and fun mystery that deserves to be read all in one sitting. Sadie is a loveable character with a dark past and I look forward to learning more about her in the next book in the series. The mystery is tightly plotted and not even the most experienced mystery readers will be able to uncover the answer to this puzzle.

Midnight Awakening Review

Elise Chase is barely holding on after losing her son to the Rogue vampires and Crimson, a drug that causes Bloodlust and eventually death from psychosis. She’s on a killing spree killing Rogues and Minions in retribution for her loss. Elise uses her unique gift of psychic powers to help her with her killing but eventually her powers start to become too much for her to deal with.

Tegan is a Gen One Warrior, the deadliest of the Breeds. He lost his Breedmate five hundred years ago and has been determined to kill as many Rogues as possible since her horrible death. When he finds Elise battling Rogues all by herself in an alley, he is shocked when he realizes who she is. She’s the Darkhaven female that he escorted home after her son Camden’s death. He hasn’t seen her since and is surprised by how she is coping since the death.

Tegan helps Elise deal with her grief from the loss of her husband five years ago and now the recent death of her son. She hasn’t mated with anyone since her husband’s death and refuses to move on with her life. Together they battle the Rogues and Minions that they come into contact with. While they are hunting the bad guys someone is hunting them. This deadly vampire lurks in the shadows and will strike when they’re not looking. Will Elise and Tegan survive their ordeal or will their enemy succeed in his mission?

MIDNIGHT AWAKENING is the third book in the very popular Midnight Breed Series. The story was thrilling, suspenseful, erotic, romantic, and action packed! The characters shine through in vivid detail. The action scenes jump off the pages and will scare the reader into holding their breath!

This is my first book by Lara Adrian but I was able to understand the back-story enough to thoroughly enjoy MIDNIGHT AWAKENING. I am very impressed and I can’t wait to read all of her previous books right away! Paranormal romance fans will be thrilled and delighted with this newest installment in Adrian’s new series. This is without a doubt a 10 star book!


Questions about this series..

I'm 156 pages into Midnight Awakening now. I've never read the other books in the series and I have alot of questions. Can someone give me some backstory or is it too complicated to explain? It just sucks going into a series without having read the other books sometimes. Alot of authors explain alot so you can pick up anywhere in the series, but there's somethings I dont understand.
For instance, what happened to Rio? He's hurt and stuff and I dont know what happened to him in the previous book. They dont explain it. Also the characters dont seem to be described that much. It's almost as if they did it already in the first book so they dont do it anymore in this one. There are descriptions but not enough for me coming in new to this series. I am liking the book though. It was hard at first since I didnt understand some of it but it's better now.

What is the difference between the different groups? Breeds, Rogues, etc. I feel like I have to go back and read that again. The Rogues are the bloodsucking bad guys right? The Breeds hunt them? But theyre all vampires, all the groups?

How did Elise and Taegan meet in the last book? Was there alot about them in that book or did they just meet and that was it? Is Elise human? When you drink a Breed's blood, you become a vampire too or no? Why does Elise here all these voices? How did she get her gift? See I need answers! HELP, Wendy I know you read these books! HELP! LOL It's not totally necessary for me to know this stuff but it would make it more enjoyable for me while reading if I know the answers.


Next up...

Witch in the House Review

Jade Delarue is a witch. She’s not your stereotypical witch in a black hat and riding broomsticks. The Delarue Family has a long history of witches and she has just continued the tradition of her family. She runs a B&B out of her home Mystic Manor. But she doesn’t actually rent out rooms to strangers off the street. Jade grows her own herbs and casts spells for people who need a little help in their lives. Through secretive word of mouth, her talents are known by only a select amount of people. Her spells always work and her clients are always satisfied with the results.

Jade casts a spell to help a man find love with a woman who is about to be married to someone else. She feels bad for the soon to be jilted groom who will be left at the altar. She lights a candle and casts a spell to make sure he finds true love with someone else. After lighting his candle, she lights a second one to find love for herself, preferably a Pierce Brosnan look-alike. But karma kicks in and the two candles accidentally melt together mixing the two different spells.

Shortly after, a Pierce Brosnan look-alike shows up at Jade’s door asking for a room at her B&B. This handsome man is Mason Kincaid, an undercover private investigator. He is there to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Jade’s husband several years ago. The insurance company who is paying out the life insurance policy is suspicious since not only Jade’s husband is presumably dead but her two best friend’s husbands too.

Mason along with his friend Anthony claim to be photographers in town to take pictures for a book they’re putting together. Under these false pretenses, Jade rents them a room. But when she realizes this is the jilted groom AND her true love spells combined, she decides she must get rid of him for karma’s sake.

Jade casts spell after spell trying to get rid of Mason but none of them work. Are the fates trying to tell Jade that this is Mr. Right? What will Jade do when she finds out Mason isn’t who he said he is? Will they fall in love or will the spells work and send Mason on his way?

WITCH IN THE HOUSE is a romantic story with some fun witch craft mixed in. I thoroughly enjoyed Jade and Mason’s story and devoured every page. The ending is absolutely fabulous and took my breath away. I loved reading the spells and it was just a really fun book to read. I look forward to reading Annie’s story in the next book. This is a fantastic new series and one I would definitely recommend to all my friends.

