Reading The Con Artist of Catalina Island

I was in the mood for something different so I started The Con Artist of Catalina Island by Jennifer Colt. I have about 100 pages left. I love getting my next book ready. It's funny because I can be 50 pages in and already I will start planning what I am reading next. I'm a moody reader though, so by the time I am done with what I am reading, half the time I'm not in the mood for the book I originally planned to read next. That's why I could never participate in those Reading Challenges I see on blogs everywhere online. I don't think I could stick to a mandated list and order of books to be read. I need variety or I get bored. Right now in my review pile I have chick lit, mystery, vampire romance, cozy mystery, and women's fiction. So I like to alternate with my books. If I just read a mystery, then I will read a chick lit book. I dont like too many runaway brides or too many dead corpses in a row or my mind starts to get mixed up and characters from previous books get mixed up in my head. Anyway, I'm enjoying this book and it's a nice light read where I don't have to over think the storyline. Fun characters too. That's all for now. Review when I am done.

I entered the Brava Novella Contest!!!

Ok..I entered the Brava Novella Contest. I wasn't going to enter but I did and now I feel sick with the amount of time I have to wait to hear about a winner. I can't beleive I actually entered. Ok, I don't think I will be getting much sleep tonight! That's all for now.


Demon's Kiss Review

I just finished Demon's Kiss last night. Fantastic book! Here's my review:

In this paranormal romance, Clea Masters first met Ciarran, a member of The Compact of Sorcerers, the night her parents were killed. Ciarran’s job is to guard the wall between the human and demon realms. Clea was attacked by a demon and near death, when Ciarran tried to help her. She reached out to him and accidentally stole some of his powers. Clea’s siphoning of Ciarran’s powers caused his hand being pushed into the demon realm, resulting in him having some demon in him now.

Twenty years later, Ciarran is there to rescue Clea once again. Clea is now all grown up and has no recollection of ever meeting Ciarran as a child. She isn’t even aware of having powers herself. When the two of them reunite, there is a strong connection because of their shared powers.

An evil demon has discovered that Clea is the key to opening the demon realm. If they can capture Clea, the realm will be open for them to come into our world and cause devastating destruction.

Ciarran offers to guard Clea and keep her safe from the demons that are after her. The only problem is, whenever they are near each other, she unknowingly steals his powers, draining him of them. Will the demon find Clea and open the demon realm? Will Ciarran be able to keep Clea safe or will their passion for each other drain him of all his powers?

I absolutely loved reading Demon’s Kiss. Eve Silver has created an extraordinary world in this book. Sorcerers, demons, magic, and hot romance makes for a fascinating book that you won’t be able to put down. The fight scenes are suspenseful, the villains are true evil, the romance is sexy, and the characters are unique. I will definitely read more books by Eve Silver and will eagerly await the next book in this new series. Curl up in your favorite chair, and escape into this paranormal romance that will take you away into another world.


Junkie books...

It was 90 degrees today and about 150 degrees in the library. They had no air conditioning on and it was so incredibly hot that I felt like I was going to pass out. Was I getting books for me? Oh no. I was on a search for junkie autobiographies for my fiance who doesn't read! LOL My friend recommended some books to me so I went on a hunt for them. I'm not that familiar with the non fiction section of the library so this left me up in their stiflingly hot balcony which is like a maze that you can get lost in and not know how to find the stairs to get out! My wonderful friend came with me, hot heat and all, and helped me search for the books. SO I came home with them and he didn't jump for joy like I imagined. LOL But he is looking through them. We'll see if he will read them or not. At least I didn't pay cover price for them. That would have been about $60. Oh the books that I got him are:
Kurt Cobain's journal
Dirt by Motley Crue
Tommyland by Tommy Lee

I'm still reading Demon's Kiss. All of the new shows on TV have been consuming me and taking away from my reading time. I did receive more review books in the mail today. They're from a site I found online, but it's weird how it works. They send 3 books and I only need to review 1. There's no communication with the site since everytime I try to email, they never respond. I reviewed for them about 2 months or so ago and didn't receive anything since. SO I was pleasantly surprised to get a package from them. I'll post what books they are tomorrow.

Must get reading!!! Did I mention how incredibly hot it is still, at 10 pm?


Demons, Nikki Sixx and James Frey...

Well I didn't start Demon's Kiss on Sunday because I was too tired that night. I started it tonight and I am already 100 pages in. This is really my FIRST paranormal romance ever. Yes I am a paranormal virgin! Now that doesn't mean I don't know about them because I do. I hear people talking about them all the time. AND I am up and knowledgable about who all the hot paranormal authors are too. I have a HUGE TBR paranormal pile, plus so does my friend. I think between the two of us we have enough paranormal books to last us a year!

So Demon's Kiss...Pretty damn good! I was kind of freeked out to read it at first because I always think paranormal might be too sci fi ish and too technical. But this one has a sexy romance story going on and a VERY original storyline!

