Book Series Order

Once Bitten, Twice Shy is book 1 and came out in October 07.

Another Once Bites the Dust is book 2 and comes out December 07

Biting the Bullet is book 3 and comes out February 07.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy Review

Once Bitten, Twice Shy is Jennifer Rardin’s debut book in this exciting new fantasy series starring Jasmine (Jaz) Parks and Vayl, a 300 year old vampire. Jaz, a former vampire slayer, turned CIA paranormal agent, has a new case on her hands. Vayl has requested Jaz to work alongside him as his assistant assassin. Jaz has to take the job even though she has no idea why Vayl has specifically requested her for it. Their assignment is to assassinate a plastic surgeon named Assan, who has ties to terrorism.

After investigating Assan, it quickly becomes apparent that he isn’t the only bad guy they’re after. There is a group of terrorists and vampires who have a plan to destroy America with their deadly plague. With the help of a fortune teller named Cassandra, a gadget genius named Bergman, and a hot guy named Cole, the five of them try to save the world by killing off the enemy one by one.

The assignment becomes very complicated when someone from Vayl’s past comes back to haunt him. This person is the enemy and must be killed. They’re extremely lethal and part of the problem. Will Vayl be able to kill someone from his past or will it be too hard of a task for him to handle?

Jaz and Vayl develop a close bond while working their case together. Will this assignment bring forth a new relationship for them or will it end in heartache and death?

Once Bitten, Twice Shy is a suspenseful, action driven story that will leave readers breathless. The story starts off at a slow pace teasing the reader with a little bit of information at a time. We meet Jaz but we don’t know what happened to her in her past, how she became who she is, what is so special about her, and what happened that fateful night to her fellow vampire slayers. Little by little, the reader is given the pieces to the puzzle that is Jasmine Park ’s life. The biggest surprise is Jaz doesn’t know her story either and is discovering it right along side you, the reader.

The descriptions are vivid, the fights are full of intense action, the untold feelings developing between Vayl and Jaz is heart felt, and the writing is perfection. Once Bitten, Twice Shy is fantasy at its best. Every element that you could ask for is in this book! Mystery, romance, fantasy, suspense, paranormal, espionage, comedy, it is all within the pages of this story. There are more books quickly coming out in this series so keep your eyes and ears open. Reading a Jaz Parks book is pure fantasy enjoyment, not to be missed. Look out for the second book in the series, Another One Bites the Dust due out in December 2007.


Rainbow Brite..

I thought I'd post since I haven't in a couple days. I'm still reading Once Bitten, Twice Shy. I didn't do much reading this weekend so I hope to read more tonight. Anyway in the spirit of Halloween, here is a cute costume. She is Rainbow Brite as you may remember from your childhood in the 80's! I love browsing all the cute costumes online. This one is too cute. Well I should be done with my book soon and then I'll post my review. In the mean time, dress up as something really slutty for Halloween!


Blood Secrets Review

Welcome to Necropolis, home of the undead, the Otherworld. Hidden behind a military base, just out of San Antonio, is the home to vampires, werewolves, witches, and otherworld species. Only the police and a select few humans living in San Antonio know of Necropolis and they are sworn to secrecy. In this city of vampires, crime still exists. With the help of Caine Valorian and his Otherworld Crime Unit, they try to keep the world safe.

Caine Valorian is a vampire who heads the Crime Unit. Caine’s latest case is of a murdered human in the Otherworld. The woman appears to have been murdered by a vampire and there are odd symbols at the crime scene. How did this human end up dead in Necropolis? Who is she and what was she doing in the home of the undead?

Eve Grant is a crime investigator from San Antonio. She’s a human who has never met or been around Otherworld people before. She volunteers to help the Otherworld Crime Unit solve their case of the murdered human woman. But things aren’t so easy for her, being human in a vampire world. Humans have a distinct scent and there is no hiding what she really is from the vampires. It’s a dangerous place to be, but Eve is determined to solve this case even if it puts her life in jeopardy.

Eve joins Caine’s Crime Unit and works side by side with him to solve the case. The only problem besides her safety is that there is an intense animal like attractive between the two of them. Eve can’t become involved with Caine because he is her superior on this case. Also there’s the obvious problem of vampires and humans being a dangerous concoction when being intimate. How will Eve solve this case when Caine’s vampire charm is calling to all of her wants and needs? Will she be able to put her feelings aside and find the killer?

One by one, more people are murdered and they realize that they have a serial killer on their hands. The Crime Unit works together using their skills to find this killer. Will they find him before it is too late or will he take another human life and forever change the two worlds?