Overflowing in review books...I need help.. LOL

I'm still reading the same book. I'm in a reading rut. It's nothing against the book, my mind just has been elsewhere. Between my ears hurting and my computer problems, I just havent been reading as much. I have 5 books due in 3 days and there is no way I will get them done in time so I am going to be late. :( I think I over did it with all these books and need to cut back. But how do you cut back when you have 10 books and 9 more coming within a week!!! AHHHHHHH! Out of control I tell you!


Pretty VS Ugly

This post is pertaining to society's view on pretty and ugly in the world. Check out this site to learn more about Scott Westerfeld's books and enter the contest to win all four. http://deeanddeedish.blogspot.com/

I think society has reached an all time low with their obsession with beauty. Celebrities are scrutinized from their wrinkles to their cellulite to how skinny or fat they are. When Britney Spears performed for a show on TV, she wore an outfit that she thought she looked good in being that she's only about 130 pounds. After a bad performance, we all heard about how ''fat'' she looked, not about how she lip synched or how she looked drugged out. It was all about how disgusting and fat she was. I don't know what world we are living in when 130 pounds is fat. Children are developing eating disorders at a very young age because of the pressure to look good.

I think Scott Westerfeld's books are a genious idea and I hope they help society realize how crazy and ludacrious they are for thinking plastic surgery and eating disorders are the answer to everything. I've never read Scott's books yet but I know what they're about. The idea of everyone needing plastic surgery after a certain age as a kid to fit in is interesting and just plays on how crazy our world is. I look foward to reading these books and I hope people can look past pretty and ugly and see what's inside because that is what counts.

Scott Westerfeld Books

I've heard so much about Scott Westerfield's YA Series books! They sound so good and I would love to read them. Right now there's a contest running on this site http://deeanddeedish.blogspot.com/ to win all four books. The contest ends soon so make sure to check it out tonight if you want to enter. All you have to do is blog about the books on your blog. The books deal with issues about how people treat others who aren't everyone's idea of pretty. From the summaries I've read, they sound really interesting. So make sure to check them out! They sound like great books for adults and teens to both enjoy!


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Eternal Review

For several centuries, the Kahill Sept of vampires have lived in the little town of Clare Point. They are a close group of vampires who know they have to keep their secret from humans, as they’ve learned the hard way.

Special Agent Fia Kahill works for the FBI and has moved away from Clare Point. She now lives a quiet life in Philadelphia. When a gruesome murder happens in her old home town, she is called there to investigate even though it is out of her jurisdiction.

Upon arriving at the scene she meets a fellow FBI agent named Special Agent Glen Duncan. Glen is a human, investigating in Clare Point. He is bound to find out their secrets if he looks too closely. Even worse, he looks exactly like Ian, Fia’s former lover who betrayed and killed numerous vampires.

Ian was human and therefore died hundreds of years ago, but Fia can’t help but remember him while talking to Glen. How can she ignore her feelings for this attractive man? Fia knows that humans are dangerous and will hunt down and kill vampires if given the chance. She needs to keep her distance and keep her feelings in control.

The case that has brought Fia and Glen together is that of Fia’s cousin Bobby Kahill. Bobby was found beheaded and burned in the post office of the town. The only way to kill a vampire (in this book) is to behead them and then burn their body so their soul can’t reenter. Whoever killed Bobby knows a lot about vampires to kill him in this way.

When one after another, vampires are killed off by beheadings, Fia realizes she has a very dangerous vampire slaying serial killer on her hands. Will she be able to solve the case before Glen does and learns the town’s secrets? Will Fia be able to resist Glen and concentrate on the case?

ETERNAL is a vampire romance/CSI type story with a solid mystery, sexy romance, and thrilling suspense. The characters are plentiful and all important to the story. The ending is extremely intense and full of red herrings that will make you wonder who the killer really is. I thoroughly enjoyed Eternal and I look forward to more books by V.K. Forrest. This is an excellent book and I highly recommend it to paranormal and mystery fans.


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Twisted Justice Review

Laura Nelson is a successful thoracic surgeon, one who specializes in chest diseases and operations. Her husband, Steve, is a famous newscaster. They have five children and live a comfortable life together with a housekeeper who helps them with their children.

After a late night at the hospital, Laura comes home one night to the shocking sight of her husband being intimate with another woman, his co-anchor Kim Connor. Laura kicks Steve out of the house and plans to file for divorce.

But before she can file any papers, Steve takes all five children with him and doesn’t contact Laura to let her know when they will be coming home. After two days of worrying about her children, Laura drives to her husband’s apartment to see if they are there. Instead of finding Steve and the kids, she stumbles upon Kim Connor’s dead body.

With a specialty in chest injuries, Laura decides to try to save the woman but is caught by police with blood on her hands. Laura is arrested for the murder of Kim Connor and ends up fighting for her life back and the custody of her missing children.

Why would Steve take the kids and run off with them? Who killed Kim Connor? Quickly, Laura’s life unravels into tiny pieces with one disaster after another. Will Laura be able to get her children back and clear her name?

