Pretty VS Ugly

This post is pertaining to society's view on pretty and ugly in the world. Check out this site to learn more about Scott Westerfeld's books and enter the contest to win all four. http://deeanddeedish.blogspot.com/

I think society has reached an all time low with their obsession with beauty. Celebrities are scrutinized from their wrinkles to their cellulite to how skinny or fat they are. When Britney Spears performed for a show on TV, she wore an outfit that she thought she looked good in being that she's only about 130 pounds. After a bad performance, we all heard about how ''fat'' she looked, not about how she lip synched or how she looked drugged out. It was all about how disgusting and fat she was. I don't know what world we are living in when 130 pounds is fat. Children are developing eating disorders at a very young age because of the pressure to look good.

I think Scott Westerfeld's books are a genious idea and I hope they help society realize how crazy and ludacrious they are for thinking plastic surgery and eating disorders are the answer to everything. I've never read Scott's books yet but I know what they're about. The idea of everyone needing plastic surgery after a certain age as a kid to fit in is interesting and just plays on how crazy our world is. I look foward to reading these books and I hope people can look past pretty and ugly and see what's inside because that is what counts.

Scott Westerfeld Books

I've heard so much about Scott Westerfield's YA Series books! They sound so good and I would love to read them. Right now there's a contest running on this site http://deeanddeedish.blogspot.com/ to win all four books. The contest ends soon so make sure to check it out tonight if you want to enter. All you have to do is blog about the books on your blog. The books deal with issues about how people treat others who aren't everyone's idea of pretty. From the summaries I've read, they sound really interesting. So make sure to check them out! They sound like great books for adults and teens to both enjoy!


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Eternal Review

For several centuries, the Kahill Sept of vampires have lived in the little town of Clare Point. They are a close group of vampires who know they have to keep their secret from humans, as they’ve learned the hard way.

Special Agent Fia Kahill works for the FBI and has moved away from Clare Point. She now lives a quiet life in Philadelphia. When a gruesome murder happens in her old home town, she is called there to investigate even though it is out of her jurisdiction.

Upon arriving at the scene she meets a fellow FBI agent named Special Agent Glen Duncan. Glen is a human, investigating in Clare Point. He is bound to find out their secrets if he looks too closely. Even worse, he looks exactly like Ian, Fia’s former lover who betrayed and killed numerous vampires.

Ian was human and therefore died hundreds of years ago, but Fia can’t help but remember him while talking to Glen. How can she ignore her feelings for this attractive man? Fia knows that humans are dangerous and will hunt down and kill vampires if given the chance. She needs to keep her distance and keep her feelings in control.

The case that has brought Fia and Glen together is that of Fia’s cousin Bobby Kahill. Bobby was found beheaded and burned in the post office of the town. The only way to kill a vampire (in this book) is to behead them and then burn their body so their soul can’t reenter. Whoever killed Bobby knows a lot about vampires to kill him in this way.

When one after another, vampires are killed off by beheadings, Fia realizes she has a very dangerous vampire slaying serial killer on her hands. Will she be able to solve the case before Glen does and learns the town’s secrets? Will Fia be able to resist Glen and concentrate on the case?

ETERNAL is a vampire romance/CSI type story with a solid mystery, sexy romance, and thrilling suspense. The characters are plentiful and all important to the story. The ending is extremely intense and full of red herrings that will make you wonder who the killer really is. I thoroughly enjoyed Eternal and I look forward to more books by V.K. Forrest. This is an excellent book and I highly recommend it to paranormal and mystery fans.


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Twisted Justice Review

Laura Nelson is a successful thoracic surgeon, one who specializes in chest diseases and operations. Her husband, Steve, is a famous newscaster. They have five children and live a comfortable life together with a housekeeper who helps them with their children.

After a late night at the hospital, Laura comes home one night to the shocking sight of her husband being intimate with another woman, his co-anchor Kim Connor. Laura kicks Steve out of the house and plans to file for divorce.

But before she can file any papers, Steve takes all five children with him and doesn’t contact Laura to let her know when they will be coming home. After two days of worrying about her children, Laura drives to her husband’s apartment to see if they are there. Instead of finding Steve and the kids, she stumbles upon Kim Connor’s dead body.