My fiance, who is NOT a reader at all, received The Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx from me for his birthday. He read the whole book cover to cover and I was in heaven laying here having him read with me. He finished it now, so I am on a search for junkie recovery books to satisfy his appetite. (My fiance was never a junkie but he's fascinated with the stories and memoirs by junkies apparently). So I am thinking of Tommyland by Tommy Lee and I heard Dave Navarro has a book too. He's into the rock stars so that's why I am thinking of theirs specifically.

I had A Million Little Pieces by James Frey at one time. My friend was ranting about how wonderful the book was and how it's so addicting. SOOOOOOOOO I went out and bought it. This was before Oprah picked it and he was found out that he lied and ambelished in his book. So I was about 60 pages into the book when the Oprah thing happened. I was annoyed. That was my first junkie memoir type book ever. Well, I was looking for it just now and I can't find it on my shelves. I either lit it on fire and stomped on it like a crazy woman chating ''I hate you James Frey!'' OR I brought it to the used bookstore and traded it in. Probably the 2nd one. LOL That's ok. I don't want my fiance reading Frey's book anyway.

Well off to venture back into my world of demons. Loving it.


Demon's Kiss

I'm going to start this book tonight. It's very different from everything I normally read. I really want to get into paranormal books so I'm excited to try this one. It's the first in a new series by Eve Silver. I'm sure it will be a quick read. Review when I'm done. Can't wait to start it! Pretty cover huh?

Last Breath Review

My review:

A Quest to Find Missing Artifacts Leads to a Killer on the Loose….
Daria McGowan is an archaeologist who has been traveling all over the world on digs for many years. While on an expedition in Iran, Daria receives a fax from Howe University in Pennsylvania that they want to showcase her great-grandfather’s artifacts in their museum. The artifacts were recovered a century ago and are the only remains from a lost colony called Shandihar.

Daria returns to the US to work on getting the showcase together for an exhibit. While going through the inventory of artifacts, she realizes there are pieces missing. Daria calls FBI agent Connor Shields to investigate the case. She met Connor two years ago on a blind date. He rushes to her rescue and works with her to help recover the missing artifacts.

While searching for the missing pieces, the case becomes more complicated when Daria and Connor find a trail of murders that link to the missing artifacts. Who knows about Shandihar and would kill to own these rare artifacts? During the case, Daria and Connor get to know each other better and start to develop feelings. Will they recover the artifacts or will they become another casualty in a murder’s quest to get their hands on the priceless pieces?

The murderer is making it look like these murders are ritualistic and in retaliation for their homeland artifacts being taken from them. The suspect list grows as the story progresses. No one can be trusted and the artifacts must be guarded by high security. Is the murderer someone on the inside or a stranger unknown to them? Will they continue their murdering spree undetected by the FBI and police?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading LAST BREATH. It was fascinating, captivating, and intriguing from the first page to the last. I found all the archeology facts to be well researched and intelligently written. The romance between Daria and Connor was a small part of the book, with the quest to find the artifacts being the main storyline. I was pleasantly surprised by the ending and that makes this a well crafted novel. This was my first experience with a book by Mariah Stewart and I will definitely read her previous books.

Review of Divorced, Desperate and Delicious

Here is my review for www.nightowlromance.com of Divorced, Desperate and Delicious by Christie Craig.

DIVORCED, DESPERATE and DELICIOUS is hilarious, sexy, and absolutely mouth wateringly delicious! With snappy funny dialog, an eccentric cast of characters, talking appliances, steamy sexy scenes, and a sweet loveable heroine, this book has everything I could ask for. With a gorgeous book cover and a funny title, this book will definitely get noticed. Readers will quickly become so absorbed in the story that they will fly through the pages. I rarely rave about a book unless I absolutely love it, but this one is definitely worth it! I would compare this book to Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series, but DIVORCED, DESPERATE and DELICIOUS is even funnier and a thousand times sexier.

Lacy Maguire is unlucky in love. It runs in her family. Lacy’s mother and grandmother have had more husbands and divorces then you can count on one hand. She doesn’t want to end up like them, but that is how her life is going. She is divorced after finding out her husband nailed his secretary in an elevator with the video hitting the internet for all to see. The few men Lacy has had in her life have left her unsatisfied and unhappy. So she has given up on men and is content to live her life with her three cats and one dog. That is until Chase Kelly shows up hiding in her bushes.

Chase Kelly is a cop who lost his wife to brain cancer two years ago. He doesn’t think he will ever find another woman to love as much as he loved his wife. Chase’s new partner has turned corrupt and wants to frame him for his crimes. After his partner tries to kill him, Chase runs from the scene looking for somewhere to hide out. He ends up at Lacy’s house and takes her hostage until he can figure out what to do. After spending some time together, Lacy starts to find the sexy man holding her hostage kind of irresistible. Will she fall for Chase Kelly and help him clear his name or will Chase’s dangerous partner find him and end this charade?


