Salt Maiden Review

Dana Vanover is on a mission to find her sister Angie, who she hasn’t heard from in a while. Angie’s daughter Nikki, who was put up for adoption, has cancer and needs bone marrow from her birth parents. Without knowing who the birth father is, Angie is Nikki’s only chance to survive.

Dana travels to Rimrock County, her sister’s last known residence. Rimrock County is in the middle of nowhere and is a small community of people. Upon arriving, Dana meets Sheriff Jay Eversole, a war veteran who is dealing with post traumatic stress disorder. With his help, she goes on a hunt to find her sister, dead or alive.

Dana finds out her sister wasn’t very well liked in this town and may have caused some trouble with the locals. After finding a hidden diary of Angie’s, Dana uses it to put together the puzzle of what happened to her sister. What did Angie do to anger so many people? Who was after Angie and wanted her dead? Is Angie still alive or is it too late?

While trying to find her sister, Dana and the Sheriff form a tight bond and develop feelings for each other. He’s hiding his mental problems from Dana and doesn’t want anyone to know what he’s dealing with inside. Will his problems come between him and Dana or will he be able to deal with them to open himself up to love?

As time ticks away, Nikki’s health worsens and she desperately needs the bone marrow from her mother. Will Dana find Angie before it’s too late?

THE SALT MAIDEN is an exciting romantic suspense that is full of twists and turns that will leave you breathless. The story starts off a little slow, but picks up after about 100 pages with lots of excitement, bullets flying, cars racing, running for your life, suspense. The mystery was solid and I was surprisingly wrong on who the suspect was! After reading so many mysteries, I tend to guess the outcome before the book was over, but I was wrong and that’s a good thing!

The romance part of the book is minimal compared to the suspense. There is a love story but it takes a back seat because of the two people being constantly torn apart by someone trying to kill them. The book was very enjoyable once it picked up it’s pace and the action started happening. I would definitely recommend it to readers who enjoy suspense.

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