With a specialty in chest injuries, Laura decides to try to save the woman but is caught by police with blood on her hands. Laura is arrested for the murder of Kim Connor and ends up fighting for her life back and the custody of her missing children.

Why would Steve take the kids and run off with them? Who killed Kim Connor? Quickly, Laura’s life unravels into tiny pieces with one disaster after another. Will Laura be able to get her children back and clear her name?

TWISTED JUSTICE is an intense family oriented mystery about one woman’s fight to keep her children safe and clear her name after being arrested for murder. The mystery is tightly plotted with exciting revelations around every turn. The suspense never lets up with one exciting event after another unfolding.

TWISTED JUSTICE is a fantastic mystery that I would highly recommend. I read this book rather quickly, desperately needing to know the outcome of the scenario. Pick up a copy of Twisted Justice when it comes out in December and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

TWISTED JUSTICE is an adrenaline ride of pure suspense that will demand your undivided attention from start to finish.


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Unmanned Review

Chrissy McMullen, former waitress turned psychologist, tends to find herself as the prime target for murderers. In her last adventure, she was poisoned by a crazy doctor who is now in jail for his crimes. Chrissy’s relationship with LAPD lieutenant Jack Rivera is shaky. He’s always looking out for her and she’s doing the opposite of everything he suggests. They’re not technically dating and their relationship hasn’t reached the bedroom yet, so Chrissy is keeping her options open.

While filling up her borrowed Porsche at a gas station, she meets a man who makes her heart flutter. When he shows up at her house unexpected and without an invitation, Chrissy is a bit uneasy about the situation. But when a gunman shoots down this mysterious man on her property, she starts to wonder if she was the actual target for the killer.

Not long later, Chrissy’s brother Pete comes to visit from Chicago. He’s engaged to his pregnant girlfriend and the wedding isn’t too far away. Out of nowhere he asks Chrissy if he can borrow $20,000. It doesn’t take long to figure out that her brother has gotten himself into some trouble with the mob. Chrissy tries to straighten out his problems, but the bad guys are still on the prowl.

Has Pete brought whatever trouble he has with him? Or is this sniper after Chrissy? Maybe it’s someone from her past that is out to finish their business with her? Chrissy totes a pistol and her deaf puppy Harlequin as her sidekick in solving this case. Lieutenant Rivera tries to keep Chrissy safe but she is determined to solve this case without any help or advice from him. Will this push them farther apart? Will Chrissy find love with another man besides Rivera?

UNMANNED is a mystery with a little chick lit flavor that will keep readers thoroughly entertained. There’s humor, suspense and a mystery to solve. I enjoyed reading about Chrissy and Rivera’s rocky relationship and loved his jealously of the possibility of her with someone else. I wish Greiman would let them hook up already and explore their relationship possibilities a little more. Pete is a fun character and added a little spontaneity to the mix. His relationship with his sister Chrissy is sweet and I look forward to meeting the rest of her brothers. UNMANNED is an enjoyable fun read from start to finish. I highly recommend this book to readers who are looking for a humorous mystery.


Bitten To Death Cover

Book 4 in the Jaz Parks Series book cover!!!! Isn't it gorgeous? Love her hair!! I would sell my soul to the devil to get my hands on books 3 and 4 right away!! I'll have to settle for being patient and waiting like a calm normal person for my review copies. GIMME NOW!! LOL


Review of Unlucky

Mallory Devereaux is unlucky. She’s dealt with her horrible bad luck her entire life. Men don’t want anything to do with Mallory once they realize that one touch from her will give them hours of misfortune. Her friends love her and know by now to keep their distance if they don’t want bad things to happen to them too.

Mallory works as a foreman for a demolition company since she is good at destroying things and it’s pretty much the only job she can do where her unluckiness won’t cause accidents and get her fired. Her boss is Harry, a man who has raised her since she was a kid. Mallory uses her unique skills of misfortune as a ‘’cooler.’’ When there is a pool game or betting involved, she works her magic touch so someone else wins and is rewarded for her efforts.

Mallory’s friend Scooter tells her about a big poker tournament taking place on a casino boat owned by her uncle. He lets Mallory know in case she would like to be a cooler and make some extra money. The only problem is, almost everyone invited to the tournament is involved in the mob or other criminal activities. If they found out she was purposely making them lose, they wouldn’t be too happy with her.