Review Pile...

Just received word that another book is on it's way to my review pile. This book comes out in November and I am SO happy to get an early copy. Jennifer Colt's writing is SO funny and her books are just such fun reads.

Divorced, Desperate, and Delicious

I finished Last Breath by Mariah Stewart and it was a great book! I can't wait to read more by her. Around 12 am that night, I picked up Divorced, Desperate and Delicious by Christie Craig. I was just going to read the blurbs and summaries to see what it's about, but I got so curious that I had to start it. Well to make a long story short, I was up for a WHILE reading!! It was just WAY TOO GOOD to put down!! I'm flying through it and I am so in love with the characters already. I will definetely be rereading this one alot. I can't wait to hear what people think of it when it's released in December. The cover is SO eye catching and the title is cute! Then you read the funny copy on the back and you know it's going to be a great book! I will post about it when I am finished. I'm almost 200 pages in and loving it already.


Beautiful Serenity

I love this picture. I have it up on my desktop. The water looks so beautiful with the hint of green in it and the splashing waves. I love the way the sky looks too with all the different colors. I'm not sure where this was taken or by who. I just found it online one day while searching for a desktop backround. It's so pretty that I thought I'd post it here so everyone can see it.

Some new books..

Tess Gerritsen came out with a new book a couple days ago. Normally, I am the first person on line to get my copy, but I have so much already to read that I figured I'll wait a couple weeks. It sounds so good! I'll buy anything she writes!
Another review book has arrived, this one is Demon's Kiss by Eve Silver. I love the cover on it. So pretty. I've been dying to read some paranormal books so this is a perfect opportunity. I'll post about it when I get to reading it. It's the first in a new series. Sounds good to me!

What I Can't Wait to Read....

I've heard alot about Stephenie Meyer's series of books and I can't wait to read them! They are Young Adult books but ALOT of adults are reading them. I bought Twilight and can't wait to start it once I have a chance. I saw a set of all three in hardcover for a good price online, but I think I'll wait to see if I like the first book before I buy a box set of them. There are alot of glowing reviews on Amazon and I'm really excited to read these books!

Updated list

Here's what I've read since my last updated list.

48. Forget About It by Caprice Crane
49. Obsession, Deceit, and Really Dark Chocolate by Kyra Davis
50. Bad Girls Don't by Cathie Linz

I'm still reading Last Breath by Mariah Stewart. Hopefully I'll get some reading done today.


Books From My TBR Pile...

Last Breath

I am currently reading Last Breath by Mariah Stewart to review. It's really interesting so far and I'm enjoying it. I just went to find a blurb to put up here about the book and it had a major spoiler in it! I hate when people ruin books for people in their summaries. Here's a blurb from Mariah Stewart's site about the book. This is the third in a trilogy. I don't think you need to read the other two to understand this one. They seem to be stand alone books in my opinion. Here's the blurb from her site:

As renowned archaeologist Dr. Daria McGowan readies the most important project of her career—a museum exhibit showcasing the priceless artifacts her great-grandfather unearthed a century ago in the Middle East—she makes a shocking discovery: many of the most significant pieces have vanished. Panicked, Daria turns to the FBI.

It's an assignment that Special Agent Connor Shields is more than happy to accept: Daria is the same pretty American archaeologist he's been searching for ever since a chance meeting two years ago. Working together to track down the owners of the stolen artifacts, Daria and Connor discover a trail of bodies—collectors who have met brutal, bizarre ends at the hands of a killer whose murderous methods are based on the rituals of an ancient civilization.

Amid rumors of a curse and mounting pressure from both the FBI and the museum, Daria and Connor race to unmask their enemy and unravel a mystery stretching across oceans and centuries. All the while, an ingenious murderer follows a sinister plan to gather the coveted antiquities, and one last acquisition: Daria.

Sex and the Immortal Bad Boy

Stephanie Rowe has a new book coming out on November 1st! I love the cover for it. I'm going to be reviewing it and posting a review on here in a couple weeks. Here's a blurb of it from Amazon.

Book Description
Paige Darlington has a problem. See, she's the former apprentice to Satan's right hand, Becka Gibbs. As a result, she's got this pretty much all consuming need to be bad... not her fault, right? Well, that will be a small comfort when she loses all human emotions, including the ability to love and care about those who matter to her.

To keep his brother alive, Jed Buchanan works for Satan Jr., the heir to hell and the most evil being in existence. Jed has been forced to do a lot of unsavory things during his time on the "job" and his latest assignment - killing Becka Gibbs - isn't pleasant either. It only gets more complicated when he arrives at Becka's apartment, and inadvertently attacks Paige, a beautiful, sexy demon who decides that saving his black soul will be just the thing to keep her own from rotting.

But can the Devil's minion and the Devil's assassin possibly find true love?

DOESN'T THAT SOUND FANTASTIC!!??!! I can't wait to read it!!