TWISTED JUSTICE is an intense family oriented mystery about one woman’s fight to keep her children safe and clear her name after being arrested for murder. The mystery is tightly plotted with exciting revelations around every turn. The suspense never lets up with one exciting event after another unfolding.

TWISTED JUSTICE is a fantastic mystery that I would highly recommend. I read this book rather quickly, desperately needing to know the outcome of the scenario. Pick up a copy of Twisted Justice when it comes out in December and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

TWISTED JUSTICE is an adrenaline ride of pure suspense that will demand your undivided attention from start to finish.


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Unmanned Review

Chrissy McMullen, former waitress turned psychologist, tends to find herself as the prime target for murderers. In her last adventure, she was poisoned by a crazy doctor who is now in jail for his crimes. Chrissy’s relationship with LAPD lieutenant Jack Rivera is shaky. He’s always looking out for her and she’s doing the opposite of everything he suggests. They’re not technically dating and their relationship hasn’t reached the bedroom yet, so Chrissy is keeping her options open.

While filling up her borrowed Porsche at a gas station, she meets a man who makes her heart flutter. When he shows up at her house unexpected and without an invitation, Chrissy is a bit uneasy about the situation. But when a gunman shoots down this mysterious man on her property, she starts to wonder if she was the actual target for the killer.

Not long later, Chrissy’s brother Pete comes to visit from Chicago. He’s engaged to his pregnant girlfriend and the wedding isn’t too far away. Out of nowhere he asks Chrissy if he can borrow $20,000. It doesn’t take long to figure out that her brother has gotten himself into some trouble with the mob. Chrissy tries to straighten out his problems, but the bad guys are still on the prowl.

Has Pete brought whatever trouble he has with him? Or is this sniper after Chrissy? Maybe it’s someone from her past that is out to finish their business with her? Chrissy totes a pistol and her deaf puppy Harlequin as her sidekick in solving this case. Lieutenant Rivera tries to keep Chrissy safe but she is determined to solve this case without any help or advice from him. Will this push them farther apart? Will Chrissy find love with another man besides Rivera?

UNMANNED is a mystery with a little chick lit flavor that will keep readers thoroughly entertained. There’s humor, suspense and a mystery to solve. I enjoyed reading about Chrissy and Rivera’s rocky relationship and loved his jealously of the possibility of her with someone else. I wish Greiman would let them hook up already and explore their relationship possibilities a little more. Pete is a fun character and added a little spontaneity to the mix. His relationship with his sister Chrissy is sweet and I look forward to meeting the rest of her brothers. UNMANNED is an enjoyable fun read from start to finish. I highly recommend this book to readers who are looking for a humorous mystery.


Bitten To Death Cover

Book 4 in the Jaz Parks Series book cover!!!! Isn't it gorgeous? Love her hair!! I would sell my soul to the devil to get my hands on books 3 and 4 right away!! I'll have to settle for being patient and waiting like a calm normal person for my review copies. GIMME NOW!! LOL


Review of Unlucky

Mallory Devereaux is unlucky. She’s dealt with her horrible bad luck her entire life. Men don’t want anything to do with Mallory once they realize that one touch from her will give them hours of misfortune. Her friends love her and know by now to keep their distance if they don’t want bad things to happen to them too.

Mallory works as a foreman for a demolition company since she is good at destroying things and it’s pretty much the only job she can do where her unluckiness won’t cause accidents and get her fired. Her boss is Harry, a man who has raised her since she was a kid. Mallory uses her unique skills of misfortune as a ‘’cooler.’’ When there is a pool game or betting involved, she works her magic touch so someone else wins and is rewarded for her efforts.

Mallory’s friend Scooter tells her about a big poker tournament taking place on a casino boat owned by her uncle. He lets Mallory know in case she would like to be a cooler and make some extra money. The only problem is, almost everyone invited to the tournament is involved in the mob or other criminal activities. If they found out she was purposely making them lose, they wouldn’t be too happy with her.

Mallory’s boss Harry is in trouble with the demolition business. The note for the business is up for sale and if he’s bought out, that leaves him and Mallory out a job. Mallory decides to take the job as a cooler so she can make the money that Harry needs to keep the business.

A mysterious man named Jake is a dealer at the casino. He’s really undercover with the FBI to take down a money launderer who will be at the tournament. When Jake and Mallory meet, sparks fly and so do their hormones. But Mallory can’t be with a man, with her bad luck and all. And Jake can’t flirt with Mallory while he’s supposed to be concentrating on his case with the FBI. But somehow their problems are coincided with each other and they will have to work together if they want to take down a room full of criminals. Will Mallory be able to work her magic and win the money to save her job? Will Jake be able to take down the bad guy without his cover being blown?

UNLUCKY is a fun romantic mystery that readers will enjoy. The storyline is unique and different; taking place in a casino with a girl whose touch is bad luck. I enjoyed the play by play of casino action and the romance developing between Mallory and Jake. The mystery is full of surprises and the conclusion was satisfying. I would recommend UNLUCKY to cozy mystery readers who enjoy a fun whodunit with some romance in the mix.