Demon's Kiss Review

I just finished Demon's Kiss last night. Fantastic book! Here's my review:

In this paranormal romance, Clea Masters first met Ciarran, a member of The Compact of Sorcerers, the night her parents were killed. Ciarran’s job is to guard the wall between the human and demon realms. Clea was attacked by a demon and near death, when Ciarran tried to help her. She reached out to him and accidentally stole some of his powers. Clea’s siphoning of Ciarran’s powers caused his hand being pushed into the demon realm, resulting in him having some demon in him now.

Twenty years later, Ciarran is there to rescue Clea once again. Clea is now all grown up and has no recollection of ever meeting Ciarran as a child. She isn’t even aware of having powers herself. When the two of them reunite, there is a strong connection because of their shared powers.

An evil demon has discovered that Clea is the key to opening the demon realm. If they can capture Clea, the realm will be open for them to come into our world and cause devastating destruction.

Ciarran offers to guard Clea and keep her safe from the demons that are after her. The only problem is, whenever they are near each other, she unknowingly steals his powers, draining him of them. Will the demon find Clea and open the demon realm? Will Ciarran be able to keep Clea safe or will their passion for each other drain him of all his powers?

I absolutely loved reading Demon’s Kiss. Eve Silver has created an extraordinary world in this book. Sorcerers, demons, magic, and hot romance makes for a fascinating book that you won’t be able to put down. The fight scenes are suspenseful, the villains are true evil, the romance is sexy, and the characters are unique. I will definitely read more books by Eve Silver and will eagerly await the next book in this new series. Curl up in your favorite chair, and escape into this paranormal romance that will take you away into another world.

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