BLOOD SECRETS is the first book in a new series called The Valorian Chronicles. The imagination and world that Vivi Anna has built within the pages of this book is amazing and extremely unique. The characters of all different species each bring something special to the story. I adored the idea of a book that is akin to CSI meets vampires. The investigation and mystery aspect of the story is written very well. There’s mystery, intensity, romance, sexy vampires, and flawless nicely flowing writing! I flew through this book in a day and a half and can’t wait to read the second book in the series called Dark Lies! This is a fantastic book and I can’t recommend it enough!

Currently reading Blood Secrets

I'm currently reading Blood Secrets by Vivi Anna. As soon as I heard this book was like CSI meets vampire, I had to get my hands on it! I read almost the whole book in one day. I have about 50 pages left. It is just SO good and I am so excited about this series!! I have book 2 Dark Lies in my pile too and there is a book 3 coming but I'm not sure when it comes out. This book is part of the Nocturne line of books put out by Harlequin. REALLY good book. I'll post my review as soon as I am done reading it. I can't decide if I should read the next book in the series next, or if I should take a break inbetween and read something else. I have a bunch of vampy books and I am praying I don't OD on them like everyone else. I really am enjoying this genre!


Hurt Fairy

I found this picture online and I've been staring at it for a while. It's really beautiful and tragic at the same time. I'm not sure what is supposed to be going on here, but my interpretation is that someone clipped the fairy's wings for their collection in a book. She's hurt and dying now without her wing. Hence the blood on her. See the knife on the bottom of the pic. That's what they used to clip her wing. I dont know what the nest is though...
What's your interpretation of this pic? ANYONE...ANYONE!!??!


Catnapped Review

A new series featuring a girl investigator and a mystery to solve
Catnapped is Gabriella Herkert’s first book in her new Animal Instinct Mystery Series. The reader is introduced to Sara Townley, a legal investigator with a case to solve. A cat by the name of Flash is missing and a concerned party wants him found. This cat isn’t just an ordinary house pet; he’s the heir to a $2 million trust fund from his late owner Millicent Millinfield.

Millicent was the personal assistant and live in house guest to Stuart Masterson, a wealthy business man. After her accidental death, the cat stayed in his home with him. The concerned party, Jeff Randall, says Stuart Masterson is out of town and he is concerned because his cat is missing. He hasn’t seen the cat in a while and he would like him found.

While putting together clues for her case, Sara returns home to find Connor McNamara in her kitchen. Sara met Connor in Las Vegas and ended up marrying him after only knowing him for one week. Connor is a Navy Seal and has been away on duty for the last four months since his quickie wedding to Sara. His sudden reappearance is rather shocking to her since she never expected to see him again. Instead of granting her a divorce, Connor decides they are going to cohabitate as husband and wife.

While investigating the missing cat case, Sara discovers that the Masterson family has a lot of secrets and perhaps some stolen money. Sara realizes that to solve her case she is going to have to unravel the yarn of lies the family has entangled her in. No one is who they seem to be and there is something sinister going on here.

After uncovering a couple accidental deaths that just don’t add up, Sara starts to fear for her life. Instead of avoiding and pushing Connor away, she works together with him to solve the case. Will Sara and Connor’s new marriage stand the test of a murder investigation or will this tear them apart?

CATNAPPED is a hilarious, fun, mystery that kept me interested throughout the whole book. The writing is comedic at times and you can’t help but love Sara Townley. The premise of this book slightly reminded me of the Stephanie Plum series because of the girl investigator with man trouble concept. That’s a good thing though!

CATNAPPED is a great book, the mystery is tightly plotted, and the characters are engaging. My only complaint is that the title and series name does not fit the storyline that well. There is romance, comedy, mystery, but almost no animals except for a few pages. I didn’t mind though, because the book turned out to be surprisingly really good!

If you are a fan of Janet Evanovich then I am sure you will enjoy this new series by Gabriella Herkert. I look forward to reading the next book in this series, Doggone, out in 2008.


Currently reading Catnapped

I'm currently reading Catnapped by Gabriella Herkert. I only have about 70 pages left. It's a quick fun easy read so far. Not sure which book is definetely next. I have a 700 page one that is due soon for a review, but I'm really not in the mood for such a big book. I might read a short book before I read that one. Anyway I'll post my review of Catnapped when I'm done. And for any lurkers on here, please post to me! I would love to know what you think of my blog and whether you visit it alot and if you like it. Thanks!