Mallory’s boss Harry is in trouble with the demolition business. The note for the business is up for sale and if he’s bought out, that leaves him and Mallory out a job. Mallory decides to take the job as a cooler so she can make the money that Harry needs to keep the business.

A mysterious man named Jake is a dealer at the casino. He’s really undercover with the FBI to take down a money launderer who will be at the tournament. When Jake and Mallory meet, sparks fly and so do their hormones. But Mallory can’t be with a man, with her bad luck and all. And Jake can’t flirt with Mallory while he’s supposed to be concentrating on his case with the FBI. But somehow their problems are coincided with each other and they will have to work together if they want to take down a room full of criminals. Will Mallory be able to work her magic and win the money to save her job? Will Jake be able to take down the bad guy without his cover being blown?

UNLUCKY is a fun romantic mystery that readers will enjoy. The storyline is unique and different; taking place in a casino with a girl whose touch is bad luck. I enjoyed the play by play of casino action and the romance developing between Mallory and Jake. The mystery is full of surprises and the conclusion was satisfying. I would recommend UNLUCKY to cozy mystery readers who enjoy a fun whodunit with some romance in the mix.


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Another One Bites The Dust Review

Jaz Parks is back in the second installment in Jennifer Rardin’s new series. When we first met Jaz in ONCE BITTEN, TWICE SHY, she was saving the world from a deadly virus by taking out terrorists. Along the way she met Cassandra and Cole who are now part of her team along with Vayl, Bergman, and herself.

Jaz’s latest mission is to recover a unique piece of armor that Bergman had built that has been stolen by a vampire named Chien – Lung. While wearing the armor Lung is completely safe and impossible to kill. How will they kill Lung and get the armor back when he is always wearing it?

The whole group jumps into an RV and goes to the Corpus Christi Winter Festival to pose as performers so they can get close to Lung. The only problem is, there are reavers, ancient soul eating murderers, out to kill Jaz. Only she can sense reavers and that leaves her with having to constantly watch her back to protect herself.

Jaz is still dealing with the pain of what happened that dreadful night years ago. It’s affecting her from sleeping now. Instead of lying in the bed and having a nightmare, she is acting out her dreams. From waking up in traffic, jumping out of windows, to pulling a gun on herself, this is getting very dangerous. Jaz will have to deal with her grief to put an end to the nightmares before she accidentally kills herself in her sleep.

Now that Cole is on the team, there is some male animosity coming from Vayl. Vayl is becoming very jealous of Jaz’s constant worrying and closeness with Cole. Does Vayl have deep feelings for Jaz? Will Jaz be able to control her love for the vampire or will she give in to her emotions?

Jaz and the team all work together with their special skills to take down Lung before it’s too late. The armor he possesses is very dangerous in the wrong hands. Lung wants to accomplish some very evil things with the armor that Bergman never had in mind when he created it. Will Jaz and Vayl be able to foil Lung’s plans before he kills everyone at the Winter Festival?

ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST is an amazing action packed fantasy story that readers will devour. While reading a Jaz Parks story, I am taken away into another world and everything else ceases to exist. This book reads like a movie with non stop action and excitement on every page. The villains are evil to the core and you will root for Jaz to successfully save everyone by completing her mission.

The romance between Jaz and Vayl is developing and their bond is deepening. I loved the characters, the first person point of view is perfect, the story is thrilling, and the fantasy and magic elements are fun. The Jaz Park Series reads like one that has been waiting to be told for a long time. Jaz is real and we are rooting for more of her!! Jennifer Rardin is at the top of my must read list and a name I will remember. Look out for the third book in the series, Biting the Bullet, due out in February 2008.


Still reading Another One Bites the Dust

I'm still reading Another One Bites the Dust by Jennifer Rardin. I just wanted to post so in case anyone reads this, they know what I am reading. This series takes me a bit longer to read since it is so detailed that I don't want to miss anything so I find I read it a little slower. It's REALLY good and I am savoring it. My review is due tomorrow though, so I better get finished! I have about 150 pages left. I'll post about it when I'm done. Not sure on what I am reading next..


