Review of The Con Artist of Catalina Island

Sorry I haven't posted in a couple days! Well I finished the Jennifer Colt book and it was really good. Here's my review.

The Con Artist of Catalina Island is Jennifer Colt’s fourth book in her popular McAfee Twins series. In Kerry and Terry McAfee’s latest adventure, we find them going on vacation to Catalina Island for the holidays with their Aunt Reba and Cousin Robert.

Upon arriving at the island, they hear a story from their driver about a newlywed couple. The wife ran out on her husband, on their honeymoon, after finding him playing golf instead of spending time with her. No one has seen or heard from the wife since she packed her things and disappeared. The twins are intrigued by this story and would like to investigate the disappearance of the woman. When they find out they are staying in the same room the newlyweds were in, they start to scour for clues. After some searching they find an unusual diamond ring.

When the husband of the woman hears that the girls are private investigators, he hires them to find his wife. The twins are delighted at the idea of solving this case, as they were curious anyway! But when someone on the island turns up dead, the twins realize this isn’t just a case of a missing woman. Throw in a stalker, a psychotic ex wife, a mysterious sexy man, a diamond ring that may put the girls’ lives in danger, and you have a hard case to crack!

Will the McAfee twins find out who the murderer is and find the missing woman before she is the next to be killed?

The Con Artist of Catalina Island is a hilarious fun mystery that will keep you guessing until its exciting conclusion. The McAfee Girls know how to have a good time and they will take you away with them to have a fun adventure. The writing is fast paced and will keep you interested throughout the entire story.

This is a self published book and will only have a limited printing, so hurry up and order a copy from Amazon today. Look out for the next book in this series coming out in the spring of 2008.

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