Salt Maiden Review

Dana Vanover is on a mission to find her sister Angie, who she hasn’t heard from in a while. Angie’s daughter Nikki, who was put up for adoption, has cancer and needs bone marrow from her birth parents. Without knowing who the birth father is, Angie is Nikki’s only chance to survive.

Dana travels to Rimrock County, her sister’s last known residence. Rimrock County is in the middle of nowhere and is a small community of people. Upon arriving, Dana meets Sheriff Jay Eversole, a war veteran who is dealing with post traumatic stress disorder. With his help, she goes on a hunt to find her sister, dead or alive.

Dana finds out her sister wasn’t very well liked in this town and may have caused some trouble with the locals. After finding a hidden diary of Angie’s, Dana uses it to put together the puzzle of what happened to her sister. What did Angie do to anger so many people? Who was after Angie and wanted her dead? Is Angie still alive or is it too late?

While trying to find her sister, Dana and the Sheriff form a tight bond and develop feelings for each other. He’s hiding his mental problems from Dana and doesn’t want anyone to know what he’s dealing with inside. Will his problems come between him and Dana or will he be able to deal with them to open himself up to love?

As time ticks away, Nikki’s health worsens and she desperately needs the bone marrow from her mother. Will Dana find Angie before it’s too late?

THE SALT MAIDEN is an exciting romantic suspense that is full of twists and turns that will leave you breathless. The story starts off a little slow, but picks up after about 100 pages with lots of excitement, bullets flying, cars racing, running for your life, suspense. The mystery was solid and I was surprisingly wrong on who the suspect was! After reading so many mysteries, I tend to guess the outcome before the book was over, but I was wrong and that’s a good thing!

The romance part of the book is minimal compared to the suspense. There is a love story but it takes a back seat because of the two people being constantly torn apart by someone trying to kill them. The book was very enjoyable once it picked up it’s pace and the action started happening. I would definitely recommend it to readers who enjoy suspense.

Sucker Bet Review

Gwenna Carrick just wants to move on with her life. After all she’s been divorced from her controlling vampire husband, Roberto Donatelli, for 300 years. You would think a man would move on by now! Gwenna is a 900 year old vampire but she tries to keep her blood sucking ways a secret from mortals. Gwenna is part of a Vampire Slayers’ loop online who are determined to kill as many vampires as possible. Gwenna enjoys having her ears open to her enemies and what better way then for her, a vampire, to infiltrate their group. When she hears that the vampire slayers plan on meeting in Las Vegas, where she lives, she tries to work out a meeting between one of the guys and herself.

Gwenna shows up at the meeting place but when she arrives she finds a dead body drained of all his blood. This looks suspiciously like a vampire has killed him, but Gwenna isn’t sure. The Homicide Detective investigating the case is Nate Thomas, a very sexy mortal. Sparks start to fly between Nate and Gwenna, which is a dangerous thing when you are trying to hide the fact that you’re a vampire from a cop!

As the bodies pile up, drained of fluid, Nate and Gwenna investigate the case together. How will she keep her secret and stop a killer without letting Nate know of her true identity? Will Nate still like Gwenna if he finds out she’s a vampire or will she loose him forever with her lies?

SUCKER BET is the fourth book in Erin McCarthy’s Vegas Vampires series. This is a very entertaining story that has a little bit of everything in it. There’s romance, mystery, humor, suspense, and of course blood sucking vampires! The love story between Nate and Gwenna is really romantic and you can’t help but root for a happy ending. The writing is smooth and flows very nicely. I loved every word of this book and I hope there’s more coming in this wonderful series.


Reading The Salt Maiden..

Sorry I haven't posted in a couple days. I did finish Sucker Bet a couple days ago and loved it. I'll post my review soon. I'm now reading The Salt Maiden by Colleen Thompson. My review is actually due tomorrow so I am right down to the last day, trying to finish in time. My review pile has somehow gotton HUGE and out of control! I hope to catch up before I get more in the mail. Right now there are 9 books in my pile and there are about 8 more coming! Yes, I over did it. Not my fault!! LOL I have FOUR paranormals in my pile and I am SO excited about them. I can't wait to read them. Well I'll post about them when I get to them.


Loving Sucker Bet..