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Review of Dark Lies by Vivi Anna

I just finished reading Dark Lies by Vivi Anna tonight. I read it so quickly that I didn't even have a chance to post that I was reading it! Great book! Here's my review.

After falling in love with Caine the vampire and Eve the human in BLOOD SECRETS, Vivi Anna now brings us a story about one of her secondary characters from the first book. Jace Jericho is a werewolf and part of the Otherworld Crime Unit in Necropolis, home of the Otherworld people. In Blood Secrets, Jace helped solve the last case that involved a serial killer who used ritualistic symbols at the murder scene. Everyone thought the case was solved and finished. They were wrong.

The Crime Unit in San Antonio, home of the humans, has called the Otherworld Crime Unit asking for their help. A murder has happened in San Antonio and it is very similar to their last case, the one they thought was solved when the killer was apprehended. The Otherworld Crime Unit travels to San Antonio to work the case. Jace is very hesitant to return to the human world after living a tormented childhood and he now forever distrusts humans.

When the team arrives in San Antonio, they meet a woman named Tala Channing who will be working the case with them and watching over the Otherworld people. Jace has an instant animal attraction towards Tala. Tala is human and Jace is baffled by his attraction to her. While working the case he finds himself very drawn to her in an intimate way. What is it about this mysterious woman that makes this werewolf hunger to be near her? How can she make him feel this way?

Together the Otherworld Unit works alongside San Antonio’s Crime Unit to solve the murder. Do they have another serial killer on their hands or is this connected to their last case? Is it a human murderer, or an Otherworld murderer? How will they solve the case when they don’t know who or what they are hunting? With the help and skills of their entire Unit, the case is put together one piece at a time. In the mean time, Jace has to solve the mystery of Tala. Can he fight his feelings for her or will he succumb to falling for a human?

DARK LIES is an intense, CSI/paranormal romantic suspense that will leave you mesmerized and enchanted. Lyra the witch and Jace the werewolf make a great team and I adored the use of some magic mixed in with everything else. The story is well thought out, the characters are engaging, the suspense is exciting, the romance is sexy and heartfelt, and everything just falls into place perfectly in this book!

I honestly can’t think of one thing that I disliked about DARK LIES. It just left me enchanted as if under a spell with its romance and suspense. I am so happy to hear that Lyra is getting her own story in the third Valorian Chronicles book, VEILED TRUTH. I hope this series is very long because I am eagerly eating up these stories. DARK LIES was even better than BLOOD SECRETS and I would highly recommend it to readers who enjoy paranormal, romance, suspense, and mystery in their books because this book has it all.


Review of Tombs of Endearment

Well I finished Tombs of Endearment and I am conflicted about it. It had more faults then good things. It was cute and fluffy more than suspenseful and engaging. Well here's my review.

Pepper Martin works at Garden View Cemetery as a tour guide. When she isn’t giving tour guides of the cemetery, she works as a paranormal private investigator for the dearly departed. She has the gift of being able to see and communicate with ghosts. The ghosts usually come to her for help with solving their problems.
Pepper’s newest case is to solve a famous rock and roll star’s unexplained death. Damon Curtis was worshipped by women as the lead singer of his group Mind at Large until his untimely death in 1971.

The apparent cause of death is overdose, but Damon’s ghost is telling Pepper that he didn’t kill himself. Damon suspects his former band mate Vinnie Pallucci of murdering him.
Even though Pepper wasn’t even born yet in 1971, she finds herself drawn to this infamous rock god and feels compelled to help him cross over and get his answers.

Pepper meets the band and investigates them looking for answers. But when one of the band mates is found murdered and his ghost warns her that another band mate is next; Pepper’s search for a killer becomes very important. If she doesn’t find out who the killer is soon, another member of Mind at Large will be swimming with the fishes! The only problem is, how do you explain to a famous rock band that you communicate with ghosts and that they’re warning you of danger to come?

Pepper tries her best to solve the murders while dealing with man trouble. Her ex fiancĂ© Joel is bothering her for the ring back, a cop named Quinn wants a date with her but she doesn’t have the time, Dan the ghost hunter is looking kind of interesting, and there’s that sexy ghost named Damon Curtis who would make the perfect boyfriend if he wasn’t already dead!
TOMBS OF ENDEARMENT is a chick lit type mystery told in the first person point of view. Pepper is reminiscent of Stephanie Plum with her antics, but Stephanie might be a little smarter then Pepper.

