Junkie books...

It was 90 degrees today and about 150 degrees in the library. They had no air conditioning on and it was so incredibly hot that I felt like I was going to pass out. Was I getting books for me? Oh no. I was on a search for junkie autobiographies for my fiance who doesn't read! LOL My friend recommended some books to me so I went on a hunt for them. I'm not that familiar with the non fiction section of the library so this left me up in their stiflingly hot balcony which is like a maze that you can get lost in and not know how to find the stairs to get out! My wonderful friend came with me, hot heat and all, and helped me search for the books. SO I came home with them and he didn't jump for joy like I imagined. LOL But he is looking through them. We'll see if he will read them or not. At least I didn't pay cover price for them. That would have been about $60. Oh the books that I got him are:
Kurt Cobain's journal
Dirt by Motley Crue
Tommyland by Tommy Lee

I'm still reading Demon's Kiss. All of the new shows on TV have been consuming me and taking away from my reading time. I did receive more review books in the mail today. They're from a site I found online, but it's weird how it works. They send 3 books and I only need to review 1. There's no communication with the site since everytime I try to email, they never respond. I reviewed for them about 2 months or so ago and didn't receive anything since. SO I was pleasantly surprised to get a package from them. I'll post what books they are tomorrow.

Must get reading!!! Did I mention how incredibly hot it is still, at 10 pm?

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