OMG Sucker Bet is SOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!! I haven't read the first three in the Vampire series and I was worried that it would spoil it for me, reading #4 first, but it doesnt and it's really good. I've only read one other Erin McCarthy book and that's You Don't Know Jack and I really enjoyed it, but this is like a million times better! It's so creative and funny. I am drooling on this manuscript, dying to read more in this series. Man, it's really good. And to think Erin McCarthy was discovered in the Brava writing contest and wasn't published before that! She is REALLY good! I still have a little over 100 pages left, but I am in paranormal heaven right now and had to share. Great book. I wish there was a bigger pic of the cover for Sucker Bet online. I can't find one anywhere. It's such a cute cover too. Ok back to reading..

A cute picture..

Currently reading....

I'm about 100 pages into Sucker Bet by Erin McCarthy which comes out in January. Her books are always fun quick reads that I inhale in one or two sittings so I'm sure I'll finish it today. It's a fun book so far and I'm really enjoying it. Review when I'm done..

I Gave You My Heart But You Sold It Online Review

Romance, Mystery, Cowboys, and a Healthy Dose of Fun!
Allison Barker has been a single mother since she became pregnant with her daughter Jill at only 18 years old. The father is out of the picture and she’s always made do on her own. Now her daughter Jill is twelve years old and growing up. She takes it upon herself to set her mother up on a blind date with someone she found for her on the internet. This someone is none other than the famous bull rider Quint Matthews.

Quint has two reasons for coming to town. Most importantly, he’s come to catch a woman he met online who stole his credit card information and is scamming him for money. He’s hired The Domestic Equalizers aka best friends Debbie Sue and Edwina, to investigate the case.

Quint has a history with Debbie Sue but that doesn’t stop him from asking for her help, even though her husband will definitely not approve of him being back in her life. Also while Quint is in town, he figured he would meet a woman by the name of Allison Barker who he met on an internet dating site. No, he hasn’t learned his lesson with meeting women off the internet! After all, she could be the one.

Everything is working out with the case until someone ends up dead. Debbie Sue and Edwina take charge and put their heads together to solve the mystery. Will Quint and Allison find love with each other or will someone come between them? Will the Domestic Equalizers solve the case and save the day?

I GAVE YOU MY HEART, BUT YOU SOLD IT ONLINE is the perfect recipe for a hilarious fun story set in West Texas. The zany characters, romantic triangles, humorous situations and banter, and best of all the writing, makes this book a real winner.

Readers will fall in love with the quirky and eccentric characters in this romance-cozy-mystery type novel. Dixie Cash is a pen name for two sisters who write this wonderful series. After getting a taste of a Dixie Cash book, readers will be packing their bags and moving to West Texas to find them a good ole cowboy of their own.


Next Up..

Hooked by Jane May Review

I picked up this book Hooked and read it in 2 days. It was a really short fast read. Here's my review:

Jane May’s new book Hooked is a fun and imaginative tale that was inspired by the Grimms’ fairy tale, The Fisherman and his Wife. May’s previous book Doggy Style was narrated by a dog and we find her unusual but fun style repeated in this book with a talking fish.

Clarence Woods, Woody to his friends, works at the Trade Winds Yacht Club in Miami. He’s the assistant dock master and he caters to all the rich people at the club. Woody isn’t wealthy like the club members but he’s happy with his simple life. When he meets a Romanian waitress named Madalina Dragoi at Trade Winds, he starts to wonder if he really is that good of a catch. After all Madalina likes Todd Hollingshead who is extremely wealthy.

While out on a boat with a wealthy club member, Woody catches a huge 40 pound fish named Raymond Prince. The fish begs Woody not to kill him and will grant him wishes if he sets him free. Woody isn’t into materialistic things but Madalina is. So after a couple granted wishes, Woody’s new found wealth wins him the girl. Unfortunately nothing is enough for Madalina. She finds out about the talking fish who grants wishes, and demands more and more from Woody.

What will happen to Woody and Madalina? Will their greed catch up to them? Will Woody and Madalina fall in love and get married or will her constant need for wealth come between them? Who is this talking fish who grants extravagant wishes? Will all these wishes backfire and ruin the couples’ lives?

HOOKED is a fun read that I read in two sittings. I enjoyed the fairy tale like story but was a little disappointed with the ending. I’m not familiar with the Grimms’ tale, so this might be the same kind of ending and appropriate, but for me I would have liked it to end differently. If you want something you can read and enjoy in one day, then this is the book for you. I did enjoy Jane May’s previous book Doggy Style and I look forward to more books by her.