Pepper is a five foot eleven red head, but her crime solving skills are more comical than Sherlock Holmes to a case. She worries about her hair and clothes when in near death situations instead of fighting for her life. Men rush to her rescue and she doesn’t realize the obvious in a couple incidents in the story.

The mystery isn’t as tightly crafted as I would like, nor is there enough romance. Pepper’s love interests don’t seem to particularly like her and treat her rather crappy. The love interest of Damon is kind of far fetched since they hardly know each other and it seems to just be a mutual attraction.

There’s nothing endearing about any of the men, which is kind of a downer. Overall, this story is more chick lit than mystery or paranormal. If you like your stories fluffy and humorous then this may be for you.


Currently reading Tombs of Endearment

I'm currently reading Tombs of Endearment by Casey Daniels. I'm almost done with it actually, just about 100 pages left. This is my first book by her. It's a fun chick lit mystery. It's not really paranormal as I first thought. It involves ghosts but it's more chick lit then paranormal. Anyway it's a fun read and I'll post about it as soon as I'm done. Nice cover huh? I keep wondering what the face of the girl on the cover looks like. LOL She has this Nicole Kidman look, when Nicole Kidman had red hair I mean. And her body looks like her. So I keep picturing Nicole Kidman's face on that woman. Wouldn't it be funny if this is just a sketch and the woman has no face..Ok my mind is wandering. Back to reading.

To Catch a Cheat Review

Marissa Kincaid wanted love. She didn’t want to be cheated on again and again. Now that she has found out that she has been cheated on by yet another boyfriend, she’s had enough. Marissa decides to create a website called TheGuyCheats.com, a database of cheaters to warn other women of their philandering ways. She starts her list with the first guy who ever cheated on her and that is a man named Trent Jackson. Sure he was only thirteen years old and it’s been a long time, but he is the one who started it all.

Trent Jackson is all grown up and the CEO of Jackson Enterprises. After googling his name and finding himself listed on the cheating database, he decides to strike back and gain some publicity while he’s at it. Trent creates TheGirlLies.com, a database of girls who lie. Marissa and Trent engage in an internet war between their two websites and gain a lot of attention from the media.

When a popular radio show hears about them, they are invited to the show for a taping. This means Marissa would have to see Trent for the first time since they were thirteen years old. She wasn’t prepared for this, but something else is going to shock her even more. The radio show has issued a challenge for Marissa and Trent. The challenge has an excellent prize that will help Marissa’s career but her true feelings threaten to put a bump in the road for her.

TO CATCH A CHEAT is a hilarious, sexy, romantic story about never giving up on finding true love. Marissa and Trent’s interactions together are intense and you can’t help but want them to end up together. The story moves along at a fast pace with a delightfully clever storyline that is sure to keep you glued to the pages. Kelly St John explores the topics of love and cheating with the grace of a gifted writer. I adored the characters and the story in TO CATCH A CHEAT and I think you will too.


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Next up will most likely be a paranormal/urban fantasy book since my review pile is loaded with them. Which book to read next...not sure. Will decide tomorrow.

To Catch a Cheat

I JUST finished reading To Catch a Cheat. This was my first book by Kelly St. John and I loved it. It had humor, romance, and just was so good! I'll post my review and thoughts on it tomorrow after I write it.

Here's a summary of the book Hot Mama.

She can melt steel – and men’s hearts …
By day, Fiona Fine is a successful couture designer, catering to the high society players of Bigtime, New York. By night, she’s Fiera, a superstrong superhero who can create and manipulate fire with her bare hands. Fiera, along with the other members of the heroic Fearless Five, make life miserable for the ubervillains who want to take over the city.
But Fiona’s personal life isn’t so fine. She still misses her fiancĂ©, who was killed by ubervillains a year ago. But men admire Fiona’s smoking assets, and she decides to get back in the dating game – especially after she meets Johnny Bulluci. But this notorious playboy has plenty of secrets to go along with his sexy smile. And, with two new ubervillains in town who are intent on raising hell, Fiona’s love life might just crash and burn …
Hot Mama Details
n Release date: Nov. 6, 2007
n Pages: 356
n Price: $14
n Format: Trade paperback
n Publisher: Berkley Books
n ISBN-10: 0425217345
n ISBN-13: 978-0425217344

Hot Mama

This is from Jennifer Estep's blog about her new book Hot Mama. This is a letter from her character Fiera aka Fiona Fine. It's really funny and the book sounds good! I haven't read it or gotton a copy yet but it sounds really interesting! Here's the letter.

