Demons, Nikki Sixx and James Frey...

Well I didn't start Demon's Kiss on Sunday because I was too tired that night. I started it tonight and I am already 100 pages in. This is really my FIRST paranormal romance ever. Yes I am a paranormal virgin! Now that doesn't mean I don't know about them because I do. I hear people talking about them all the time. AND I am up and knowledgable about who all the hot paranormal authors are too. I have a HUGE TBR paranormal pile, plus so does my friend. I think between the two of us we have enough paranormal books to last us a year!

So Demon's Kiss...Pretty damn good! I was kind of freeked out to read it at first because I always think paranormal might be too sci fi ish and too technical. But this one has a sexy romance story going on and a VERY original storyline!

My fiance, who is NOT a reader at all, received The Heroin Diaries by Nikki Sixx from me for his birthday. He read the whole book cover to cover and I was in heaven laying here having him read with me. He finished it now, so I am on a search for junkie recovery books to satisfy his appetite. (My fiance was never a junkie but he's fascinated with the stories and memoirs by junkies apparently). So I am thinking of Tommyland by Tommy Lee and I heard Dave Navarro has a book too. He's into the rock stars so that's why I am thinking of theirs specifically.

I had A Million Little Pieces by James Frey at one time. My friend was ranting about how wonderful the book was and how it's so addicting. SOOOOOOOOO I went out and bought it. This was before Oprah picked it and he was found out that he lied and ambelished in his book. So I was about 60 pages into the book when the Oprah thing happened. I was annoyed. That was my first junkie memoir type book ever. Well, I was looking for it just now and I can't find it on my shelves. I either lit it on fire and stomped on it like a crazy woman chating ''I hate you James Frey!'' OR I brought it to the used bookstore and traded it in. Probably the 2nd one. LOL That's ok. I don't want my fiance reading Frey's book anyway.

Well off to venture back into my world of demons. Loving it.

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