Sex and the Immortal Bad Boy Review

Paige Darlington won her battle with Satan in the previous book in this series and is no longer employed by him as a Rivka. She wants to find love but that’s going to be kind of hard now that she has discovered Satan’s little secret on why he’s let her go. Satan had a scientist make Paige as his secret weapon. Once she has killed enough people and the evil in her grows, she will turn completely wraith and loose her soul in the process. Everyone and everything living that comes into contact with Paige dies. She has the touch of death and finds this out the hard way by accidentally killing an angel. Now she is being hunted down by a group of angels called The Men in White who will kill Paige if they learn she is Satan’s weapon.

Jed Buchanan is a shadow warrior who was sent by Satan Jr. to kill someone. When Paige meets him she is thrilled to learn she can be touched by him. This leads to her developing strong feelings for Jed, who unfortunately is obligated under his contract with Satan Jr. to kill Paige. Paige needs to find out a way to stop herself from turning completely evil and into Satan’s weapon. When she finds out that a bath in Heaven will heal her, she is determined to go for it. The only problem is, Heaven doesn’t let people created by Satan in and her bath can potentially blow it up.

How will Paige fight the evil growing inside of her?

Will Jed find a way to save Paige before it’s too late or will he do his job and kill her?

Will Jed and Paige’s passion for each other turn into true love?

Sex and the Immortal Bad Boy is the first book that I’ve read by Stephanie Rowe. It’s actually #4 in her Immortally Sexy Series but I was able to follow the storyline even though I haven’t read the previous three books. I absolutely adored this story. As a reader who is new to paranormal romance, I am now hooked. The characters were unique and so funny. The romance between Jed and Paige was passionate and sexy. The writing was suspenseful, had a great flow to it and is exciting, and hilarious.

Sex and the Immortal Bad Boy is a fun exciting book that will take you away into Paige’s world. You will meet Satan, Angels, Shadow Warriors and Rivkas. They will take you away to Heaven and Hell and make you wish you had their special powers. Stephanie Rowe brings a fresh voice to paranormal romance with her characters and I look forward to more books by this author.


Sex and the Immortal Bad Boy by Stephanie Rowe

Now I am SUPER DUPER excited to say I am reading Sex and the Immortal Bad Boy by Stephanie Rowe!

Isn't that a gorgeous cover? I am new to her books even though I do have a couple of them. I just never had the chance to read them with all my reviewing. I'm only about 70 pages into it, but already it's JUST SOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!! It's really funny and the storyline is really original. I think I will be devouring my other three books by her as soon as possible. It's just so fun to read and captured me right away. You know a book is good when you can't stop thinking about it when you are doing other things. Like before, I needed to shower so bad...and I literally had to tear myself away from the book and I was thinking about it the whole time I was showering! LOL It just has that fun quality and I like that. I like that it's not overly complicated, it's cute, interesting and is really funny. I'll post my review as soon as I am done. This book comes out in November and I think it will be a huge seller.

Review of The Con Artist of Catalina Island

Sorry I haven't posted in a couple days! Well I finished the Jennifer Colt book and it was really good. Here's my review.

The Con Artist of Catalina Island is Jennifer Colt’s fourth book in her popular McAfee Twins series. In Kerry and Terry McAfee’s latest adventure, we find them going on vacation to Catalina Island for the holidays with their Aunt Reba and Cousin Robert.

Upon arriving at the island, they hear a story from their driver about a newlywed couple. The wife ran out on her husband, on their honeymoon, after finding him playing golf instead of spending time with her. No one has seen or heard from the wife since she packed her things and disappeared. The twins are intrigued by this story and would like to investigate the disappearance of the woman. When they find out they are staying in the same room the newlyweds were in, they start to scour for clues. After some searching they find an unusual diamond ring.

When the husband of the woman hears that the girls are private investigators, he hires them to find his wife. The twins are delighted at the idea of solving this case, as they were curious anyway! But when someone on the island turns up dead, the twins realize this isn’t just a case of a missing woman. Throw in a stalker, a psychotic ex wife, a mysterious sexy man, a diamond ring that may put the girls’ lives in danger, and you have a hard case to crack!

Will the McAfee twins find out who the murderer is and find the missing woman before she is the next to be killed?

The Con Artist of Catalina Island is a hilarious fun mystery that will keep you guessing until its exciting conclusion. The McAfee Girls know how to have a good time and they will take you away with them to have a fun adventure. The writing is fast paced and will keep you interested throughout the entire story.

This is a self published book and will only have a limited printing, so hurry up and order a copy from Amazon today. Look out for the next book in this series coming out in the spring of 2008.