Dear Civilians,
It has come to my attention there is an ongoing debate about the greatest superhero of all time. Batman. Spider-Man. Wonder Woman, Wolverine. All of them have their fans and detractors, their champions and critics.
Well, I’m here to put an end to this silly confusion once and for all. Because I’m fun, I’m fabulous, and I am the greatest superhero alive. Period.
My name? Fiera. Protector of the innocent. Superhero du jour. And all-around fabulous individual.
My powers, you ask? Superstrength, for one. And I’ve got a temper to match my fire-wielding abilities. I punch and flambe my way through the ubervillains and other evil doers who want to take over the city of Bigtime, New York.
By night, I’m also a member of the Fearless Five, the greatest superhero team ever to roam the streets of Bigtime. Right now, we’re hot on the trail of Siren and Intelligal, who villains bent on taking over the city. Not on my watch, they won’t. Also making a pest of himself is Johnny Angel, who wants revenge on the ubervillains for killing his predecessor. Angel’s not a bad guy, but he should know better than to get in my way. No matter how sexy he is.
In real life, I’m Fiona Fine, one of Bigtime’s premier fashion designers. I’m known for my bold choice of colors, fabrics, and patterns. My couture clothes, of course, are to die for.
You can read more about my adventures and general fabulousness in the latest Bigtime book from Jennifer Estep, appropriately titled Hot Mama (Berkley Trade; Nov. 6, 2007; $14; ISBN-10: 0425217345; ISBN-13: 978-0425217344).
Sweet girl, Jennifer. Although she could so use a fashion makeover. The girl is way too fond of cutesy T-shirts, and she doesn’t even own a pair of stilettos. Poor thing. She’s so misguided …
Fiera aka Fiona Fine
Member of the Fearless Five
Protector of the innocent
Superhero du jour
As dictated to Jennifer Estep (who will never, ever wear a pair of stilettos)


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Mercy of Thin Air

I finished Mercy of Thin Air today and absolutely loved it. This book came out in 2005 but I never read it until now with my book club. It's really beautiful and enchanting. It's about a girl who passes away and her ghost lingers and sticks around in our world rather then passing to heaven. She stays with a couple and looks into what happened to her boyfriend after she died. There's rules about ghosts and humans and they're supposed to leave their loved ones be and not haunt them, but this girl can't stay away. She misses everyone terribly and needs to sort out what happened. It's really a beautiful love story about life and death and moving on. It's really enchanting to describe it perfectly and I loved it.


Currently reading..

I'm currently reading The Mercy of Thin Air which is a book that my book club is reading. It's nice to have a change of pace from my usual paranormal books that I've been inhaling one after another. I know this may sound weird, but I did not read the summary or anything about this book before reading it. I really like to go into books knowing nothing about them. I skim summaries to know a little, but I perfer to not know much. Then when I am done, I will read the back cover copy. It really makes books alot more enjoyable this way, in my opinion at least. So this book is broke up into 3 parts even though it's rather short at 300 pages. I'm done with Part One and I hope to try to finish up the book tomorrow. It's pretty good so far. It's a ghost type story about a girl who tragically dies in an accident and her ghost is hovering over everyone she knows. It flashes back and forth from the present tense of her being a ghost and the past tense of when she was alive. I keep wondering who the woman on the cover is. They mention someone in the book who I think may be that woman because of the blond hair and pearls. It makes me wonder why she would be the cover person though and not the main character, the ghost. Hmm. Well I'll tell you what I thought of the book when I finish. Since it's not a review book and I need to save my precious brain cells, I won't be reviewing it, just talking about it. Ok that's it for now. Happy Halloween!